Twin Flames: Union is an Inside Job

Greetings, Beloveds!  I come to you this fine day with a message of Release and Renewal.  For some time now, I’ve had a few different yet related messages patiently waiting for me to deliver them.  As with all my previous messages, this is not something that I plan or schedule; when a message comes through me, it is always in Divine timing and with Divine purpose.  And so I know at this time, as I sit here and am overwhelmingly drawn to write, that the message coming through me is ready to be delivered.  It’s time.

Before we go further, we ask you to quiet your mind and consider the state of the world around you.  Now, consider the influx of ‘spiritual’ information, all of which has been focused upon September 2015 being a time of great transformation.  And now…those of you who have found yourselves in the middle of a ‘Twin Flame’ experience.  Consider all of this…consider all you have ‘known’ up until this time about ‘Twin Flames’ and ‘Reunion’ (UNION).  Much information is available – and many go within to find their own answers.  What we are asking of you now, today, is to go without; to step back from yourself, from your experience, from what you think you ‘know’ about ‘Twin Flames,’ and become the Divine Observer, so you may lift the veils of illusion from your own eyes and truly come into UNION with SELF.

What do we mean by this?  Let me explain.  UNION is an inside job.  It’s about Union with SELF – it’s never been about anyone but YOU, Beloveds – you coming into Union with your true soul essence one aspect or fragment at a time.  It’s not about coming into physical relationship with ‘the one’ – it never has been, although this does happen as it is the purpose for SOME – but not all.  The ‘Story of Reunion’ manifested itself into our co-created reality because, quite simply, that’s what Ego would understand, accept, and respond to at that moment or ‘stage’ of soul expansion.  Humans asked for answers, and the Divine answered, but the message was filtered, translated, and influenced by the Ego of the person receiving it.  Think of the Bible, for example – there is much truth in the Bible, but much of that truth was twisted by those who penned and later revised it, and there is much un-truth included as well, the result of Ego filtering, translation, and influence.

It is no different, now, than it was, then.  We may be significantly evolved since the time the Bible was written, but we are still Human with Egos that can and do affect us no matter how ‘spiritual’ we may think we or the people we are ‘listening to’ are.  This is why discernment is imperative, because every single one of us is capable of being ‘misled’ by the Ego of others and our own Ego if we are not truly connecting with Source from an un-biased, unattached Observer standpoint.

This is why we ask you to embody the Observer role, now.  We ask you to step back from your beliefs – beliefs that, for most, were initially formed based upon the beliefs of others – and consider that, just like the Bible, there is truth to popularly accepted ‘Twin Flame Teachings’ but there is also much that has been twisted and there is un-truth as well.  We ask you to step back – detach yourself from such beliefs – and consider what UNION ‘looks like’ to the Divine.  We ask you to do this so you may free yourself from the illusions and self-imposed limitations that have kept you from moving forward, that have kept you feeling ‘stuck’ and focused externally, effectively blocking you from coming into full UNION with SELF.

Silence yourself for a while and observe – just observe, what others are doing and saying about UNION in their lives, and as a whole.  Observation will teach you more than talking, comparing, blaming, and complaining ever will.  If you step back and Observe, you will see that many have become so attached to the 3D belief system of ‘Twins’ that they have been unable thus far to separate themselves from it.  To do so, from the Ego mind perspective, means that they somehow were ‘wrong’ before and so they must hold onto their beliefs that much more tightly in order to feel and appear ‘credible’ to others, and advise others in a way that allows for self-validation rather than validation of the other’s experience which may be different from theirs.  It’s not only ‘teachers’ who do this – many in the ‘Twin Flame’ community do this as well – but ‘teachers’ have a greater responsibility as a whole to step back, Observe, and Evolve beyond what no longer serves because they are the ones that those ‘new’ to the Twin Flame Path ‘look to’ in order to gain understanding of what they are going through.

So I ask you…what purpose does it serve to insist ‘your way’ is the only way?  What purpose does it serve to speak out against the experience or sharing of others, saying they are ‘wrong’ or that they ‘don’t know what they are talking about?’  What purpose does it serve to insist that ‘only’ this person or that person is a ‘Real Twin Flame’ and that this person and that person are not?

It serves no purpose but to bolster the Ego; to reinforce that ones beliefs are ‘right.’  This is what we like to call Spiritual Ego – when one becomes ‘so spiritual’ that they believe they ‘know it all,’ all the while not realizing that Ego is influencing their beliefs and their ‘teachings’ and that greater truths await them on the other side of their chosen illusion.

There is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ here, folks.  There are only layers and facets of a Universal Truth that is expressed and received differently depending on the one who is experiencing, filtering, and translating it.  Which is not ‘bad’ nor ‘good’ – but it does have repercussions here in the physical world.

