Collective 10-Card Reading 1/2016

Collective 10-Card Reading 1/2016
The interpretations below may or may not resonate with you; please take what resonates and leave what does not.  I have included the meanings of each card so you may use your own discernment when it comes to feeling out my interpretation and any further guidance you receive on your own.   The cards each have multiple interpretations; you may find deeper meaning in the messages, so please pay close attention to anything that comes to you during and after your reading.  I encourage meditating on what has been revealed in your reading to receive further clarity from your Guides and Angels.  Without further adieu, this is what the Angels had to say:


1) THE SITUATION – Release / Archangel Azrael


“The end of a phase or situation. Spiritual transformation. Time to move on.“


Perhaps the most misunderstood card of the Major Arcana, Release was traditionally called Death in tarot. And yet, it didn’t refer to a physical death at all, but rather, an ending. A reading with Release in the spread indicates that clients are in a situation that’s no longer serving them, and it’s time to move on.


With Release, it’s best to take our time moving through the changes that are before us. Reaching out to friends or family is a wise way to deal with what may feel like a loss. It’s also an excellent time to face our fears so that we can be in complete control of our future. The Release card often brings with it great spiritual insights and personal transformation.


The Dreamer’s Journey: As a result of our time with the Awakening card, we’ve become more aware of changes that need to be made. Those changes may very well mean initiating some endings in order to complete the current cycle. There may be transitions that we welcome and have brought about of our own free will, and we may even be relieved. Or there may be sadness in the completion that we have to work through.


Now, of course, with endings come new beginnings, and so it is with the Release card. What makes Release different from other cards in tarot that refer to endings is that we’re asked to stand in the moment and experience it. In order to grow, we mustn’t just rush past this situation. There’s great emotional and spiritual enlightenment to be had, as long as we take the time to smell those white roses along the path.


Symbolism: Archangel Azrael stands with arms outstretched, ready to embrace us.


 On his robe is a phoenix, the bird that is forever reborn, as we will be reborn from our challenges. He walks through a field of white roses, symbolizing purity of intention, but they’re also a symbol of rebirth.


In the background, a white horse comforts her young. Horses have many symbolic meanings, but among them is the freedom to move on to other places.


The two towers in the background connect this card to both The High Priestess and The Moon to indicate that in this time of release, all has been revealed. The spiritual insights and meditations of The High Priestess helped put us on the path that led us to where we are now. Later on, we’ll see how The Moon card brings further revelations.


Angel Number: The number 13 is considered a karmic number. Many view it as unlucky, but that’s simply not true. What is more often the case is that this number brings with it a time of change and transformation in our lives. It’s a number that’s also associated with ascended masters, such as Jesus, Quan-Yin, and Buddha, who are willing to guide us to a new and much happier life.


Archangel: Azrael is the most elegant and tender of all the archangels. He comes with the power of the grace of God to comfort us and walk with us through any challenging times. His name means “whom God helps,” and his color is creamy white.


Astrology: Astrologically, this card is connected to Scorpio, a sign that is very adept at new beginnings and embracing endings. It’s also the sign of the zodiac most closely associated with deep inner exploration and evaluation.


Interpretation: As soon as I pulled this card, chills ran down my spine and my entire body erupted in goosebumps. Yes…YES…! We are all, as a collective, standing at a point of great REBIRTHING of our energy systems, physical bodies, emotional centers, and thought/belief patterns. A sort of RESET; along with which comes great Release. Tremendous transformation and moving on from what once served, but no longer does. This looks a bit different for everyone in its external manifestation. But the ‘core’ of the experience is the same for all. We are being driven forward – forward into merging with our multidimensional SELF on all levels. Many understand this UNION of SELF in limited terms of the ‘twin flame’ experience – but it is SO much more than what they believe it to be. Many are ‘awakening’ to this deeper truth at this time. And so the Angels ask each and every one of us – what have you been holding onto that no longer serves? What requires shifting in your life? What requires release, so that you may rise from the density of 3D beliefs and energy and anchor yourself in 5D? This is not just about the ‘twin flame.’ This will look different to everyone depending upon their experience – and many will find there are multiple areas of their lives and belief systems which require attention. Many of you will know, right away, what it is you need to release. Others will not – and that is ok. Get quiet with yourself – and ask your Guides and Angels to show you clearly what it is you are being urged to release at this time. Ask them to stay with you 24/7, guiding and supporting you. Ask them to deliver messages to you in ways you will easily receive and understand – and ask them to deliver messages as many times as necessary for you to take action. They will…believe and trust…and trust what you SEE, FEEL, HEAR, and KNOW when they begin delivering.


