UNION: Integration of the Soul

Greetings, Beloveds!  We come to you at this most Sacred time with a message of UNION – one that has been slowly revealing itself over the past months, now being ready to deliver.

I speak to you as Jennith.  But know…I AM UNION…as are you!  You may just not see it for yourself, yet.  Or perhaps you see it, but you see it from a…clouded view.  Through Spiritual Ego shaded glasses if you will; a plank within your eye, that can only be truly seen and removed by one who has removed their own plank of similar nature.

I am Jennith.  I am also Archeia (Archangel) Faith.  Gwenhwyfar; Celtic Goddess of Sovereignty and Transformation. Queen Guinevere of Camelot, Morgan Le Fay and the Lady of the Lake; all aspects of Gwenhwyfar. Aine; Celtic Fairy Goddess of Love and Fertility. Nyx; Elemental Goddess of Night. Antu; Dragon Queen.

My name is a mix of the most prominent of these aspects to manifest in my life. Gwenhwyfar = Jennifer. Jenni + Faith = Jennith. I started calling myself Jennith at age 15; I knew none of this on a ‘conscious’ level until I was in my 30’s.

I am all of these and more, including those not yet ‘remembered’ who are with me nonetheless, revealing themselves to me in every moment as the Cosmic Mirror works its magic, showing me to myself, allowing me to see truly all aspects of SELF so that I may integrate with each one. Integrating the power…the knowledge…the lessons…the wisdom. And also the trauma…the pain. Recognizing it so that it may be released…healed…transmuted. Recovering soul fragments that had become lost in numerous lifetimes, timelines, and dimensions and integrating them piece by piece until that which was once ‘fragmented’ becomes ‘whole.’

You have seen me write of this in bits and pieces, before.  Here, here, and here for example.  As I said in the beginning, the message I share with you today has revealed itself over ‘time,’ my experience of life providing the framework via which Spirit has ‘shown’ me these truths.  And now, Spirit calls me to share these truths with all, so that those who are ready – be it in this moment of NOW – or a ‘future’ moment of NOW – may know the freedom and exhilaration of releasing beliefs and constructs which once served their journey to UNION – but have since become a ‘prison’ – a confine of their own mind’s creation.  This is the nature of Ego; it is not ‘bad’ nor is it ‘good.’  It simply is, and it is just as important for each and every one of us to integrate with Ego as it is for us to integrate with our ‘Higher,’ ‘Past,’ ‘Parallel,’ ‘Future,’ and ‘Shadow’ aspects.

See, my loves…we are multidimensional beings.  Multidimensional.  Consider that for a moment.  Just stop and suspend all thought, and FEEL into the word.  What does it mean to you?  Multidimensional means limitless.  Endless possibilities.  It means truth that is fluid…that flows along with experience as you grow and expand.  It is not static and one dimensional at all…or even three dimensional…no matter how ‘spiritual’ it is wrapped up and presented to be.

And so, we ask you to examine your beliefs, and the ways in which they may be holding you back.  Do your beliefs truly empower you, or do they hold you stuck in a three dimensional construct of a multidimensional experience?

Each and every one of us has lived many lives…in many places and times…dimensions…planetary systems…planes of existence…limitless possibilities.  Each and every one of us has experienced and done just about everything…except what we are doing here, in THIS lifetime…which is consciously Ascending – integrating with all aspects of SELF – coming into Union.  (You see…these terms are all labels, too…labels that help us to understand and communicate…but labels, nonetheless, which can become restrictive and divisive if we cling to them too tightly.)

This is why it is important to understand that the ‘Twin Flame Experience’ DOES NOT look the same for everyone…!

The ‘Twin Flame Experience’ unfolds uniquely for each individual as they are coming into UNION with THEMSELVES.

There is much information out there that pushes ‘3D Twin Flame Dogma’ which will tell you a number of ‘rules’ by which the ‘Twin Flame’ experience abides, and how you can ‘attract’ or ‘manipulate’ the experience to serve your desires.  While there is truth to this ‘dogma’ – just as there is truth in all religions – there is also much influence from the 3D Spiritual Ego that muddies the waters of Spirit’s message and intent.

