Sokim T. – Melbourne, Australia

I was reading something today and remembered this reading Jennith did for me almost a year ago. Since that time, I have left the family business to start my own internet business and in that process found a mentor. Many times I have felt stuck and not known what I wanted to do and this mentor has helped me through those feelings. He sent me a few inspirational videos of different people but none resonated with me. That’s when he reluctantly introduced me to Bashar. He was worried I’d think it’s weird and think differently of him. But as soon as I watched it, I understood what he was saying and his words resonated with me. What sent a shiver down my spine was today opening up the same youtube link that Jennith had sent me back then along with the reading. I somehow missed it and didn’t open it when she first sent it to me. But going through another one of my “stuck” moments today and questioning where I’m meant to be, when I looked back, I saw she had sent the link and it totally resonated with me. I just want to say thank you so much for the reading. Reading it again, everything you have said is coming true in ways I never expected! xx

Sokim T. - Melbourne, Australia