The Truth About Running and Twin Flame Union

For some time now, I have seen a lot of referring to ones Twin as not being ‘ready’ or being a ‘runner,’ and the person making the statement saying they are ‘waiting’ for their Twin to ‘evolve’ in some way so they can reunite. The concept of the Runner, and the Chaser, is in fact one that has become wrapped up in most all Dogma surrounding Twin Flames in recent years.

The problem with this line of thinking is that it is coming 100% from the Ego and it leads us AWAY from reunion (and UNION of SELF!) rather than TOWARD it. It must be understood that there is no ‘waiting’ or ‘running’ when it comes to Twin reunion. If ONE Twin is not ready, then BOTH Twins are not ready. If ONE Twin is ‘running,’ then BOTH are ‘running’ in their own way. When ONE Twin has inner work to do, BOTH Twins have inner work to do.

There is a reason for this. Once again, it is the Cosmic Mirror at work, mirroring back to us our own ego themes and energetic ‘junk’ so we can focus on our inner work. However, what many people often are not aware of is that the Mirroring we experience with twins is ENERGETIC in nature, which means it is not always obvious mirroring, but often can be quite subtle, requiring a deeper level of discernment to make sense of.

In other words…say your Twin ‘runs’…and you say you have no idea why…everything was perfect, you didn’t do anything ‘wrong;’ or perhaps they just won’t commit, they love you but refuse to make ‘plans’ to take things further with you. Or maybe they won’t talk to you at all. Or won’t SEE you at all.  And you’re beating yourself up trying to figure out what you’ve done…or blaming them for ‘letting you down’…when all you need to do is shift your perspective from the external to what is being shown to you internally, from an ENERGETIC standpoint.

When these sort of things happen, it’s because you are repelling one another ENERGETICALLY. It is very likely that your Twin may not even be able to explain to you WHY they are appearing to ‘run;’ they are just pushed to do it, because there is something out of alignment within *you* that is repelling them. Just as they are drawn *to* you when you are healed, ie. brought back into alignment. They are also pushed to ‘run’ because of what you are mirroring back to them, about themselves, that they are afraid of facing. And only they can face their own fears, in their way and time; there is nothing you can do to control that, their inner works is theirs alone to complete.

To become a Master of the Twin Path, one must cease feeding into the Dogma of ‘Chasers’ and ‘Waiters’ and ‘Runners’ and realize that these are 3D labels which have been applied to advanced Spiritual concepts to make it easier for ‘beginners’ to understand, but that these very labels are also hindrances because they are misleading and discourage Twins from stepping into their power by focusing upon ‘Chasing’ or ‘Waiting’ for their Twin to Evolve, and for many, a Romantic Relationship with their Twin, rather than focusing on their own lessons and soul expansion.

This is the way it works. No exceptions, no shortcuts, no ‘easy way out.’ Your work is for you and you alone to complete, and you must own it, TRULY, or it will own you by triggering denial, victim consciousness, and ego tangents blaming the other for times of separation, which only result in pushing our Twins further away.

Let me explain further. This is important, I want to be sure you understand.

To say that you are ‘Waiting’ for or ‘Chasing’ your Twin implies that you believe you have little to no work to do, are more ‘evolved’ or ‘advanced’ than they are, and that simply is not true. Such a statement indicates misunderstanding of the true energetic dynamics between Twins and/or avoidance of taking personal responsibility for the work YOU must do, placing it all squarely on your Twin which is unbalanced and causes repulsion between Twins, not attraction. By attaching to the Runner/Chaser Dogma, you are in essence creating your own self-fulfilling prophecy of ‘waiting’ or ‘chasing’ and prolonging Reunion. I have seen this happen over and over and over again with Twins and the outcome is always the same.

The Twin who insists they are ‘ready’ and ‘waiting’ for their beloved to ‘catch up’ ends up frustrated beyond belief as time goes by and it appears they are no closer to reuniting physically than they were to begin with. They blame their Twin for this, ie. their Twin is not doing what they ‘should be’ doing and this is the reason why they have failed to reunite. They anguish over this, wondering why their Twin just can’t ‘get it’…when all along, THEY are the one who has not been ‘getting it.’

Our Twins are the most precise Cosmic Mirror that we will ever know. All of our relationships show us SOMEthing, but our Twins show us EVERYTHING about ourselves, good and bad. Everything that needs attention, everything that needs healing, everything that needs released and transmuted, everything that needs LOVED. It’s up to each of us to understand that, REALLY understand it, and see our relationships with our Twins as they truly are. It is not about romantic union. Don’t get me wrong…it is, but it is SO MUCH MORE, and the challenge many people face is that they get caught up on the ‘romance’ aspect and the ‘want’ of a physical relationship with their Twin and throw everything that they THEMSELVES must to do to get to that ‘romantic’ place out the window.

