Raeki Paws

Healing Session for Animals (In-Person or Remote) – $30.00

Reiki Healing is a wonderful way to support your pet’s health and well being!

Reiki has been shown to have dramatic positive effects on animals physically, emotionally, and mentally, and can include relief from:

*Depression, anxiety, and nervousness due to trauma, illness, moving, death.

*Aches and pains due to illness, allergies, injury, surgery, and old age.

Benefits also include increased energy levels and an overall sense of calm.  Reiki is ideal for animals who suffer from anxiety due to trauma, medical issues, separation, moving, bereavement, being at a shelter, or loud noises – if your pet displays signs of anxiety or nervousness for any reason, reiki can help.  Reiki works the same whether it’s done hands-on or at a distance which makes it great for animals in stressful situations such as being surrendered to a shelter, overnight vet visits, and long-term boarding.  Speaking of shelters, it can even help a ‘difficult to place’ animal find a home!  Reiki can also bring peace and comfort to you and your pet when your pet is dying.

Reiki healing sessions for pets are done by appointment, either in-person or distance.  Time for session varies by need; 30 minutes to an hour is average.  Please note that each healing is unique; some issues will require a single session while others will require multiple sessions.

Pet Photography

Pet photos are great for special occasions, family photos, ‘end of life’ memorials, and just because we love our pets. They also make a great gift – the photos themselves and also the gift of a photo shoot with one’s beloved furbaby!

I keep it simple; I live in Huron County, Ohio, so I generally am limited to the surrounding area.  I can come to your home or we can meet at an appropriate outdoor location.  There is a $30 Sitting Fee paid in advance which includes one digital portrait of your choice.  Additional portraits are $10 each paid at the time of order.  You will receive digital photos for free use; allow up to three business days after making payment for your photos to be delivered to your email inbox.  Must provide a valid email address.  Must inform me ahead of time if your pet has any anxiety or aggression issues; I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  All fees are non-refundable. Click the button below to pay your Sitting Fee and then message me to get scheduled!