Separation is a Lie

Separation is a lie. You ARE UNION. Say it. I AM UNION…UNION I AM!

Separation is a reflection of your inner state of separation; you believe you are un-whole in some way, conscious or not, and this manifests outside of yourself in the form of separation from Twin as the energy of that thought becomes form.

When you take back your energy – when you understand you are WHOLE and UNION within YOURSELF and that Twin is merely a reflection of your inner truth – you begin to see all the ways in which you gave your power away to an external reflection of yourself by holding onto the beliefs of ‘separation,’ ‘running,’ ‘chasing,’ and so on.

If this sounds like you…it’s time to rewrite your story. Take your power back…take YOUR energy back. You do NOT have to ‘play by the rules’ that were created in 3D. We aren’t in 3D, anymore. This is not a mental exercise or spell or ’12 step plan’ to Reunion. It’s making a choice to release the unkind lies. Separation is a lie. YOU ARE UNION!

Know it. BE it.

And so it is!

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn

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