Brandi H.

I had a reading with Jennith a little while back. Why am I writing about it again? Because some amazing things have happened since then and I want to share it with you guys. We had discussed the many opportunities that I wanted to pursue. One thing she had said really resonated with me. When I knew it was time, the opportunity would present itself. Since then, I’ve started my own business. I went for a job interview to work for my towns newspaper. I didn’t get the job,but I didn’t let that discourage me. It just simply meant that it wasn’t meant for me at this time. Instead, I’m a reviewer of products for a friends blog. I’ve also ran into my twin a few times and we’ve had some good conversations. And Jennith confirmed that he would be meeting my oldest son, which finally happened a few weeks ago. It took some time, but I finally spoke my intentions to my twin. And he agreed with me. But the best part was that once I did,things really started to fall into place for me. Last week I put in my letter to run for a seat on my districts board of education. I have an interview this Saturday. I can’t put into words how valuable Jennith’s reading was for me. All my hard work and determination is paying off. Thank you Jennith.

Brandi H.Illinois, USA