Pat M.

I had a great reading with Jennith a few weeks ago but it’s taken me time to absorb all the information. The reading affirmed many questions I was wondering about. I was concerned that a messengering method would not work as well as talking on the phone but believe I have so much info to go back to and review that is helpful in my journey. Jenn’s reading with me was so true and right on. I’ve been going through so much since 2012 specifically this past year and the answers to each question were very detailed and provided great guidance. If anything I was overwhelmed with all the specifics she provided. If you are looking for depth and understanding work with Jennith. I got the 10 card reading with follow up one hour session. Believe me when I say she gave much more than I paid for because it isn’t about the money to her. It’s helping me finding my truth and getting answers. I still go back to the reports she prepared for me. Great work Jennith. And I know if I need her she is only a text away. Thank you so much.

Pat M.Tennessee, USA