2) THE CHALLENGE (current challenge affecting the issue) – Awakening / Archangel Gabriel


“Look at things from a different perspective. A temporary standstill. It’s important to be yourself!“


When this card shows up, there may be a temporary pause in the action while we reflect on where we wish to go next, but it’s only that … temporary. The action picks back up once we’ve had our Awakening. In the meantime, this is a good time to review our plans to make sure that what we’ve learned to date hasn’t created a need to change our strategies for success.


Awakening could be said to be a quirky card—an archangel flying upside down with a trumpet in hand. But there’s a reason for this imagery, and it’s to celebrate our own uniqueness. When the Awakening card comes into a reading, look for aspects in which clients may be trying to “fit in” with those around them. The truth is, their purpose would be better served if they just let that idea go and showed the world who they really are. (Even if that’s pretty quirky, too!)


The Dreamer’s Journey: As we move forward on the journey of our lives, invariably our viewpoints adapt and change to match our experiences. We come to see the world differently (and the world certainly looks very different to us when we’re upside down!). Perhaps we come to see that we don’t like things the way they are, so we choose to change the way we’re living. Those changes may be unexpected, and our solutions to the challenges they create can be quite unusual with this card, as it also asks us to express our uniqueness and to be as eclectic and original as we can be. We may be called upon to spring into action, or perhaps we find that we’re just going to have to wait patiently for Heaven’s plans for us to unfold.


Symbolism: Archangel Gabriel swoops down from Heaven with her trumpet. She’s associated with this instrument due to her history as a communicator of important announcements. A trumpet has long been a symbol for waking people up from their sleep or daydreams. Beyond Gabriel, the view is hazy. It’s difficult to see what’s around her, which signifies that we may not be seeing things clearly when we draw this card.


Like the traditional imagery for this card, Gabriel’s upside-down vantage point offers a new perspective on what’s happening. On her dress, Gabriel wears the symbol of Neptune, the astrological association for this card.


Angel Number: The number 12 is quite magical. There are 12 astrological signs, 12 houses of the zodiac, and 12 months of the year. There are many references in spirituality and religion to the number 12. The Awakening card brings with it revelation and inspiration. Indeed, its message tries to make us aware that our path may need to take a new turn, and the way we perceive our situation will have a powerful effect on how it unfolds.


Archangel: This is the second appearance of beautiful Archangel Gabriel, dressed in her color of copper. Since she’s known for being the angel of messages, we thought it perfectly appropriate that if someone were to sound a trumpet blast of epiphany, it should be Gabriel!


Astrology: Astrologically, this card is Neptune, a very dreamy sign with an amazing imagination. It’s easy to fall asleep to our situation within the energy of Neptune, as it’s also very sensitive. When it’s time to become more aware of the way we live, and to envision something new, Neptune is the perfect energy.


Interpretation: Perfect…this card represents the Challenge to the situation. The Angels continue on with their message from the previous card. This is a time of Awakening for all. Awakening is not something that happens ‘once’ or even ‘twice’ along our path. It is something that happens continuously as we move along, spiraling ever deeper into UNION whether conscious or unconscious of the ‘process’ as it is occurring. It happens – it is our natural state of BEing – this ‘Ascension’ as we call it – the process of expanding while simultaneously coming into ONENESS. At this time, NOW – in this particular place and reality – we are ‘doing’ something that has not been done elsewhere. Essentially, this experience of LIFE that we are having and co-creating TOGETHER is completely UNIQUE in all ways. We are becoming aware of ourselves enough – coming into UNION – to the point that we are able to choose conscious integration of ALL of our soul’s aspects. For many, this begins with the ‘twin flame’ aspect…but the Angels wish you to know – they URGE you to know – that UNION is NOT LIMITED to the confines of a singular experience. The ‘twin flame’ marks the beginning of ‘conscious awakening’ for many – but it is NOT the ‘end all’ that it is often presented to be. It is TRUTHFULLY a ‘stepping stone’ on the path to UNION as a whole. This particular illusion is crumbling at this time along with many others, allowing people to begin seeing thru it for themselves so they may transcend into a multidimensional experience of UNION rather than a 3D one. If you look around, it is easy to see there is ‘dissent’ amongst many who are and have been having experiences which exist ‘outside’ of the ‘twin flame box.’ It is also easy to see that many are at a point of being ‘done’ with the ‘struggle’ of it – while also judging themselves for being done with it – making it a matter of ‘wrong’ vs. ‘right’ (Cognitive Dissonance) – not yet realizing that this is all happening at Spirit’s urging because it’s time for them to WAKE UP, yet again.


