Elise P.

What you want from a reading is Clarity. Readers have varying levels of ability when it comes to being able to actually provide clarity and varying expertise when it comes to creating clarity in a way that emphasizes and highlights the higher plan from Higher perspective. I have had many readers recently taking a stab at my current life situation and I gotta say, Jennith Lynn actually did the best job of shedding light on the truth from a higher perspective, in a highly digestible way. I actually had been left with some concerns regarding interpretations from other readers. But Jennith left me with a lasting peace of mind. Not because she painted a beautiful 3D picture and left me with hope that could turn out to be false. But because she made sure she left me with higher knowledge regarding my situation. It resonated and redirected my attention so that I could refocus on the importance in the now, instead of 3D concerns for futures that are irrelevant. I believe this is the BEST value that readers can deliver. Bigger picture perspective. Jennith delivers that and that’s why I recommend her to anyone who wants truth from an Angel’s perspective.

Elise P.North Carolina, USA