Your beauty captivates me with a terrifying intensity
Intoxication laced with madness and a bit of the divine
A violent and unyielding possession of the spirit
Arranged long ago to catalyze the evolution of our kind
The taste of your kiss is a little piece of heaven
The gentleness of your touch a little piece of sin
The wickedness of your soul a surreal fantasy of desire
Of which I am destined a desperate and willing captive
Share with me the horror of your nightmares, my love
Transformation begun as I take you beyond the edge of reality
Caressing your every sense in a primal dance of seduction
Touching you oh so sweetly and deeply, igniting a sacred inferno
A passion with the intensity to invoke the power of the Gods
Burning through your demons and creating you anew
In the image of the merciless angel I see before me
Captivating me with a terrifying intensity.

© Lady Jennith Lynn 1/10/2011