Allow yourselves to Awaken to another level of truth…another level of SELF. Another level of UNION. Shift your perspective…you may feel ‘stuck’ in some way, but it is not permanent. It’s a temporary pause; a time of re-alignment. Likened to a mother who is full to bursting with the child within…waiting with anticipation for the birth. For some this is a joyful time; for others is scary; others painful. For many, a combination of all these and more. As it is with ‘physical’ birth, so it is with ‘spiritual’ birth. (As within, so without…) Know this. Align yourself with it. Allow YOUR experience to unfold and honor it. Ask your Guides and Angels to help you release all that no longer serves YOUR experience…and trust that when things begin to ‘move’ around you…whether you feel urged to be still or take action…that you are being Divinely guided and supported and your prayers are being answered. It’s important to be yourself – to honor YOUR unique experience of UNION at this time, and going forward as it unfolds for you. This is how we all work together to co-create UNION on a Collective level. It was never meant to ‘look’ the same for everyone. We’ve all been and done…so much in other lives. What we are doing HERE is what WE need to do, HERE. ALL experiences of UNION are VALID and lead to ONENESS.


3) THE BASIS OF THE SITUATION – Strength / Archangel Ariel


“Great inner strength. Release harsh judgments. Forgiveness and compassion.“


The Strength card is about exercising the desires of our will in a way where no one is harmed. This card is named for the type of firm resolve where we go within and find that our baser instincts have been tamed. And with that taming, we become stronger.


Often for true kindness to come forth, we must find it within ourselves to forgive. We’re asked to let go of any judgment of ourselves or others, and view those around us with forgiveness and tolerance.


The Dreamer’s Journey: In our journey as The Dreamer, we learned all about thepower of control and sheer will with The Chariot. However, the time we spent with The Hermit has put us in touch with our more spiritual side. We’ve discovered that there’s another way to power our dream besides pure determination. We can do it with kindness. The exercising of compassion is a critical aspect on our journey of enlightenment.


With the Strength card, we discover a very beautiful woman working in concert with a tiger—one of nature’s most powerful animals. Her kindness toward the tiger has brought her cooperation that she could never have attained with brute force. Doves of peace fly ahead of this duo as they move farther along in their adventure. The lady and the tiger will need patience, since they’re only halfway through their journey.


Symbolism: Archangel Ariel rides a tiger, a symbol of great strength and courage. However, the tiger is her ally, not her servant. Tigers are known for their great power, yet this one is content to work with Archangel Ariel due to her love of nature. Beauty and angelic wisdom move in concert with the power and soulfulness of the animal kingdom.


Behind Ariel a city glows, although they’re clearly moving out into the forest. In this card, the comforts of civilization live in harmony with the wilds of nature. Archangel Ariel carries a shield that has a dove with the symbol of infinity in its beak, while other doves fly about. Doves represent peace, and the infinity sign tells us that there’s no end to the peace we can create. The doves paired with the tiger also tell us that true strength is wielded in peace.


The flowers are Stars of Bethlehem and are said to bring hope. They’re also sometimes given to someone as a way to say “I’m sorry.”


Strength is Card 11, and is considered a “master number.” Due to this number’s deep connection with inner wisdom, it’s able to manifest amazing things, thus bringing with it an obligation to remain in a positive and uplifting energy. This number is also connected with great spiritual insights and often implies a sense of responsibility that encourages acting in ways that display a purity of conscience.


Archangel: Archangel Ariel’s name means “lioness of God.” She’s also the archangel most closely associated with nature and animals. She works in tandem with Archangel Raphael in the healing of animals and is a favorite of environmentalists. She’s known for her ability to manifest the material needs of those who call upon her. Her color is pale pink.


