Q & A: Twin Flames: Chaos, Union in Separation, and Multidimensionality

Q: Anonymous >> So many people wonder if they are with their twin flame if they are in whirlwind affair of egocentric, self-serving, needing them. If you need him and are addicted to him, he is not your twin flame. Twin flames are fully accepting of each other and aware of each others flaws almost intuitively. They don’t judge you, push you, or treat you bad and if you are that way they are brave enough to stand up and address your behavior for what it is.

A: Archeia Lady Faith >> I felt like I needed and was addicted to my twin for some time after making our initial connection. It took a while to clear out all the ‘junk’ that made me feel that way; him triggering all that ‘junk’ is how I was able to release it.

Q: >> Are you now together? I’m saying I think this was karmic soulmate love, not TF.

A: >> We are not together now. We both still have work of our own to do separately. He is not a karmic soulmate. We are both currently in relationships with karmic soulmates. I understand the dynamics of twins vs. soulmates and I recognize the difference between him and my soulmate(s). We have always been fully accepting of one another and have never deliberately treated one another badly, there has never been anything but love between us.

There were many times when we both experienced pain or discomfort in the early years as we learned to release learned concepts based upon 3D expectations and showed one another the bits and pieces of ourselves that needed attention and healing. One of my bits and pieces that needed healing was the ‘neediness’ you referred to. That behavior/reaction was a result of a core wound which made me fear being unlovable and abandoned; him triggering that core wound brought it to the surface, allowing me to heal it and let it go. Hence no more feeling like I ‘need’ or am ‘addicted’ to him.

But I did feel that way about him at one time…it all depends on each twins individual level of growth at the time, if one or both of them still has a lot of inner work to do then the relationship is not going to be the blissful, perfect union that it will be when both twins are complete and balanced in and of themselves. It takes inner work to get to that point, and for many, meeting their twin is what catalyzes them into doing that work. Point being, if one or both twins are not healed and complete in and of themselves then they absolutely can and will judge, push, treat you ‘bad,’ etc. because they are unconscious of what they are doing and why they are doing it, and twins trigger one another’s emotions and reactions more strongly than any other.

That is exactly what they are meant to do as they are the most precise Cosmic mirror we will ever meet, showing us EVERYTHING about ourselves that we need to see. The emotions and reactions that come to the surface as a result may be judged as ‘bad’ or ‘good’ by the outside observer, however both are necessary for the twins to grow and the existence of ‘bad’ emotions and reactions doesn’t necessarily mean they are not twins, it just means one or both still has inner work and healing yet to complete.

Q: >> Yet how do you know he is your twin? He is maybe a mirror. Also keep in mind some souls never accomplish full growth /self awareness and are not seeking at the phase you are and their experiences are slower so he might never reach your level etc. Thats why I believe it is TF only when you both are ready and healed and aware and able and willing to offer divine utopia to one another and further each other in all souls longings/or what soul is to accomplish.

A: >> My own internal guidance tells me he is my twin in addition to telling me all that I explained above. I have experienced it for myself and seen it happen with other twins time and time again. How do you know he is *not* my twin? I trust my own intuition and guides over what anyone else has to say, that is one valuable lesson I learned as a part of my twin flame journey. I consider what everyone has to say, use what resonates with me to grow, and discard what does not resonate with me.

You are correct that ones twin appears when they are ready…but what constitutes readiness from the perspective of Diving Timing? I was ready when I met my twin…he and I both needed one another to catalyze ourselves into the next stages of our growth. We came together, separated, came together, separated, and so on as needed to grow. Perfectly normal phenomena with twins, some refer to it as the Twin Flame Dance. So even though we were not at a point to be able to offer ‘divine utopia’ to one another at first meeting, we were ready according to our Divine Plan, and our relationship has been about furthering one anothers soul longings/accomplishments all along.

Q: >> I didn’t say he is not, this I don’t know, I’m not psychic. Everything I say is colored by my own experiences and I just said in general that some people never DEVELOP. They go in circles in same behavior, same emotion, repetitive circle, and I was just saying is it worth even saving half of the heart for him? Being thankful is different but saving your heart for someone harms the one in your life now, meaning you don’t invest yourself fully and don’t give 100% you can to the one in the Now.

I decided for myself I’m no longer waiting nor holding myself for anyone. This is a common self-denial pattern to be careful of. And if the thought of TF limits and poisons your relationships in the present you either need to be fully on your own or forget TF, if you can forget completely. He will come if he is meant to, all ready and eager and healed. Yet if he is running he is half a person and at a later point you might realize you are past his spiritual level and you might not want him then.

