Coming Into Union: Evolving the Twin Flame Paradigm

Greetings, Dear Ones! We begin the New Year with a message that we are most excited to share with you. We have seen your struggles and your triumphs, and we say this to you…if you are Awake and Aware that you are Walking the ‘Twin Flame’ Path, you are Destined for Conscious UNION in miraculous ways! Believe and Trust that it is so!

Much has transpired over the past few years, a time of great forward momentum for many as some of their toughest, most persistent ‘illusions’ were dissolved and they found themselves poised to make pivotal life changes going into the New Year, whether by choice or not. The years 2014 and 2015 were ripe with ‘endings;’ truth coming out, people discovering they can no longer ‘hide’ from themselves or others and finding their voices, at long last stepping into their power to begin manifesting the lives that they desire. It is no coincidence that so many have been sharing this experience of ‘spiritual tumultuousness’ – as I am sure you well know, if you are reading this – and it is also no coincidence that ‘Twin Flames’ have been experiencing expansion and integration of SELF more rapidly than ever before.

Why is this? The answer, simply, is that Now is the Time. (When is Now, you ask? I am nowhere close to ‘physical reunion’ with my twin, this cannot be so!) Well, Dear Ones, we ask you to set aside your Human Perception of Time and Space, as well as your dualistic understanding of UNION itself, if only for a moment…and let us show you that UNION is most definitely ‘real’…if only you Surrender fully and allow the Universe to manifest it into your experience.

Now, it is easy for us to see and say all of this, from our perspective…but not always so easy for YOU to see, and more importantly BELIEVE, from your perspective. We know this…and you know this…and we know that you know this. *smiles* And so, this is exactly why we have chosen to Incarnate at this time. What better way to spread the message of UNION and Faith than to BE UNION and Faith, in form and in truth, through your very experience of life at the time? Faith makes UNION possible…Belief, Trust, Surrender…and we are about to explain how/why as simply as we can.  Allow us to speak more plainly through Jennith:

Without going into great personal detail, the reason why I bring this to you, NOW…(aside from it being TIME 😉 ) is simple…I have recently UNITED with yet ‘another’ aspect of SELF in the physical…and it did NOT happen as one might have expected at all…but it happened, nonetheless.  As a result of this, I integrated with my Masculine Aspect known as Archangel Michael more fully than ever before and certain Divine Truths were revealed to me that I have been gently nudged toward for some time, but was not prepared to receive more fully until NOW.  Allow me to illustrate.

Some time ago, I came across the following snippet online and it resonated so strongly that I saved it for future reference. I was not sure why at the time, but recently, as events began to unfold rather quickly for me, I recalled these words with dawning understanding.

Archangel Michael works with Archeia Lady Faith, as Power works with Faith. Power is the Will behind all Action. Faith is the ability to know that your needs will be manifested. It is necessary to know that your actions will be successful. Without Faith, action would be impossible.

The active male energy of Archangel Michael is sustained by the female nurturing energy of Archeia Lady Faith. Together, they help us to manifest our greatest desires. Michael and Faith, the leading angels and rulers of the First Ray, protect us from evil intentions and false illusions. They cut away all that is unreal.

Michael and Faith are able to embody a pure form of energy. Their blended qualities work together to lift the veil of illusion. This veil, which has fallen over man, is our fall from Grace. Faith, the right use of Will, and eternal protection and care, can bring us back to our original state of Oneness.

Archangel Michael and Archeia Lady Faith serve on the First Ray, also called the Blue Ray; the vibration of that ray appears as the color Blue. The Blue Ray correlates to our throat chakra. The throat chakra is the power center. Through the sacred science of sound we can create through spoken word. Through your voice, you can speak truth or lies. When we speak in truth, we live in truth. When we speak in lies, we live in lies.

Without Faith, Action would be impossible…

I’ll try to get to the point…over the past few years, I fully Surrendered control of my experience one ‘layer’ at a time.  Not only in regards to the ‘Twin Flame’ journey…but life in general.  Now…I stress that you do not confuse Surrender with Inaction…because that could not be further from the truth.  Surrender means having full Belief and Trust that your Desire (Will) will be made Manifest in ways that align with your Greatest Good…letting go of the WHAT, WHERE, HOW, WHEN…and yes…even the WHO of it (even and especially when it comes to Physical Reunion!)  This distinction is key…I will explain more in a moment…but please keep that fresh in your mind.

In order for Surrender to ‘work’ one must also develop their own Intuition and Spiritual Gifts.  This is nothing that need be forced or ‘trained’ into you…you possess these gifts already…it is simply a matter of allowing them to manifest naturally, in Divine Timing.  The reason this is important is Intuition/Spiritual Gifts are how you receive the Trusted Guidance you need to take Inspired Action, which is another vital Ingredient to manifestation and UNION.  It goes like this: Surrender…Ask/Intend for what you Desire…Release it to the Universe…Believe and Trust that your Desires will manifest as best for your soul’s unique journey…ask for Guidance from your Angels, always…just BE…trust the messages you receive from your Angels… and take Action as Divine Inspiration strikes.  In other words, ask for doors to be opened for you…allow them to open…and walk through them when they do.