Interpretation: Lovely…this card represents the Basis of the situation, or the underlying Energy and Purpose which drives it. Each and every one of us carries within a spark of Divine Light which allows us to see every person and situation in life thru the lens of Spirit. The Unattached Observer as I often call it. This is what we are all called to do at this time. Become the Unattached Observer of our experience and truly SEE thru the eyes of Spirit what we have been learning, healing, releasing, integrating, and mastering. It is by SEEING truly thru the eyes of Spirit that understanding takes place, allowing for compassion and forgiveness of all involved, including SELF. This understanding and forgiveness – this STRENGTH – is vital to ‘leveling up’ so to speak. We can not carry our heavy 3D ‘baggage’ with us into 5D; it simply cannot be sustained there. And so we are being shown, NOW, all that still needs attention so that we may consciously choose to release what no longer serves and take that next step without judgment of SELF or others for what came before. What came before was as it was meant to be; it served its purpose – got us to where we are, now – but that doesn’t mean it was meant to serve ‘forever.’ Release control and allow Spirit to flow thru you – allow yourself to flow with Spirit. This state of understanding and forgiveness brings about true SURRENDER by allowing us to ‘let go’ and stop trying to control our experience. It is what allows us to take our personal Leap of Faith – in whatever way we as ‘individuals’ need to leap. The journey is not even close to being ‘over’ – there’s so much more to come. Know this, and know you’ll be supported when you make your leap into the Unknown….and the leap after that…and the leap after that…and so on.


4) THE PAST (as it pertains to the situation) – The World / Archangel Michael


“A job well done! Joy, contentment, and gratitude. The path toward enlightenment.”


The World indicates moving to the next level in our personal lives or careers. There may be a promotion or a new position that’s both challenging and promising in our future. It can reflect moving to a new home or city. This card is also one of enlightenment. We’ve followed our own evolution, and we have complete clarity, which provides us with an understanding of where we want to go next.


The Dreamer’s Journey: Well, we did it! This is the end of The Dreamer’s Journey!
We’ve conquered our egos and found joy. We have mastered all our tasks, have enjoyed great success, and have indeed arrived at the place of peace and happiness from which we entered the world. This card indicates victory, accomplishment, and completion. We need to enjoy this moment!


The World denotes having come full circle on our path. We can start the journey over again by returning to The Dreamer card, or we can try something completely different. The choice is ours.


Symbolism: Archangel Michael stands inside a laurel, which is a symbol of success.


He holds two wands, one for the conscious and the other for the unconscious. We have attained the perfect balance! In the laurel are the four elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, indicating that we’ve mastered the use of these elements in creating a beautiful life. Around the laurel are the landscapes from the four suits of the Minor Arcana, which follow The World card.


Above Michael’s head and at his feet is the infinity sign, representing eternal life. We may have accomplished our task, but there will always be far more for us to create!


Angel Number: The number 21 is one of success and creativity. The angels revel in the path that you’ve followed to this point, and you may even feel an energetic pat on the back. Now you’re asked to remain on the path of optimism and positive thinking so that you can attain even more.


Archangel: Archangel Michael, protector of planet Earth, returns for his third and final time, exuding pride in our journey. His colors of royal blue and gold make us feel regal, and his arms open wide in acknowledgment of our accomplishments.


Astrology: Saturn is the planet of testing and challenge. It’s said to be the planet where we work through our karma so that we can evolve in this lifetime. Saturn points out where we’re restricted or held back. Its association with The World card shows us that we’ve broken through our barriers. We’ve been tested and have successfully graduated with full honors!


Interpretation: LOVE it…Michael says hello! J This card represents the Recent Past and speaks of coming to a place of completion in our path – confirming that we have recently reached a Collective point of ‘leveling up’ along the path to enlightenment. The Angels acknowledge that each of us is at this place of ‘transition’ in one way or another, and that each of us has a choice of which direction we are going to go, next. What experience of life we are going to create, next. FEEL this for yourself, and how it relates to your unique experience and what you must release in order to allow for Spirit to flow thru you unrestricted.


5) THE PRESENT – Two of Water


“A relationship that continues to grow closer. Forgiveness. The positive resolution of a conflict.”


This is the card of falling in love. In the Ace of Water, we meet someone, but the Two of Water shows that the relationship has grown. Hearts have become intertwined, and the commitments between those involved have grown deeper. This card can also represent very close friends who’ve made a connection that will last their entire lives.


This is also a card of forgiveness. Disputes between lovers or friends fade away. If we’re involved in a relationship, either romantic or platonic, that has been strained or troubled, we have to remember not to give up. The situation can be resolved in a positive and mutually beneficial way.


Symbolism: A mermaid and merman have come together at the bottom of the ocean. They’re not afraid to explore the depths of their emotions together. Dolphins swim around the couple, representing playfulness, community, and harmony—qualities that any relationship benefits from.


The mermaid and merman have placed their cups together to show their desire to have their emotional worlds support one another. However, they haven’t poured their two cupstogether, signifying the importance of maintaining their individuality.


There are yellow angelfish swimming around to let us know that these two merpeople are very much emotionally connected. These fish also represent spiritual growth and evolution. And of course, angels are watching over this relationship.