But it just doesn’t work that way, as evidenced by the droves of people who approach their Twins in terms of a 3D relationship only to discover that…well…it DOESN’T WORK!

What’s unfortunate is the number of Twins who just ‘give up’ when what they have been believing and trying doesn’t work. Again, they place the blame on their Twin, completely disregarding the role they have played in their separation. They view the separation as ‘bad’ and they mistakenly feel as if they must ‘save themselves’ for (or from!) their Twin as part of the ‘waiting game’ and so they create their own misery in the form of self-imposed restrictions. Or, as I have also seen many times, their ego will try to convince them that the person they thought was their Twin, was not, and they will start looking for a ‘replacement twin’ who is more in line with what their ego ‘wants.’

**Note, this is NOT the same as attracting another aspect when twin ‘opts out’ as I explain HERE.  There is a significant difference between seeking out twin because it’s what you ‘want’ and attracting twin naturally as you become more aligned with SELF and further embrace surrender.

These are all false 3D ways of thinking. Separation does not mean you are not Twins, nor does it equal WAITING. Separation equals focus on PERSONAL GROWTH and JOY. If that means being in relationship with a another of your Soul Family while you are working on you, then so be it. Many times, that is exactly what you are meant to do, but this can only happen when you ALLOW it to happen by not blocking them from coming into your life by playing the ‘waiting game.’ Believe and Trust…the Twin connection does not diminish if you and/or they are with another, neither is it a ‘betrayal’ of any sort.

Everything that you do for YOU influences your Twin, including loving another and completing lessons, soul contracts, and karma that we have with others. All of the efforts of your inner work, personal growth, and joy are felt by your Twin (consciously or not) through the connection you share and it helps them to work through THEIR issues, drawing the two of you ever closer. The beauty of it is that there is no need for control, you don’t have to interefere in their lives by doing anything *to* or *for* them to make this happen, it happens naturally as you place the focus on YOU and YOUR growth and joy in the NOW.

The flip side of that dynamic is focusing on misery, restriction, ‘waiting,’ ‘chasing,’ etc. sends all of that to our Twins, creating further (and unnecessary) internal chaos for them and causing them to be repelled even further. Ask yourself…is that what you REALLY want to do?

Meeting ones Twin is not an ‘end all’ as many people think. It is a catalyst for BOTH Twins, setting them on their respective paths of enlightenment and ascension, and it is extremely rare for Twins to be ready to reunite in the physical right away. Is it possible for that to happen? Sure…but that means both parties have already done the inner work necessary to reunite on their own, and most often, we need that initial ‘meeting’ and the subsequent dance of union/separation to wake us up and show us our Shadow in order to to become self-aware enough to tackle the inner work in the first place. What each Twin chooses to do once they have been set on their path is up to them, and it can take a while for both to ‘get’ all of the above.

There is no right or wrong choice; you can choose to believe that you are ‘ready’ and they are not, or that they are ‘running’ and you are ‘chasing,’ however, what happens as a result of that choice is your responsibility, and yours alone. So, if you find yourself ‘waiting’ for your Twin for a very long time and feeling frustrated by what they are doing or not doing in any way, know that it is YOUR beliefs and choices which led to that extended ‘wait’ and frustration, and that the only way to ‘fix’ it is by releasing those very same restrictive beliefs and choices that YOU have been holding on to.

It’s ok…let them go…they served a purpose at one time, but you don’t need them any more…LET THEM GO and allow yourself to be immersed fully in the experience and purpose of your Twin connection.

Really…this is what you are ‘supposed’ to be doing…which is why your Twin is showing it to you via the Cosmic Mirror that they are…so every time you say your Twin is not ‘ready’ or is ‘running,’ please know that what you are really saying is, “I am not ready, I myself am running, but I am unaware of this…or perhaps I am aware of it, but I am unable to accept and face it just yet, so I’m projecting it onto my Twin.”

If you’re ‘waiting’ or ‘running’…you are only ‘waiting’ and ‘running’ from yourself…some food for thought from someone who has been there, done that, and made the choice to step off that particular ‘wheel of misery’ and get down to business on their own inner work. I won’t say it’s been easy, but it’s been a heck of a lot easier than sitting around for years on end pining away for Twin and being angry due to my own distorted sense of self-awareness.

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn


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4 Comments on “The Truth About Running and Twin Flame Union

  1. Thanks so much for this. I was aware of most of this, but still found myself waiting… for him… Even when I work on my own issues that he shows me. Now I realise on a deeper level that if he runs, I run. This is so important. I can feel how the energy between us comes into balance when I truly feel this. We’re in this together.

  2. Thank you for writing this. This article was the most helpful piece of literature I read about the runner/chaser dynamic. Most twins get so caught up in the romance that they forget that both twins need to be whole separately to be whole together.