Skye M.

There is the sense when speaking to Jennith of time standing still. I think there’s a reason for this. She has the sharpness of vision that goes through time and focuses on the essence of things; you, me, events and likelihoods.

She’s very engaging and warm, down to earth in her approach. We spoke primarily of relationships as that was on my mind but also of work. I could hear her drawing cards as we talked but really, she could do the same with twigs or stars in the sky, which is apt because Jennith really is a star, a bright star of an old soul of that helps guide others home. She doesn’t need cards, or crystals or bones to interpret – it’s part of her.

I found the reading very validating, confirming and underpinning a lot of my own feelings, inspiring me and strengthening my resolve on many points. There were timely reminders of things to watch out for and absolutely everything she said resonated with truth and clarity. She also gave good, no nonsense advice. Through it all she brought compassion and intelligence.

I would unhesitatingly recommend Jennith for guidance and insight into any situation. She has a wealth of life experience and moreover, I really enjoyed talking to her.

Thank you, Jennith!

Skye M.Scotland