The “flame angelfish” in the card show us the passion the two merpeople feel for one another—the flame of love is very much alive.


Angel Number: Deep emotional involvements create big changes in our lives. This card’s number is 38. With the 8 energy in this number, we’re reminded that this card is one of manifestation and creation. An abundance of love is available to those who draw the Two of Water!


The number 38 reduces to 11 (3 + 8), but doesn’t reduce further since 11 is a master number. This is a perfect number for a relationship inspired by the Two of Water; we can explore the unlimited depths of our emotional and spiritual worlds.


Astrology: Venus in Cancer is a very loving and nurturing energy. It desires and attracts deep romantic relationships and may feel somewhat out of sorts unless such a partnership exists. Words are secondary to feelings or actions with this combination. Venus in Cancer wants to care for others and provide emotional support; however, it also wants to feel that same tenderness and connection returned in equal measure.


Interpretation: Forgiveness; yes…this card represents the Present, and it is indeed time for forgiveness of SELF and others. This is one of my ‘UNION’ cards which speaks of resolving conflict and coming together as ONE. The Angels are confirming that it is time for each of us to ‘level up’ and come into UNION with ourselves more ‘consciously’ than ever before. By allowing for the release of beliefs which confine – by giving up control of who, what, where, when, and how – we allow Spirit to bring us into ONENESS in ways we never could have imagined with our ‘human’ monkey minds. So the Angels say – let go – really. You are safe and supported, and all that you desire is waiting for you on the ‘other side’ of your restrictive beliefs. Once you align with true multidimensionality – miracles begin to occur – UNION occurs – and the real ‘fun’ begins. 🙂


6) THE NEAR FUTURE – Ace of Water


“Falling in love or the resurgence of a relationship. Spiritual growth and enhanced intuition. A new home.“


The Ace of Water is a wonderful card that indicates heartwarming emotions and honest connections with others. Usually it heralds a beautiful new romance, but it can signify a very close and intimate (but platonic) friendship as well. This card also represents a time of deepening spiritual and psychic experiences.


The Aces always speak of something new within their suit. In this case, that would be beginnings that relate to emotions, family, and intuition. This card can also refer to a new home.


Symbolism: A handsome young merman swims down to reach for a cup. It’s just slightly beyond his reach, but soon the cup will be his. A cup is a vessel for water, the element for this suit as well as the universal sign for emotions.


The tip of the merman’s tail is just over the top of the waterline. He’s almost completely committed to the emotional experience that will soon present itself, but there’s a small part of him that’s unsure.


The water is a bit turbulent above, but near the bottom, all is peaceful. This emotional experience will quiet our fears and bring us comfort.


Angel Number: The Ace of Water is Card 37. This is a beautiful energy meant to assure us that we’re following our true and perfect path. Heavenly magic is at work, opening doors for us in all our relationships. All we need do is forge ahead and walk through!


The number reduces to a 1 (3 + 7 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1), a number that tells us that our thoughts are directing what we create, so we need to focus on the future we desire.


Astrology: Aces have no specific astrological assessment, but are connected instead to the element their suit represents—in this case, Water. They also represent the three signs of the zodiac that reflect this element: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.


Interpretation: Here we go…Near Future. As we take our individual Leaps of Faith – as we begin integrating *all* of our Soul Aspects – the inevitable results are: 1) The heightening of our ‘current’ Spiritual gifts. 2) The emergence of ‘new’ Spiritual gifts. 3) The ‘reflection’ of an external experience which mirrors our inner state of UNION. This is what’s to come as a ‘result’ of where we are in the NOW – as a result of the shift the Angels have spoken of. A shift from ‘Duality / Twin Consciousness’ to ‘UNION Consciousness.’ Know it is coming – the process of coming into UNION is and always has been underway for you – for every one of us – and when this shift occurs for you – when you ALLOW it to occur – you will experience ONENESS in a way you never have, before. No matter ‘where’ you are on your journey. You always keep spiraling…


7) YOUR POWER IN THE SITUATION – The Wheel / Archangel Michael


“A time of positive change. A situation suddenly moves forward. Fortune is on your side! ”


The Wheel is a card of luck. For those of us who know astrology, this card is linked to Jupiter, so our experience with it is that it’s most often good luck. It’s also a card of renewed movement, so while we may have taken a little time to rest and reflect with The Hermit, we’re now back on our path. The pause is over, and delays are a thing of the past.


