Twin Flames: Lifting of the Veil

A little something I am compelled to share. I know I have been quite absent of late. There is reason for this. Over the past few months, I have been undergoing a transformation more intense than any I’ve experienced to date in this lifetime. This was not anything that I expected, but looking back, all had aligned just so for this to occur. During this time of transformation I’ve run the gamut of energetic, emotional, and physical change. This is still occurring for me, now, and I am not sure how long it will continue. I truly feel as if I am a caterpillar wrapped up in my own cocoon…to the point that my insides have felt like they are moving around and being readjusted (not always comfortable, been quite a bit of physical discomfort with this) and I notice changes in my physical body every day.

I’ll try to sum up the rest of what I’ve been experiencing the best I can. I have been Feeling, Seeing, Hearing and Knowing much more than before, yet at the same time, I have found it increasingly difficult to translate what I am receiving into words, and so I am finding myself having to just ground into the physical and BE for long periods of time, allowing myself to achieve inner stillness within the sanctity of my own ‘routine’ of basic meditative activity (house cleaning, rest (been needing a lot of that), activity/exercise, play – SELF LOVE and CARE…!) as these ‘downloads’ are fully integrated with the ‘new’ me. These downloads are multidimensional in nature; I am quite literally being transformed into the ‘crystalline’ version of ME in this physical reality, and as such, I am perceiving expanded layers of truth which were not available to me, BEFORE this transformation began to take place.

To put it simply, I have experienced a Veil Lifting of epic proportions. Much of what served me in 3D has simply…gone. I can still see it, layered there, over where I am currently, but it is no longer ‘my’ reality. No emotional attachment whatsoever; I AM the outside observer. The best way I can describe it is I am seeing multiple layers of truth and experience all at once (muldimensionality…!) and how they fit together to form the whole and how each particular layer serves the individual soul / fragment of Source as it goes about its journey into Separation / return to ONEness. As each individual soul / fragment of Source ‘levels up’ truly (in true Spirit sense, not in Spiritual Ego sense…there is a vast difference) a further expanded layer of truth is made available for them to download and integrate. This is a natural process…this is ASCENSION…Spiraling ever deeper Without and Within as we connect with multidimensional aspects of SELF on our journey back to ONEness.

Which is great and all…but what ‘they’ don’t tell you is when such a moment hits, you…well, this type of ‘level up’ is just as chaotic as all the previous ‘level ups’ experienced (think back to your first ‘Great Awakening’ or ‘Dark Night of the Soul’…!) and involve just as much ‘discomfort’ and ‘pain.’ This is where you are truly put to the test. Because you experience all of it – all of the stuff you thought you’d released doing the ‘inner work’ for years – along with all the stuff you had avoided while you were wrapped up in your ‘Spiritual Ego.’ You see, you only partially released all that ‘junk,’ because you kept re-creating it as a part of your belief system.

And as long as you hold onto the belief that you are ‘broken’ and that you need to ‘heal’ and that you need to keep ‘doing the work’ to make this or that happen…to achieve Ascension, or Oneness…or say, PHYSICAL REUNION with your Twin…

Then that is EXACTLY the experience you will have…and will CONTINUE to have…until you break through that paradigm…and begin using your Creator Power to create an experience for yourself that is not about:

‘Being BROKEN and needing to heal and do ‘work’ in order to become whole and achieve union’

But rather is about:

‘BEING WHOLE and BEING UNION within yourself, and creating an experience of life that reflects this on all levels.’

When this illusion crumbles before your eyes…when you truly SEE, FEEL, HEAR and KNOW that you are NOT broken…YOU are ONENESS…YOU are UNION, YOURSELF…

Well, it hurts. Letting go of limiting beliefs HURTS in the moment, as all that you have repressed comes rushing thru you. But if you use all you have learned in that time – the ‘tools’ of transformation are indeed valuable, and were given to us with purpose – you will see just how much you have grown in the way you navigate your experience of ‘letting go’ of all that once served, but no longer does – and then you will know peace.

No push, no pull. No confusion…no need for mental chatter, discussion, debate, trying to figure it all out, to understand, to be understood…you will KNOW for YOURSELF the purpose of your experience, why things happened for YOU the way they did, you will see ALL the pieces tied together, how they led you to this moment of transformation…and you will be free.

This, my loves…is TRUE SURRENDER. Or shall I say…a deeper level of SURRENDER, as just with Truth, Surrender is revealed to us in layers, each with a purpose as we move along our journey.

It is wonderful…but it is not without an element of challenge…and it (ironically) breaks you down yet again to rebuild from the ground up. Only this time, you are conscious of your creation. This does not mean triggering stops…nor does it mean you are a ‘perfect ascended being.’ What this means is you continue to be triggered, but you remain aware of your ego reaction in the moment, choosing when to react, when to respond, and when do to nothing at all. You allow your emotions to be as they are, without attaching thought to them and without being controlled by them.

And if you do attach thought to them…well, you are fully conscious of doing so at the time…you are conscious of choosing Ego…and so it becomes impossible to avoid yourself or be untrue to yourself in any way.