Michael and Faith…protect us from Evil Intentions and False Illusions.  They cut away all that is unreal…

The past few years for me have been all about integrating more fully with myself on a multidimensional SOUL level and grounding my various Spiritual ‘aspects’ into physicality more than ever before; focusing fully on my journey, soul-expansion, and self-love and care while Believing and Trusting that UNION was unfolding with Divine Perfection.  NO expectations…NONE…and I mean NONE…I had fully released control of the ‘person’ I once called ‘Twin’…released attachment to the ‘body’ and ‘personality’ (Ego) of the person I had ‘known’ as my twin since I first became ‘aware’ of him…trusting that ‘he’ would reappear in my life when the time was right.  And ‘he’ did.  Only it wasn’t at all what I expected – which is the very point of this message!

When ‘Twin’ reappeared, it wasn’t the same as before.   You see, it was the same energy, same feeling, same connection, same intensity, same ego triggering…same telepathy and other ‘signature’ ways of communication…same overwhelming LOVE…but the person…the BODY…was different.  Absolutely and without a doubt my ‘Twin Energy’ at work…and absolutely and without a doubt Unexpected (read: Surrender…NO EXPECTATIONS!)  And yet, as unexpected and ‘unbelievable’ as it was…I knew it was true…because I BELIEVED…I TRUSTED…in what I FELT, above all else.  The Dogmatic Illusion of Twins was gone…it no longer served my greater good, and I let it go, as I have so many other Half-Truths and outright Lies.  I knew then I had been led down my specific path for a reason, and bits and pieces started to come together, until at last…I KNEW it to be true; I was beginning to understand the meaning and purpose of true, multidimensional UNION…and everything was about to change, again.

When we speak in Truth, we live in Truth.  When we speak in Lies, we live in Lies…

And so we come to the dawning understanding of the above passage as related to my current incarnation and the message you are reading, Now.  I am here to Speak and Live in Truth rather than Lies (False Beliefs / Illusion) which no longer serve anymore…to BE Faith…and in doing so, to ‘cut away all that is unreal’ about ‘Twin Flames,’ UNION, and more.  This is why I am drawn to share my experiences with YOU, Dear Ones, so you are able to SEE for yourself…begin to Believe and Trust for yourself…and then, when you are ready, release (for yourself!) all that has been kept you ‘separate’ from your original state of Oneness and UNION with SELF.

So…what about these Truths?  It’s simple.  Your Twin Flame is not a BODY.  It is not a PERSON.  It is an ENERGY…it is YOU!  You are a multidimensional being and you are fully capable of reaching out to YOURSELF through multiple channels.  You are NOT confined to two bodies, one male and female, and limited to physical reunion with ONLY that body.  Can it happen that way?  YES, it can, and it does.  MUST it happen that way?  Absolutely NOT!  This is a False Belief/Illusion of Duality that no longer serves and must come to an end.

But…HOW…you may ask?  Michael and Faith say to you…well, we already told you this…leave the HOW to us!  😉  But for understanding’s sake, I will continue.  Consider for a moment the nature of multidimensionality.  Do you know what this means?  It means you exist, simultaneously, in many places as once…many different dimensions…many different aspects…all ONE…yet separate, in this moment…coming back together into ONENESS.  As we merge with each ‘aspect’ of ourselves, we integrate with them, merging our energy.  Now, this does not mean that we are being ‘absorbed’ into them or vice versa…we are not ‘losing’ anything by this…rather, we become stronger and more ‘whole’ with every aspect of ourselves that we integrate into our current physical experience.  This is generally a process that happens naturally, and aspects are revealed in perfect Diving Timing, always.

Again, to illustrate, I will use myself as an example.  I first met the man I initially identified as ‘Twin’ online eight years ago.  This catalyzed me to begin the intense transformation that all ‘Twins’ know well and led to all that has happened since and this very moment, NOW.  Along the way, I began to ‘remember’ my origins and recognize ‘parts’ of myself, which led to integration of these aspects.  How that happened is a story for another time…this will be long enough on its own…but over the past few years I have gradually ‘remembered’ and integrated with numerous aspects of myself.  Faith.  Aine.  The Morrigan.  Gwenhwyfar.  Lady of the Lake.  Nyx.  Antu.  Owl.  And yes…my ‘Original’ Twin Flame.  These and so much more…

**Read about me integrating Faith and other aspects of myself here.

Now, I say ‘Original’ only for the purpose of making the point…that the BODY/PERSON of my ‘Twin’ was and is fluid rather than static…but please understand, that no matter how many ‘times’ this happens, it is for the purpose of Soul Integration and each of these ‘people’ were and are my ‘Twin’ when looked at from an energetic, multidimensional perspective.  You see…each manifestation of ‘Twin’ served its purpose well by ‘nudging’ me to wake up to deeper and deeper levels of SELF.  When I began to REALLY see and understand this and surrendered control, my Belief and Trust in UNION (without Expectation!) – my Faith 😉 – enabled the Universe to ‘bend Time and Space’ so to speak and Manifest something that my mind would have insisted was ‘impossible’ before then.