However, if The Wheel is surrounded by challenging cards, or falls in a position of the past, it can sometimes indicate that our opportunities have become limited. The Wheel does have a certain attachment to karma, so when it spins, it’s often because our own actions have set it into motion.


The Dreamer’s Journey: Well, it’s been great spending time with The Hermit. We discovered a new sense of balance as well as the answers we were seeking. However, now it’s time to move forward, and sure enough, that’s the message of The Wheel.


There should be a reward for spending time in a state of spiritual growth, and now we’ve found a bit of good luck. There may be a “happy accident” that sets us back into action, or perhaps we’re just ready to get going. It’s true that a wheel turns in both directions, but the forward motion of our journey tends to set us in a positive direction. We are the masters of our own fate, after all.


Symbolism: Archangel Michael sits inside a wheel of the zodiac to show us that life is ever-changing. We move through life just like Mother Earth moves through the seasons, and the stars move through the sky.


The four elemental icons—Fire, Water, Earth and Air—are depicted on this card. They were also shown on the belt of The Magician and represent the elements at our disposal to control our own destinies.


While in traditional tarot, this card has a sense of fate about it, we believe that everyone has free will. We can change the direction of our lives if we so desire. These elements and their attachment to both The Magician and The Wheel cards show that we have the resources necessary to make those changes.


Angel Number: The number 10 carries with it a sense of good luck. It’s a 1(which can be a beginning), coupled with the God number of 0. It often means a change of luck in our favor. Because 1 + 0 still equals 1, it’s very important to see the changes that the wheel brings as positive and designed for our benefit. After all, perception becomes reality.


Archangel: Archangel Michael returns in this card. As the archangel who helps us with life-purpose issues, he can assist us in making the changes we desire, especially if we feel that our lives have stopped moving forward and we need help to get going again. His colors are deep royal blue and gold.


Astrology: As we mentioned, the astrology of this card is lucky old Jupiter. It’s expansive, positive, and optimistic. That is why we usually find that this card indicates good luck. Jupiter has only the best intentions for us and wants us to learn, grow, and be all that we can be.


Interpretation: This card represents your (our) Power in the situation. Michael says HELLO, again! J He shows up in almost every reading once, sometimes more than once – unsurprisingly, his presence is strong for this particular reading. I have had quite a few people reach out to me recently expressing that he has been with them prominently along their journey or has ‘guided’ them to me. So he comes to us, again, to assure us that we are indeed at a point of ‘ending’ and ‘new beginning’ – and that this is a time of POSITIVE change – a time of forward momentum, of taking that Leap of Faith into the ‘unknown’ – knowing that we are fully supported in what comes next. Our collective power lies in KNOWING that there is ‘more to come’ – and allowing ourselves to embrace our own multidimensionality. Become the ‘Ascended Masters’ we came here to be.


8) THE EFFECTS OF PEOPLE AROUND YOU – The Hermit / Archangel Raziel


“Spend time in quiet meditation. Spiritual teaching. Self-discovery.”


This card is very much about mentoring or being mentored, especially with respect to spiritual teachings. We may be called upon to seek out a teacher to help us move forward, or perhaps we’ve done enough inner exploration that we have great insights to share with others.


The Hermit asks us to go within to pursue self-discovery. He compels us to be quiet and listen to the small, still voice that comes from the depths of our souls. This card can indicate getting good advice from someone wise, and can also encourage us to take some quiet time to reevaluate our plans.


The Dreamer’s Journey: Everyone needs an occasional time-out, a moment to be with oneself and reflect. And so it is with The Hermit. Or is it? You see, the little-known secret about The Hermit is that he’s not nearly as solitary as he appears. He stands at the top of the mountain holding out his lantern for those who are climbing up behind him. Just out of view, his students are rising to join him. He shines his light so that the seekers of truth can find him.


As Dreamers, we find ourselves needing time to assimilate all that we’ve learned up to this point on the journey. We ask ourselves questions such as, “Am I on the right path?” or “Is the effort I’m putting into this endeavor really worth it?” Answers to those questions come from within, or from a spiritual teacher like The Hermit, who can guide us to our own conclusions.


Symbolism: The Hermit stands at the top of a mountain to represent that he’s risen to new spiritual heights. What better vantage point from which to see the world and our place in it? He carries a cane for support to show that it’s all right to rely on others when necessary. His lantern symbolizes that he’s been enlightened by many of his experiences so far.


From the lantern, fireflies (which represent our inner light) zoom around. They show that this light can fly off to other places and illuminate other souls. Fireflies are also a sign that there’s a great deal of magic in the world.


