Emilily S.

I’ve had a great deal of readings in the past, because I was fervently seeking the truth. Actually, the last couple of years of my life have been utterly confusing, and with every reading I became more and more confused – but still I kept searching for some validation. My reading with Jennith today has eased my mind completely: this was the guidance I’ve been searching for! She helped me to realize that my indecision was the cause of my confusion. Everything she told me resonated with me completely, and we were able to chat like old friends. The ease and comfort I felt throughout our session was wonderful. This was so important to me, because I was able to open up and tell my whole truth without fear of judgment or ridicule. You can truly feel the love and care she has for your well-being. I would recommend a reading with Jennith to anyone interested in gaining perspective into their situation. She was able to detect destructive patterns I’ve been cycling through for my entire adulthood. It’s amazing that she was able to swiftly identify issues that I’ve been overlooking for years. I am now ready to go into the next phase of my life with a clear mind.  And It’ SO nice to have a clear mind for the first time in a LONGGGG time!

Emilily S.Alabama, USA