You see ALL of your shadows…all the bits of yourself that you’ve used ‘Spiritual Bypassing’ to hide or avoid over the years (Spiritual Ego is something else!)…and you are forced to ALLOW these aspects of YOU and then CHOOSE to EMBRACE or RELEASE them once and for all. Not this ‘over and over’ routine that is par for the course with being ‘broken’ and needing ‘healed’ again and again. You are not BROKEN…you are WHOLE…you are UNION within yourself…and you are SEEING all of these aspects of yourself, truly, for the first time, and then choosing which of these aspects you wish to BE and CREATE WITH as you take your next steps in THIS life…in THIS experience.

As this has been occuring over the past few months, I’ve found myself unable to communicate what I am feeling much of the time. This is not ‘new’ to me, as this is always how I have initially received downloads of information, but it can not be forced, it comes when it comes, and not a moment sooner – and then when it’s ready to come, I will keep getting ‘nudged’ about it until I let it out. Aside from those times, I feel completely detached from forms of external communication…chatting…explaining myself…etc. It simply does not resonate with me as I can feel when one is able to perceive as I do and I have little urge to ‘correct’ others. It’s not my job to ‘fix’ them…they are not broken…do you see?

I also have not had easy access to the internet, which I know is not coincidence – Spirit has been ‘weaning’ me off of this addiction of mine (that I know is shared by many…!), revealing an aspect of my Shadow that has enabled me to use the Internet to be untrue to myself in quite a few ways, and allowing for course corrections going forward.

And so, that’s where I’m at, now. Please understand that if I share something and don’t have much to say in reply or further explanation – it is nothing personal. It is simply that I am not able to because I don’t have the time online, or I am just…not able to connect with the ‘mental energy’ of discussion at that time.

I’ll leave you with this. Something that came about as my dear friend Shawn and I were helping each other bring what we were feeling to the surface a bit more, in words:

**Shawn is WONDERFUL, please visit her here! >> Psychic Shawn B

Shawn: Do you know what happens when a room full of people all meditate together? Everyone’s vibrations raise higher and higher, people become healed spontaneously because the vibrations are so intense that cells change.

When we have this higher vibration in us – and try to go “back” to the person who caused the awakening in the first place – and they are still where they were when you met them. They no longer are a vibrational match – so they run – or you both run – no one wants to stick around.

Those who awakened and are waiting for the other person to wake up and “get it” remind me of church. Where the wife of the unsaved husband prays daily for his salvation because they are not on the same playing field anymore.

Jennith: We are the True Twins in Union. With ourselves. The True Twin Flame is Within…when we begin to reflect that in everyone, magic happens.

The key is to redirect your time and energy into REALLY loving and BEING yourself, living your joy and purpose in the moment. I think a lot of people SAY that’s what they are doing, but really they are not. Their motivations still lie in doing ‘the work’ or being ‘patient’ for the sake of achieving physical 3D reunion which is very much still ego control and manipulation.

Shawn: How many times have you been asked, “What am I doing wrong?” The only thing anyone is doing wrong is thinking they have to earn this or earn their wholeness. Like people who think they can earn their way to heaven. Everyone deserves love simply by breathing. I use to get SO mad when I’d read someone say, “This is WHY you don’t have your twin with you.” Uh what? This is not some prize to earn – this is not some person to possess.

Jennith: Yea that never sat well with me either. Also implies that free will does not exist. That it’s all your fault because you’re doing something ‘wrong,’ or not doing something you ‘should’ be. As if the other person is just an object with no will of its own, placed here by the Universe to fulfill all of your hopes and dreams…but only if you jump through a certain obstacle course of hoops, first.

I struggled for a while recently to understand why Spirit would confirm for me that people have met their twins, confirm for ME that I had met mine, everything with M and C.  Why Spirit would confirm for me, as it did, that TWO people were someone’s twin, at different times in their journey.  Just as Spirit confirmed for me, only later to show me over and over again that the True Twin Flame is Within.

And so I asked for clarity, and was shown that Spirit will reveal the layer of truth that you are capable of seeing at the time, which best serves your growth in moving along your path.  In other words…all experience is exactly what is needed at the time, for the individual to progress on their unique path.

There is also an element of our own creation involved because we do create our experience, so if someone has decided that a person is their Twin Flame, then that person is indeed their Twin Flame, as the Twin Flame in the EXTERNAL is truly nothing more than a refection of our OWN energy (the INTERNAL TWIN FLAME) in another.

Shawn: But Jennith you DID meet your TF; lol – its YOU!

Jennith: Oh yes, I did. I just needed to experience myself thru these other reflections to really understand that. I was seeing me all along in them. All the stuff I loved, and all the stuff that hurt me, was mine, not them, or theirs.

Shawn: YES. They did their job. Now its all cleared and open for your mission.

Jennith: Yes they did. And once the contracts had ended (and the Veil lifted) the attachment went too. Not the love; the attachment.  The love has expanded outward, no longer restricted by my belief system.  I’ve felt very much like I’ve been floating in the Void of Creation these last weeks since then, too. No real direction at all, just focused on being at peace with myself and allowing things to unfold naturally, knowing my (new) direction will be revealed to me in Divine timing.

It’s amazing how I am able to see things from even more perspectives now than I could before, all at once, and I don’t judge any one as bad or good but I see which one serves me and am able to choose that without attachment to any of the others, even though I can see them all just the same. We have apparently arrived in 5D!

That’s all for now, folks. If my words resonate, then so be it. If you would like to further connect with me, my contact details are below. If not; so be it as well.  xxx

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn

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