While this card is associated with Virgo (see the Astrology section below), The Hermit stands with Saturn behind him. In astrology, a “Saturn return” occurs in our birth charts about every 28 years. During that time, people often feel the need to reflect on their lives to date. If you pull this card, you may be in for a time of inner exploration.


Angel Number: The number 9 symbolizes humanitarianism, both in traditional numerology and in angel numbers. Just like The Hermit, who is also a humanitarian and working to bring light into the world, there’s a certain amount of self-sacrifice associated with it. For example, with the number 971, we know right away that numerologically it’s going to reduce to 8, the sum of the other two numbers (9 + 7 + 1 = 17, 1 + 7 = 8). The 9 in a sense “sacrifices” itself. That’s what makes it the perfect number for The Hermit. But even outside of mathematics, 9 is the number that says “Get to work, Lightworkers! The world needs you to fully commit to your life purpose.”


Archangel: Our grand old wizard Archangel Raziel has returned, ready to teach us the secrets that he’s learned. He has moved past The Magician card that’s indicative of the ability to create. Now the question is: Why should we create? How can we help the world with our magical abilities? Raziel appears to us in rainbow colors.


Astrology: This card resonates to the energy of hardworking, diligent, devoted, and nurturing Virgo. Much like our Hermit, this sign is extremely dedicated to helping others, having learned the perfect way to accomplish its goals. As such, it wants to share that information with its apprentices. Virgo is very studious and wants to know the “whys” and “hows” of every situation.


Interpretation: Love this one too…! Again – for everyone this is going to look different – so please bear with me as I follow a few different ‘threads.’ Observation has revealed a few things to me recently. There are many out there who have ‘gone within’ in recent months – who have stepped back from others, from the groups, from the mental chatter and 3D energy of it all. Who have gone on their own ‘solitary journey’ for a time, as I have done more than once along my path. There are also those who are coming ‘out’ of this ‘solitary’ time – who are being guided to step up and shine their light, speak their truth – to step more fully into the ‘role’ of ‘Spiritual Teacher.’ The Angels ask each of us to honor what we are FEELING in this moment, for ourselves. If you are feeling the urge to ‘go within’ – do so. If you are feeling the urge to speak freely and ‘teach – do so. If you are feeling the urge to connect with others who can ‘help’ you or who are at the same point of ‘shifting’ that you are – do so! Ask that you be aligned with those who are in resonance with where you are – where you are going – what serves you best – and know that it will be so.


9) YOUR HOPES AND FEARS – Three of Earth


“The power of creativity. Recognition for very high-quality work. Be a ‘team player.’ “


The Three of Earth is the card of great craftsmanship. Our work is impeccable and of such high quality that we receive awards for it or are offered promotions. This is a card of immense creativity—the kind we exhibit when we’re following our passions. With great practice and determination, we can sail to the top of our profession. The Three of Earth also represents outstanding teamwork, or recognition of our contribution to a group effort.


Symbolism: Three fairies work together to create a beautiful project. Each is of a different race to emphasize the power of diversity in any group effort. The fairies are putting the finishing touches on a mechanical butterfly. This is a remarkable accomplishment that took both creativity and precision. Since butterflies represent evolution, the image signifies that they’ve taken responsibility for creating their own growth through their hard work.


There are three golden coins in the wings of the butterfly, showing that all of the fairies are rewarded for their particular contributions. The scene takes place in a green and bountiful valley. The Three of Earth shows that our efforts are being placed in fertile soil.


Angel Number: This card is number 67, which speaks to us of our success at home and at work. We’ve followed our guidance and have remained true to our path.


The number 67 reduces to 4 (6 + 7 = 13, 1 + 3 = 4). We’re called upon to ask our angels for assistance whenever we feel the need.


Astrology: The Three of Earth is associated with Mars in Capricorn. Mars is a fiery energy that wants to accomplish great things. Capricorn is a sign that’s also focused on doing a good job and is often concerned with the legacy it may leave behind. This pairing fits perfectly with this card’s emphasis on unparalleled creative work.