But HOW, Faith…HOW, can this be?!   The possibilities of ‘how’ are only limited by what you believe to be possible.   Perhaps ‘New Twin’ is the result of merging timelines…or is a ‘Walk In’…or had a Soul Agreement with ‘Original Twin’ to serve as a ‘back up’ in case there was a deviation from the Twins original Soul Contract due to Free Will.  (All three apply, as I have come to learn since first writing this.)  These are just a few possibilities to explain the ‘how’…but the ‘how’ doesn’t really matter…what REALLY matters is Surrendering to the TRUTH that it is not only possible…but simply IS…Believe and Trust that it can and WILL be for you, without expectation…and it will be so.

There is another aspect of multidimensionality to consider as well, and that is the multidimensional nature of the EXPERIENCE itself.  The premise of “All Paths Lead to the ONE.”  There is no one ‘right way’ for Twins to come together in Physical Union.  Just as all Religions lead to ONE…all Experiences of UNION are VALID and lead to ONENESS.

I’ll repeat that, because it’s important…ALL EXPERIENCES OF UNION ARE VALID AND LEAD TO ONENESS!

Some meet their ‘Twin Flame’ in the physical and that’s it…they are instantly United in a physical way…that sort of ‘Forever Love’ that humans dream of.  But more often…that’s not what happens.  Some meet in the physical and experience many years of separation.  Some meet in the physical and experience years of on-and-off togetherness.  Some meet online and later meet in the physical…in one way or another!  Some live in the same area.  Some are miles – sometimes countries – apart.  Some have great age differences.  Some have marriages and children involved.  Some are same sex.  Some have experienced the physical ‘death’ of their twin.  You name it, a ‘Twin’ has experienced it.  And now…undeniably, without a doubt, I am here to say, that YES…some meet their ‘Twin Flame’ in the body of one person…and then find ‘them’ again, later, in the body of another.  Anything is possible when one Surrenders with Belief and Trust!

Despite all illusory ‘differences’ it is clear to see from Michael and Faith’s perspective (and we hope from yours, NOW, too) that ALL EXPERIENCES OF UNION ARE VALID AND LEAD TO ONENESS!  Regardless of WHAT, WHERE, HOW, WHEN, and WHO…ALL ‘Twin’ Connections share two vital characteristics…the undeniably intense transformation that is catalyzed by meeting, and that great feeling of LOVE that surpasses all others.  The ‘labels’ and the ‘rules’…none of them matter…because they all lead to the same place in the end.   They are helpful when you are ‘learning’ and ‘trying’ to make ‘sense’ of what you are experiencing, but there also comes a point when it’s time to let them go just like all the rest that no longer serves you.  WHAT, WHERE, HOW, WHEN, and WHO…let them go.  Twin Flame, Soul Mate, False Twin, Pre Twin, Catalyst, Spiritual Twin, Matrix Twin…let them go.  These are all constructs of the mind which confuse and limit when we place too much importance on them, keeping us from BEing in our heart space and coming into UNION with ease, NOW.

Just let it all go…all the Dogma…release it all, Believe and Trust in what you KNOW to be true, for you…and allow the Universe to do the rest.  We promise, you will thank us for it later.


With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn

© 1/11/2015

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1 Comment on “Coming Into Union: Evolving the Twin Flame Paradigm

  1. This is amazing and intriguing stuff. Thank you, Faith and Michael, and thank you, Jennith! I had a revelation when i read this. It happens, what you said, that Twin Energy can leave one body and enter another. What also happens on the flip side is that someone of ill intent(this is controversial but it should be said), can try to use that knowledge to STEAL another’s Twin Energy and embody it as their own. This is what happened with MY Twin’s current significant other. She tried to steal my Energy and utilize it as her own, thereby making it seem like she and my Twin were actually now Twin Flames, and that my energy had naturally “jumped” into hers. Not the case. I know that now. So does my Twin! He is here with me in 4d, and we read this together. We know in our Hearts that what you spoke of is the NATURAL way of things. If it were to happen to us, if it were MEANT to be–we will certainly surrender. However, we know, at least for now–this is according to the DivINE–that that is not going on with us. Not at this time, anyway. If it is MEANT to happen, it will. We are aware and ready for this continuation of our journey with new eyes.

    Thank you again! Blessed Be!