A: >> Ah, but your immediate response was to suggest that you thought he was a karmic soulmate, which I know is not the case, however, someone ‘new’ to their twin journey who is at the point of chaotic confusion and has not done the years of internal work I have done, healing and learning to trust my own intuition, may very well have taken your word as ‘truth’ and walked away from their twin as a result. Not that they would get far; one can try to walk away or mentally decide they do not ‘want’ their twin, but the connection can never be severed and the Divine cares not for what our ego ‘wants.’

Many people have bought into the dogmatic concept of twins as being the ‘end all of romances’…which it is and can be in the physical, absolutely, but that is not what it’s all about, at all. That is only a partial truth, and those who view it strictly in terms of the ideal Earthly relationship are missing a vital piece of the puzzle.

One should never wait or hold themselves for anyone. Our twins come to us when they are meant to, and not a moment sooner; deliberately ‘saving oneself’ for twin is a behavior of Ego, not Spirit. Not everyone is meant to meet their twin in this life. Some are meant to be in relationship with others (soulmates) only as part of their journey, others are meant to be in relationship with others (soulmates) before reuniting in the physical with their twin, and others are meant to go it alone. There are recognized similarities in all twin relationships but everyone’s path has its own subtle differences depending upon their soul contracts, karma, and lessons yet to be learned.

The very act of putting it out there to the Universe that one is ‘waiting’ for their twin keeps them stuck in a loop of ‘waiting’ and replaying egoic themes. The idea is dive into your OWN healing and place the focus on doing and BEing what brings you joy, and allow the Universe to do the work of bringing whoever is meant to be in your life at that time. That may or may not be your twin depending upon what you and they need at the time…it’s the attachment to that person *having* to be our twin due to buying into the ‘romantic ideal’ that keeps people stuck on a loop, when if they would just let go and release control, the Universe will bring them what (and who) they need, every time.

Also…the belief of being ‘past’ ones twin in spiritual progression is ego illusion. If one twin is running, both twins are running in their own way…meaning both twins have inner work to do…to believe you are more ‘evolved’ than your twin is ego rearing it’s head to distract you from seeing that you still have work to do. Which is also normal in twin relationships, it’s just a matter of being aware of that so you can recognize it and no longer allow it control over you.

Q: >> I agree completely; however, my homeopathy lady has told me that depending on each souls journey, some may never reach the elevated spiritual highs we aim for and therefore they are not our twin/equal unless you/your soul has taken on some assignment to be the teacher in life where you guide them and can drag them all along.

I have really truly witnessed moments when the other soul/people are not as evolved and this is not ego this is reality. There are people that do not even aim for higher realms and therefore tell you what you want to hear and pretend that they are seekers yet they are content with status quo or where they are at spiritually and they don’t like challenges. This is all I wanted to say, I agree with you and your standpoint on everything else.

I truly believe that if one person is investing more than the other something is wrong with the connection. This might reverse of course but you might not want him/her at that point later. This happened to me many many times and it really wasn’t because of ego because I would of wanted to be able to feel for them but the pain and path I went through made me into a new person no longer attracted to him or her.

After all, every person’s goal should be like you said to GROW spiritually and become awakened and if we are critical of ourselves and see our own shortcomings we can do miracles and we can see all our relationships as blessings no matter how long they last. Some mirrors were crucial on the road to wake us up to our own patterns of thinking/being/acting and to call attention to repetitive behavior patterns/scenarios we create and are asked again and again to do to learn from them. If you are going through same relationship and same pattern in the relationship it’s time to learn something and if you don’t learn it will inevitably happen again and again until you change something in yourself. It’s not only a thought process as many think that if they switch to positive thinking they are finished…this is not the case.

And again, I’m talking in general terms, this has nothing to do with your situation as you probably noticed by now I’m just sharing with you and love reading your response as you are so right too.

A: >> It’s always good to share this way. Conversations like this help us all gain insight and work out things for ourselves. I have seen a lot of ‘fakers’ along the way who treat it more like a fad than a spiritual journey. Once I discern that’s where they are in their progress I stop investing my energy in them and move on to the people who are genuinely seeking guidance and friendship. They will get there in their own time, whether it’s this lifetime or the next. Eventually, someone or something will crack thru their egos and make it real for them in a way that they won’t be able to ‘fake’ it anymore.