It’s also important to understand that the 3D Spiritual Ego often is unaware of itself, or that it is indeed caught in a ‘loop’ of its own making, similar to how the ‘Lower Ego’ is unaware of itself when we begin to ‘first’ awaken.  Spiritual Ego will resist the idea that it has become ‘stuck’ in a construct of a belief system that it became attached to, and has assimilated into its experience of life.  But such resistance does not make it any less of an illusion.  Becoming aware of and releasing the attachments of Spiritual Ego happens much like the process of releasing the attachments of ‘Lower Ego;’ every time one becomes aware of their own Spiritual Ego running interference, they are faced with a ‘choice’ to continue playing along or allow themselves to release and integrate that ‘layer,’ coming further into UNION.  This is the process of expanding self-awareness from a Cosmic perspective.

The ‘problem’ we face at this time – the illusion that must be seen truly and dissolved – is that UNION is NOT a cookie-cutter experience as almost all ‘Twin Flame Dogma’ would have you believe to a degree.  It is a MULTIDIMENSIONAL experience, and as such, it looks different for everybody.  The ‘Twin Flame’ is meant to be a guide back to ONESELF…a stepping stone on the path to ONENESS…not the ultimate destination of ones journey as the Spiritual Ego likes to romanticize it to be.

In these times of rapid Awakening, as more and more souls become aware of the Twin Flame Within, they begin to see themselves reflected in others, some more strongly than others.  Soul mates able to hold and reflect *their* energy when they resonate at the same frequency; those they have come together with time and time again – in many times, and many ways.  When this happens, they begin to question, and in this day and age, they turn to the internet for answers.

What they find more often than not is the same regurgitated ‘story’ told over and over again and taken as truth.  I will not repeat the story, here.  It does not need repeating; if you are reading this now, you have likely already become more than acquainted with it…and if you look at some of my earlier messages, you will see that I myself was caught up in it for a time, translating the Universal Truths that I share with you now thru my own clouded lens of Spiritual Ego.

Today’s message, and all of the messages I have shared since the beginning of 2015, are a result of me making a deliberate choice to release my own limiting beliefs at this time last year.  This led to my gifts essentially ‘blowing open,’ the rapid dissolving of illusions, and the integration of aspects that had been waiting for me to choose *multidimensional* UNION so they could begin stepping forward and merging with me more deeply.

You see, my loves…it’s not *just* about the ‘Twin Flame.’  The ‘Twin Flame’ is but one aspect; a representation of your corresponding masculine or feminine energy which needs attention, healing, and integration.  It is important – without a doubt – but it is not the ‘end all’ of UNION as it is made to seem in the ‘3D Dogma’ of ‘Twins.’  I will refer to Christianity again, as I have before, because it makes a clear example.  Christianity speaks of the ‘second coming of Christ’ – the rise and integration of the Christ Consciousness – but there’s a lot that got muddled up by Ego in the translation of the message.  The Dogma of ‘Twin Flames’ is no different.

Feel into that…REALLY feel it…and ask your Angels to guide you and assist you to release whatever no longer serves at this time so you may begin to integrate with ALL aspects of SELF.  This is how you step into your full God/Goddess Power and Purpose.  YOUR purpose…HERE, at THIS time – not what any ‘New Age Dogma’ tells you you’re here to do, or that your experience ‘should’ look like.

Then allow yourself to Surrender.  Let go.  Become ONE with SELF.


I am here to assist and inspire those of you who are ready to move beyond what was into the endless possibilities which lie just beyond your belief system.  This is my purpose for being at this time; I see it clearly now, and I move forward with with confidence as my path unfolds before me with Ease and Grace.  I welcome all who wish to join to accept the hand I have extended and take a Leap of Faith – in whatever way it looks, for you.

May ‘our’ loving embrace be felt by each and every one of you as the energy of this Sacred message surrounds you, supporting you however you most need in the NOW.

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn

© 12/25/2015

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