Mystic Siren

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“Queen Guinevere is of the land and the union which gives kings their “right to rule.” Her passion and love gave her not only her King Arthur (a Winter God and Holly King) but also Sir Lancelot ( The Oak King). She is recorded in legends as Arthur’s “Three Chief Queens.” These three aspects of Guinevere show a common Triple Goddess.

Her name Gwenhwyfar of “white phantom” or “white waves” relates to the color white for virgin which indicates she is complete in and of herself. Waves associate her with the great generative powers of the sea. She is indeed the feminine eternal symbol of strength and order in a peaceful universe. She brings energy and powers from The Other World, too, which does create some turmoil in the world. She also has a role as a Flower Maid, a fairy Goddess of Love, of Growth and Fertility, and Spring.  Her holiday is Beltane. Her sacred tree is the Hawthorn.

Queen Guinevere is a Goddess of the Old Ones.

“Come to me, la…and hear our stories.  Come to me…and let the Ancients be heard.

You and I, cradled the Earth as it Slept; and now, it’s leaving home…”

– Memories of a Supernova, White Phantom