Debbie D.

FABULOUS READING!! Jennith thank you! This reading was extremely accurate for my current situation. All the cards actually described what I have intuited myself so were a complete confirmation of where I feel I am emotionally, spiritually, financially and relationship-wise. The career is seemingly a HUGE focus for me, involving union and I have become convinced that I am on the threshold of taking off in both my web design business and also in my Lighthouse role. I have felt the surge of success right on the verge of bursting and it appears I am right! I have the support I need. I am curious about the Soul Contract that is mentioned because I have only one person who comes to mind and I will be curious if that person is at all involved in this. As for all of the reading. Couldn’t agree more Jennith! And even the cards and the characters symbolizing them seems to relate to me and my situation. I saw me and my twin soul in one of the cards and he’s very instrumental in my career success so it was amazing to see all the information line up so nicely. The reading was well worth the wait and the money. I appreciate all the wonderful information and I will read it several times and tune in and align with the favorable message so that I can leave behind any last doubts or fears. What is funny is that my twin and I have just been discussing what blocks we may have to our success and seeking to remove them once and for all so we may launch into a new phase of life! I am certain that will be the case now. Thanks again, sweetie! ♥

Debbie D.Georgia, USA