Lucy B.

Many-many thanks for the poignantly insightful session this morning, Lady Jennith. WOW!! I am floored at your intuitive discernment of my situation, especially at how well you were able to pull together different bits of information about past, present, and future to tell a coherent story – which was tremendously useful in helping me to make sense of my current situation, the events that lead up to this point, and the way forward. One of the most amazing aspects was the fact that this reading picked up exactly at the point where previous reading you did for me had ended, so I am getting a very definite sense of continuity that is coming through from my guides. The reading was well worth the wait and, despite the delay in getting it underway, I feel that in the end, it’s timing was absolutely perfect. I will definitely be back when the time for another reading is ripe! Much love and gratitude!

Lucy B.Melbourne, Australia