Love, fear, desire, panic, hope, despair
A maelstrom of thought and emotion
Pulling me down, down, steadily down
Drowning in a sea of imperfect perfection
Reality retreating as possession takes hold
Always resist, never fall so far!  Danger!
Insecurities burning, pouring down like acid rain
Good enough?  Never. Just a temporary fix.
Light me up and take a hit baby, you’ll love it
They always do, my love is sweet intoxication
I’ll be your drug, and you can be my addiction
And when you use me up you’ll walk away.
That’s how it always works, isn’t it?
To believe more is delusion, a sick fantasy
A road to heartbreak and certain madness
But for a little while, can we pretend?
Can I feel truly loved, desired, beautiful?
Can absolute trust be more than a dream?
I want to believe in more…need to believe.
It’s too late now, I’ve fallen further than ever.
Tried to resist but fate knows my weaknesses
The only shred of sanity left to me in this world
Has the power to destroy me or bring me to life
One last thought before I embrace the delusion
Make me believe…don’t let me crash and burn.

© Lady Jennith Lynn