Nancy B.

This was the first reading I’ve had from Jennith, and I have to say I’m blown away by the precision and accuracy of the cards and how she interpreted them — right down to and including the Sun and rising sign of one of the key people from my immediate past, who presented me with a VERY challenging situation indeed. Her angelic advice is right on point, and very useful for sifting through how I can best work with the energies, and how to transform my own piece of these puzzles I’m working on.

The numerology is also right on track for all the cards, as well as the nature of the situation for which she did the reading. (I had not told her in advance ANY of the details, yet she was able to target them as well as if she HAD known.)

One of the comments in the readings made me burst out laughing, it was so accurate — like they “got inside my head” and outed me LOL!!

To me, this indicates a masterful practitioner, one truly in tune with both her tools as well as her soulful and compassionate interpretations.

I am immensely grateful and will highly recommend you anytime, Jennith. This won’t be my last reading from you ~ I look forward to the next ones (as soon as I generate more cashflow to support them.) They are worth whatever you’re charging, I assure you!

Nancy B.USA