Interpretation: This card represents your Hopes and Fears. As I often say, for many people, what they desire is also what they most fear in some way. The Angels say – do not fear your creative power! We came here – each and every one of us – to co-create ‘Heaven on Earth.’ As such, it really is imperative that we all truly understand the ‘importance’ of allowing our experience to unfold in its own ‘unique’ way. We are each of us like Divine puzzle pieces – uniquely ‘shaped’ to go where we are intended. However – if we try to make ourselves fit someone else’s ‘shape’ – try to fit ourselves into their ‘hole’ on the puzzle board – we find we cannot make it work, no matter how many times we spin our piece around – and all the while we are spinning, OUR space goes ‘unfilled’ and the puzzle as a whole remains incomplete. Funny analogy – that’s how it was ‘shown’ to me – but the point is. Allow your experience to unfold as intended; as YOU intended, as YOU created, before you came here and ‘forgot’ about the expansiveness of your wonderful creation…before you got ‘stuck’ in the 3D ‘version’ of it. There is no need to fear releasing what no longer serves…no need to fear your Creative Power. This is truly the UNION you have been working toward and ‘seeking’ all along. It’s just not the ‘Reunion’ your human ego thought it was…


10) THE OUTCOME – Knight of Earth


“Time to buckle down and get things done! Honor your commitments. A guardian angel.”


The Knight of Earth tells us that it’s time to move along. The planning stage is complete, and now it’s time to take action! The plans we’ve made are excellent and will work out very well. We’re encouraged to maintain our integrity throughout the process and to follow through on any promises we’ve made. This card can also refer to business travel, financial rewards, and guardian angels.


Symbolism: The Knight is standing still on a horse. When we’re riding a horse, we’re supposed to be moving, so this reminds us to get going! This Knight has no sword drawn, unlike the other knights. One of the things that swords represent is intellectual energy. This Knight’s thinking has already been completed.


This is the only character in the Suit of Earth without fairy wings. This is because he represents a protector to the fairies in the world of humans. He is an “incarnated fairy” looking out for their well-being.


The Knight’s shield is put away since his plan is so perfect that there will be nothing to defend against. The Knight of Earth has a very fancy horse—a nod to his astrological attribution of Taurus, a sign that loves beautiful things.


Angel Number: The angel number for this card is 76. We know that our financial needs are met and that we’re on the path for our Divine life purpose.


The number 76 reduces to 4 (7 + 6 = 13, 1 + 3 = 4). Since the number 4 relates to angels, it’s perfect for a card that itself represents a guardian angel.


People: While the Knight of Earth doesn’t move all that quickly, his plans are perfect. No matter what needs to be done, he can figure out how to get it successfully completed with at least three backup plans. He’s charming, gallant, honorable, and completely trustworthy. He loves nature (hence, his role as the protector of the fairies), and is usually a vegetarian or a vegan. Anyone who hurts an animal is likely to get on his bad side. Just because he’s put his sword away doesn’t mean he can’t get it out if he feels the need.


Astrology: Our Knight is Taurus with a healthy measure of Aries thrown in. Taurus is known for its love of beauty and luxurious items. Very sensual in nature, it can also be quite stubborn. If it doesn’t want to move, then good luck getting it going. That’s where Aries comes in. Once Taurus is ready to go, the Aries part of this Knight can accomplish a great deal!


Interpretation: The Outcome. It will ‘soon’ be time to take action – time to move forward – KNOWING that you (all of us!) are supported! Ask and ye shall receive. The Angels are with you always, ready to assist. By releasing control – by surrendering the who, what, where, when, and how of your experience – you step into the Flow of Spirit and Creation – you allow for yourself to align with what truly represents UNION for YOU – you allow yourself to align with your own Creative Power. When this happens – there is often an initial ‘lull’ – a temporary pause – followed by quick forward momentum and movement. The Angels call each and every one who resonates with the messages herein – who chooses to make the SHIFT into ‘Union Consciousness’ (or go *deeper* into it…) – to be aware that your choice will have swift results and be prepared to act as more and more is revealed to you and doorways begin to open. The energy of this shift is powerful to say the least. Uplifting – freeing – accelerating. We are all already feeling it – have been feeling it for the past several weeks/months as I am sure many can verify – but there is an element of CHOICE for each of us as well. Whether we are ready and willing to ride this energy of transformation and go with the flow – or whether we are in a place of resistance, holding on to ‘what was.’ There will be ‘chaos’ regardless as our external reality re-aligns to match our inner state of UNION. The ‘nature’ of this chaos – how things unfold, and how we handle it – depends on where we lie on the Surrender / Resistance scale. Know this, and use this knowing as a ‘tool’ to help you continue fine-tuning your own experience. Honor who you are – ALL of you – as you come into ONENESS on your path. This is UNION. And so it is!


With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn

© 1/16/2016

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**Card Deck: Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine


**Card Symbolism: Excerpted from the “Big Book of Angel Tarot” © 2014 by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

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