Q & A: What if My Twin Flame Does Not Believe?

Q: M – Florida, USA >> I encountered my twin last October online. He is advanced spiritually, and has more developments than I do, but he does not believe in Twin Flames. He says that it is a new idea that people have invented. Obviously, he has not experienced the wonder and the tremendous different pull or manifestations that come from being in close proximity, or he would not be saying this. I have experienced it because I have previously met a near twin, or an extension of my real twin. It’s complicated to explain. And he might never know the wonder of it all because he is married. But we are already connected in spirit. Even though he is more than 900 miles apart I sometimes realize that sometimes what I think are my thoughts, are really his. It is hard for me to differentiate. But we are connected at the heart level. I would just want him to understand that Twin Flames, twin souls, are a reality, and they are not somebody’s new age invention. How can I achieve it? Is it even important for him to know the correct terminology?

A: Archeia Lady Faith >>  That is a wonderful question, Dear One, and one that is asked often by Twins.  The short answer is no, it is not important.  The terminology helps us to understand, but it is not necessary.  Often, when twins meet, one or both will attempt to deny what they are feeling on the surface by pushing the concept away with logical, mind-based thinking or by simply pretending that they do not feel the pull.  However, regardless of what they say or do on the surface, and regardless of what they label the connection, or whether they label it at all, they feel it, and transformation has been catalyzed and is in progress. At that point, there is nothing left to do but fasten your seat belts and prepare for the ride of your lives.

What sort of ride will it be?  Well, Dear One…that is up to you, and Twin…but Twin’s ride is none of your concern.  You will both end up at the same destination regardless of the path you take.  The long answer is, as always, to focus on you; your needs, your healing, your growth, your joy, your passion, your Ascension.  And let Twin worry about him or herself.  The Ego struggles with this, because Ego looks at everything in limited, linear terms of Time and Space.  It sees Space as separation, and Time as ‘wasted’ when another day has passed ‘without’ it’s Beloved.

But Spirit sees things differently.  Spirit knows not what this ‘without’ means.  Spirit knows Space is an Illusion, and Spirit feels Twin always, which makes Tiime irrelevant.  Spirit views each day as an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to heal, an opportunity to LOVE…and one day closer to physical Reunion.  So, Dear One…never you mind what Twin thinks, or believes, or says and does on the surface.  All of these things, all of these ‘condradictions’ which confuse and stir up doubt are really blessings in disguise, teaching you to go Within, to do your inner work, to really FEEL the truth of your Divine connection and origins and purpose.  Once you do this work, the confusion ceases, and you find your Balance, and your Peace.

You do you, and let the Universe take care of Twin.  Remember, the two of you are One and share a Higher Self…nothing you do is just for you…everything you do, affects Twin too…and all will come full circle in Divine Timing.

Please go HERE to learn more about Twins throughout history; contrary to what Twin thinks, the concept of Twin Flames is not new at all; it is an Ancient Truth that has recently gone ‘mainstream’ so to speak, and is thus often greatly misunderstood as many Ancient Truths have been when Ego got ahold of them and bent them to its will.

As for Twin being married; please go HERE to read where I addressed that very topic.  Do not despair; this is quite a normal situation for many twins.  xx

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn


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