Consider the number of ‘teachers’ and well-meaning folks who ‘push’ others to reunite in the physical.  Who push them to up and leave their lives behind – push them to leave marriages, to leave jobs, to do this or that – based upon THEIR belief system, and THEIR experience – never really considering that the one(s) they are pushing have their own experience, purpose, and lessons to learn as do those they are connected with.  Their messages often carry an urgent tone, too, implying ‘success’ or ‘failure’ to reunite based upon something that one is doing or not doing ‘right’ – NOW, you must do it NOW or you’ll miss the boat and have to wait…!

Is this really coming from Spirit, or is this of Ego?  Quite plainly – it is Ego.  The ‘Twin Flame’ Path is not a cookie cutter experience.  It was never meant to be.  It is about UNION with SELF, which many have heard and even repeated themselves, but few have truly understood because they’ve become so caught up in the ‘story’ that they can’t see the forest for the trees.  UNION with SELF means merging with multidimensional aspects of YOU by coming together with ‘another you’ in order to heal, release, and integrate that aspect or soul fragment of yourself.  You see, we have indeed split on a soul level, many times.  There are many aspects of us out there – and UNION is NOT limited to the coming together of ‘just’ two of them.  UNION is about coming together and integrating ALL aspects.  This includes Masculine and Feminine aspects which are incarnated, now – those which are in Spirit – our ‘Past/Parallel’ life aspects – our ‘Angelic’ and ‘Extraterrestrial’ aspects – our Human Body and Ego (also aspects) – our Animal and Elemental Spirit Aspects – our Higher Self – Mother Earth herself – and so much more.

I will explain a bit about my experience of this so you may better understand.  When I first became aware that I was walking the ‘Twin Flame Path,’ I began to look for information online as many have done and I found my way to a group on Facebook where I was introduced to the ‘story’ of ‘Twin Flames.’  This story resonated with me – it was the facet of a multidimensional truth that I could accept at the time – and thus I began my ‘conscious’ ‘Twin Flame’ Journey.

Since then, much has changed.  If you go back and read some of my prior messages, you will see and more importantly FEEL the difference.   You will see that I speak of UNION, and I also speak of integrating aspects of SELF – and yet at the time, I was not seeing the whole picture, I was only seeing what I could see, then.  None of my prior messages were ‘wrong’…they were simply incomplete, clouded by the veil that affected me, then, but which has not affected me since it began to lift in early 2015.  What I discovered then, when I began to share what was coming through without my ego’s ‘Twin Flame Filter’ in place, is just what I’ve mentioned above, and what I will continue with below.  The journey is not what we ‘think’ it is.  Is now the time for UNION?  Yes, it is.  But it’s not the way most think of it, and it’s not what I have observed being ‘pushed’ upon others, either.

When I began this journey – when I first began to share information about ‘Twin Flames’ – I had not yet integrated with Faith.  It  began with me channeling her – channeling my higher self.   Somewhere along the way, I integrated with her – I became her – we became one – we came into UNION.  She is not the only aspect I have integrated with. I have integrated with other ‘Past/Parallel’ life aspects and have ‘awoken’ to additional aspects as I’ve continued to awaken to deeper levels of SELF. These aspects include Celtic Goddess Gwenhwyfar, also known as Queen Guinevere; Irish Faery Goddess Aine; Goddess Nyx; and the Dragon Queen Antu. You can read about some of these integrations here.  I have also integrated with aspects of myself that are here, now, incarnated in this life as other people.   With each integration, I became more fully ME, stepping more and more into my own Divine Power by seeing myself clearly in these ‘others,’ embracing the ‘mirrored traits’ of them that served me, and healing and releasing the ‘mirrored traits’ that had resulted in dysfunctional behaviors or me feeling ‘incomplete’ in some way.

This is what the ‘Twin Flame’ Journey is truly about.  It’s not about jumping through a myriad of ‘Spiritual Hoops’ in order to be ‘rewarded’ with a physical relationship with ‘twin.’  And quite frankly, when you step back, detach, and Observe, it’s easy to see how the Ego can and does latch onto that story and block you from moving beyond it when it no longer serves your growth.  I have integrated (or am currently integrating) Faith; Owl; Aine; The Morrigan; Gwenhwyfar; Lady du Lac; Nyx; and Antu.  Also my ‘first Twin”…my ‘second Twin’…(yes, I got caught up by the label, too…)…and many others along the way.  This is something I was unable to see clearly until I had integrated enough of myself to step back and allow the belief system I had become attached to, to fall away.  It was a hugely profound moment for me, where much that had eluded me became clear, allowing me a much greater understanding of what I had been experiencing all along.