My beliefs on twins are a bit different than what has become ‘conventionally’ accepted; these beliefs are based upon intuitive messages from my higher self and guides and personal experience. Most people become attached to the idea of their twin as a person, as a 3D body. That is not completely accurate. Our twins are multidimensional beings just like we are. Their energy is our energy, and it manifests through whatever body it needs to at any particular time in order to connect with us and show us what we need to know at that moment. So, our ‘twin’ is able to manifest in our lives through soulmates at any given time.

I am an intuitive empath…I feel everything and am sensitive to people’s energy whether they are in the same room with me or thousands of miles away. I have been in relationship with several soulmates and my twin. At one point I realized that I was able to feel my twin in my soulmates at different times. Right around that time I started receiving messages dropping me breadcrumbs to lead me to this discovery and synchronistic events which confirmed the messages I was receiving. This happened repeatedly until it cracked a hole in the layer of my ego that didn’t want to believe it was true and that layer finally fell away.

Every time I feel ‘him’ in another person it lets me know there is a lesson there for me; an aspect of myself that I need to see to heal and release or integrate, or even a direction I am meant to go by ‘following’ that person, whether it be for a day or for 10 years or more. When I have completed the contract I had with that person, my twin’s energy vanishes along with the ‘attraction;’ suddenly I feel only the energy of the ‘original’ soul incarnated in that body and I am able to move on.

He reaches out to me across all dimensions of time and space, guiding me along the way, and I do the same with him. We don’t need to speak or be physically reunited as bodies for that to happen. There isn’t a moment since we connected six years ago that we have been apart; truly, we were never apart to begin with, but it took that ‘meeting’ to shock our egos into breaking down so we could understand that.

I have to ask…have you met your twin? Has your homeopathy lady met her twin? You are right that everyone’s past is different and all mirrors are crucial…I am in agreement with you on all of the above, I think what I just said demonstrates that…BUT…when you meet your twin, the connection ‘takes over’ and it changes you, completely. So where in the the past you were able to just move on from a person…it is impossible to move on from your twin. The connection simply won’t allow it, it’s that magnetic dynamic which forces our egos into changing so we can evolve.

One must learn to LET GO, which is very different from moving on. A person in the ‘early’ stages of reunion will do and say things that make ‘sensible’ people look at them like they’re insane. Twin relationships are often extremely co-dependent in the early years. It is because they are showing one another all of the ‘junk’ that needs cleared out, and no matter how ‘balanced’ a person’s ego may have convinced them they are, most people have layers upon layers of ‘junk’ that needs to go before they can handle the dynamics of being in physical proximity with their twin for an extended period of time.

The two ‘bodies’ are not necessary for reunion on an energetic/soul level, but those physical bodies are what our souls are inhabiting in this physical life, which is why the connection feels so much more intense in person as opposed to when physical distance ‘separates’ the two. Separation periods serve a very good purpose; the energy is SO intense in person that if you are not at that ‘complete & blissful’ state within yourself…if you carry any chaos within you whatsoever…your twin is going to reflect that back to you and if/when that happens, you must be evolved enough to recognize it and use it as a tool for transformation rather than ‘reacting’ to it unconsciously in the ways your ego lashes out when triggered. Learning how to do that takes time and practice; our twin energy manifesting through soul mates provides us just that opportunity. We are still feeling and connecting with them in the physical realm, but at an intensity we can handle at our various stages of growth, and in a way that best benefits our growth at that time.

In all the years I have been through this and experienced it through others, more often than not, twins come together well before they have reached that complete, ‘bliss’ stage, and the following 3 – 4, 5, 6, sometimes 10 or more years after ‘meeting’ in the physical world consist of a chaotic dance where the two come together and separate repeatedly like waves as they grow in Separated Union. (This is not *always* the case, I have also known of twins to come together with little to no separation or chaos, but they were few and far between. It depends upon how much karma each twin has to complete and their specific soul contracts.) You see, twins are ‘reunited’ the moment their energy merges upon first contact in the physical world. Reunion at its core is an energetic soul merge; to view it strictly in terms of reuniting in physical, role defined ‘relationship’ with one another is 3D ego thinking.

We *want* that because it is a dream come true, a paradise of love we only thought existed in fairy tales. And it truly is all of that, and more. But we have to allow the twin experience to change us and guide us along the way as we drop our 3D facades and baggage because we can’t carry all of that with us when we enter that paradise.

We are here to create Heaven on Earth and that is done by following (creating) our joy and BEing love, staying the course of our own personal evolution, focusing upon reunion as if it has already happened (because it has!), and surrendering to Faith and Trust in knowing that the Physical Reunion we dream of will happen in Divine Timing. As within, so without; and so it is.

With Great Love,
I AM Archeia Lady Faith
through Jennith Lynn


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