Twin Flames & Soul Mates; Labeling = Limitation

All these labels…twin flames, near twins, false twins, ‘dark’ twins (I could keep going) and confusion over “are they my twin…or soul mate…or…?”

The truth is, all of these labels and the ‘need’ to label come 100% from a place of 3D analyzing and compartmentalizing, which can easily become a form of ego control and distraction. The label matters not; what’s truly important is the energetic connection you feel – whether you are feeling YOUR energy, mirrored back (read The True Twin Flame is Within), or the energy of another – and the way in which the connection and experience transform you, bringing you deeper into oneness with SELF.

The labels are helpful in that they provide a ‘human’ way of communicating what we are feeling and experiencing to others, but that’s just it – we are in essence utilizing limited 3D ‘human’ terms and comprehension to define a multidimensional experience of Spirit. Essentially putting our experience into a ‘box’ that we can easily understand when it is truly so much more than the confines of said ‘box’ allow. And in doing so, we create our own belief-based blockages that we must then recognize and release in order to move past them.

Simply put, clinging to the labels perpetuates separation and duality consciousness. Are you here to LABEL (limit…!) yourself…or are you here to EXPERIENCE yourself?!

Please believe me when I say – THE LABELS WILL GET YOU STUCK!  I’ll be sharing more about this in the near future.  But it’s 100% true.  The labels will get you stuck running on your very own self-created hamster wheel of questioning, confusion, and/or inaction (waiting, running, chasing, etc.), which in turn blocks you from manifesting the very miracles you have been praying for.

When you truly surrender and release control over the manifestation of your desire(s) – including releasing the labels and definitions you have adopted as your own limitations – that is when the impossible, suddenly becomes possible, and miracles happen.

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn

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