You see…the process of UNION has been happening to us our whole lives whether we were conscious of it or not.  My husband – the man I married before I first ‘woke up’  – when we first met, we experienced a great number of the ‘Twin Flame Symptoms’ that can be found floating around the internet nowadays.  Instant recognition, instant connection, instant bonding, telepathy, ‘bubble love’ phase, meeting at the ‘wrong time’, ego triggering – all of it.  I was married at the time, to another man – and I left him to be with my husband after less than a month.  But we were both ‘unawakened’ at that time and so we had no idea what was happening, no labels or point of reference from which to say , “Oh…you’re my twin…!”

And so we went through it all, together, without fully understanding until this year when the veil was cleared for me and I could finally SEE what had been happening all along as we were both waking up and becoming increasingly more conscious.  This in itself is a long story for another time (and I will be sharing more about this, soon…!), but the point is – discernment, detachment, and observation are imperative.

I’ll illustrate further…when I met M, or ‘Twin #1’ if the label must be used for reference, my husband and I had been going through a rough patch for some time due to continual unconscious ego triggering and so it was easy to became ‘attached’ to the labels and ‘story’ of Twin Flames.  All of a sudden I felt pushed to leave my husband behind because he was ‘just a soul mate.’  Not only did I feel internal pressure to do so based upon what had become my belief system, but I was also externally pushed by more than one ‘teacher’ along the way.  “Why are you with him?  He’s a soul mate.  You’re meant to be with your Twin.  You need to leave him!”  I believed this for a long time.  I was certain I was to leave him, and this was backed up by my intuition and readings that I did for myself and that others gave me.  This led to me becoming so caught up in the ‘story’ that I, like others, couldn’t see the forest for the trees.  And so I left…early in 2015…only to be strongly guided to return to him after a few weeks.

At the time, I was angry and upset, feeling as if Spirit had lied to me or led me on.  But when my Ego calmed down, and I began to go further within, these deeper truths were revealed to me.

It has NEVER been about the other…it’s ALWAYS been about ME coming into UNION with MYSELF – with aspects of me, from here and now, from other places and times, and from fragments of my soul that I have ‘given away’ to others due to trauma, fear, self-doubt, etc.

This, Beloveds, is what UNION is about.  My Ego wouldn’t let me see it then – and I know that there are many who may struggle to understand or accept this for the same reason – but once I did see it, it catalyzed a profound transformation within me which freed me from the Illusion of my beliefs and allowed me to come into UNION with myself more fully than ever before.

This is my desire for each and every one of you.  That you may transcend what was – what once served – in order to Unite with YOURSELF and move beyond 3D limited concepts behind for good.  I understand that everyone arrives in their own time, at their own pace, and that everyone’s journey is unique to them despite perceived similarities, and so you won’t see me pushing others – attempting to drive them to do this or do that or force a personal ‘agenda’ upon them.

What you will see me doing, however, is speaking my truth to those who are ready, willing, and able to hear it.  I stayed quiet about much of this until now, because it was not time – many were not ready to receive what I had to offer, they were still deeply entrenched in the ‘story’ and had no desire to leave the comfort of their ‘circle of trees’ to head into the wondrous depths of the forest around them.

But I AM Faith, and I am here to experience parting the veil of illusion in order to share this experience with others so they may set themselves free.  Are you ready to be free?  Have you had enough of running on the ‘Twin Flame Hamster Wheel?”  Michael and I…we see you…we hear you…we feel you…we love you…and we are here to assist you, if you will allow.  One last thing to consider before we go…we have shared this, before, but it is relevant again, now:

Archangel Michael works with Archeia Lady Faith, as Power works with Faith. Power is the Will behind all Action. Faith is the ability to know that your needs will be manifested. It is necessary to know that your actions will be successful. Without Faith, action would be impossible.

The active male energy of Archangel Michael is sustained by the female nurturing energy of Archeia Lady Faith. Together, they help us to manifest our greatest desires. Michael and Faith, the leading angels and rulers of the First Ray, protect us from evil intentions and false illusions. They cut away all that is unreal.

Michael and Faith are able to embody a pure form of energy. Their blended qualities work together to lift the veil of illusion. This veil, which has fallen over man, is our fall from Grace. Faith, the right use of Will, and eternal protection and care, can bring us back to our original state of Oneness.

Archangel Michael and Archeia Lady Faith serve on the First Ray, also called the Blue Ray; the vibration of that ray appears as the color Blue .The Blue Ray correlates to our throat chakra. The throat chakra is the power center. Through the sacred science of sound we can create through spoken word. Through your voice, you can speak truth or lies. When we speak in truth, we live in truth. When we speak in lies, we live in lies.”

My purpose in this lifetime is to cut away illusion and come into Oneness with SELF so that I may share this experience openly with others, the power of my voice serving as a guiding light for those who are ready to receive the truths I have to offer.

And so we ask…are you ready to receive?

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn

© 9/29/2015

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