Jodie J.

My experience with Jennith was unforgettably profound and accurate! My questions posed to her were in regards to a complex twin soul relationship and an upcoming situation. Jennith used her Angel Card deck and her reading was incredibly spot on! I waited for an appropriate time to share it with my twin soul. Needless to say, he was as impressed and blown away as I was and we were both nearly moved to tears at times while reading through her report together, due to the immense compilation of emotion and purity that the angels and guides expressed through Jennith. Since the reading, things have also progressed as set forth in prediction…Her 10 card reading was well worth every bit I paid and as far as I’m concerned, there is no one I’d ever go to for another reading….Jennith Lynn is outstanding and I certainly will be back for any future readings with her exclusively! She is thorough, and truly takes the time to give you a detailed analysis of your question(s). You certainly will not be disappointed!

Jodie J.New York, USA