Katie L.

I have “known” Jennith for many years through local interactions. Always in regret of never opening up to actually get to know her. The last couple months had been a teeter totter in my personal growth and battling with depression/anxiety. After realizing the source I thought was helping me in fact was not, I had a huge nudge to contact Jennith.

Being as introverted as I am it was a couple day process clicking the send button. But wouldn’t you know Jennith was also feeling a tug towards me.

I gritted my teeth and after days of mental “preparation” (aka hushing the panic someone was going to be in my house and exerting my energy towards them). I picked her up for some socializing. We spent over 3 hours in non stop chatter getting to know and verify each other. It was great knowing someone who feels and believes the way I do.

Personal excitements aside we finally got to the cards. I have small experience in doing my own readings for myself with my card sets. So I got to actively participate in the drawing process. The top 5 are the cards I drew and the bottom 5 were ones Jennith drew. Along with 3 cards we drew from my angel deck. (Which I was firmly told I need to make use of! ^_^ )

It was definitely one of those “there aren’t words” moments. 10 cards summed up and confirmed what we had just spent hours chatting about ourselves. There was no, “This doesn’t make sense,” “What could this mean?” It was a true blue slap in the face, for both of us, that we were meant to cross paths and verification of the ‘powers’ within each of us.

Thanks to Jennith I look forward to learning from her to finally begin growing my skills/abilities and hopefully retraining myself that these things are a gift accepted by others and not a curse left to dwell in my own head. If you’re on that edge of, “I don’t know if I should reach out…” Push yourself and reach out. We’re given these nudges for a reason. Even if you aren’t looking for a particular answer or in dire need of advice the simple fact of just knowing that you aren’t alone can be enough to rekindle a lost flame or spark a new one!


Katie L.Ohio, USA