3D False Perceptions of Twin Flames and Earthly Relationship

As the subject of Twin Flames has risen in popularity, there has been an increase in folk with very strong 3D-based opinions on the matter of Twin Flames and Earthly Relationship and Marriage. This has led to much misunderstanding and negative judgment toward Twins who are married or in relationship with another, often a Soul Mate or Twin Soul. I feel it is necessary to shed some light on the subject in hopes of alleviating future conflict and alienation of those who may be struggling to navigate unfamiliar waters as a result of meeting their Twin under ‘less than perfect’ circumstances, which is most all Twins in some way.

It is wise to consider the perspective of those you are interacting with and discern whether their ‘humble opinion’ genuinely resonates with you, or not, for it may indeed be nothing more than 3D ego constructs playing out in their minds without any true knowledge, insight, wisdom, or experience of the Twin Flame connection. It is especially important to be vigilant about this on Internet forums; keeping in mind that joining a group or page does not necessarily mean everyone you encounter there is going to have an intimate, personal understanding of how the Twin Flame connection works and manifests. Many are going to have little to no genuine insight on the subject, and yet will comment with their Egoic two cents; I’m sure you see how that can become problematic.

Case in point, I administrate several groups dedicated to the topic of Soul Mates and Twin Flames, and many find their way into those groups in search of a romantic partner not realizing the groups are about much more than that. Quite often, these people simply can not wrap their heads around the spiritual concepts that are at work in the lives of those who are consciously walking the Soul Mate and Twin Flame path. While these people may be well meaning, their version of truth is an illusion based upon layers of ego that they themselves are often blind to at that point in their development. I believe there is a phrase in the Bible that goes something like, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do…”? You get where I’m going with this.

The True Twin Flame is a Union of the Soul; earthly relationship status is irrelevant and it is quite common for twins to meet when one or both are married. Such an ‘untimely’ meeting actually happens in perfect Divine Timing and is intended to catalyze both twins into tremendous spiritual growth. As such, it does not follow any ‘rules’ that the human ego has invented to control and define love.

As Birgit Andersen once explained so beautifully:

“Many in karmic relationships have an outer appearance, which is not the truth about their marriage; they build up an image of a loving, lovely couple, which holds no water – old habits, fear stick them together, but sooner or later the glue cannot stick them together any more. Maybe in your circle of friends you have seen too this image of the happy married couple and you then are quite surprised when they split up; often there is no love, no passion left in the relationship, it is a platonic bonding, old habits die slowly, also in a marriage.  

A Twin Flame may appear to show the reality of the marriage, to show that there can be passion, sexual pleasure and deep commitment – only in the karmic marriage this died a long time ago; those who want to display happy photos of their marriage, most often do this as an act of convincing themselves more than the world, that they are happy…a happily married couple do not need the outer world to tell them, that they are happy, they do not need the confirmation as an outer showing…they are just happy together. 

Old experiences hold no value any more, these experiences were there to sustain soul growth, as we enter the Shift now, it becomes clear that nothing is as it used to be, we are born a new and only the Higher values of our Spirit can now guide us.”  

The Twin Flame journey is a Spiritual experience that can not be made sense of when looked at from the perspective of Ego, and so to judge it based upon 3D egoic thought processes is fallacy. It can also be quite damaging for those who are at a vulnerable stage of their journey to be judged harshly because they or their twin are married or in any other situation that could be perceived as ‘wrong’ or ‘inferior’ by the outside 3D observer.

Quite simply, if it is not your journey to walk or you do not understand how the Twin energetic dynamics work from a 5D+ standpoint, your ‘opinion’ is more damaging than helpful. Those who are struggling need to feel safe and supported along their Soul Mate and Twin Flame journey, not be shamed or told they are selfish and have made a mistake by following their soul’s guidance rather than conforming to the ways of a 3D world. The Twin connection is challenging enough without being told by people who have never experienced it that you are a ‘bad person’ for not being able to deny a connection that is INTENDED to be undeniable. These people may appear and even believe themselves to be well meaning but they are really only perpetuating the very same 3D ideals that twins are here to transform.

Only you can discern for certain who your Twin is…if you are in a situation where they are married or in relationship with another, it does not mean they are not your Twin. Our Twins often do not make sense from the perspective of Ego but their behavior makes perfect sense from the perspective of Spirit. They will often seem to ‘run away’ by withdrawing into themselves and retreating back to who and what is ‘safe’ for them as an unconscious defense mechanism against the intensity of the connection but in truth, there is no ‘deleting and moving on’ with twins whether it is considered ‘appropriate’ or not.

You can try to delete them from your life all you want, and you may be successful at cutting all external ties, but the connection won’t allow you to forget them or move on from them internally; it is not an external connection, it is an internal connection and therefore does not require the external to exist. If it were that ‘easy’ to forget and move on we would not be catalyzed into such great change. The Twin relationship is unconventional and it is meant to be that way!

You must go within and use your own discernment when it comes to identifying your Twin. Take as much time as you need and don’t jump to conclusions nor harbor expectations. You will know in time, it’s something you can not deny as time passes and you grow closer to yourself and your Twin simultaneously. The key is to place the focus on you, love and take care of you in every way. That includes being able to accept your relationship as it is and love him or her ‘no strings attached’ whether they are with another or not, without pushing for more. Translation: not compromising your or their integrity by ‘cheating’ or deliberately breaking up their marriage, but rather leaving it to them to work out their own issues in their time and way. Further Translation: Unconditional Love.

This is one reason why many Twins experience separation. Does that mean they don’t feel the love, and the pull? No…not at all. The connection with your Twin will be there as long as its pull is needed, and as you work on yourselves the Universe will make everything fall into place, you do not have to worry about or plan a thing. If you are meant to be with Soul Mates before or instead of your Twin in this lifetime they will come into your life, but that does not mean they are going to be ‘perfect’ or fit egoic ‘dating criteria.’

Many people get attached to these labels and ideals (ie. Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soul Mates) and fall into a pattern of obsessive behavior trying to ‘find’ the ‘ONE” as if one is ‘better’ than the other when they are really all aspects of Self that are equally important and valuable and beautiful and imperative to self-awareness and expansion. Our Soul Mates lead us to our Twin Flames and our Twin Flames lead us to ourselves; it’s all a part of the journey back to ONENESS and each relationship we experience along the way is vital to our growth. When we start getting stuck on the labels and on egoic relationship terms that denote ‘ownership’ of a person, we take away from the importance of the soul connections we have with others and the truth of the Twin Flame journey which is to LOVE and BE LOVED, starting with self and then radiating LOVE outward to all those around us.

I will reiterate…those of you who are in a situation where you or your Twin is married to someone else, please don’t pay any mind to the words of 3D’ers. You will know them when you see them as they are generally critical and condemning of anything that has been deemed ‘bad’ or is not in alignment with 3D reality.

The Twin Flame connection can not be truly understood from the limited perspective of 3D. It is not a connection that one ‘finds’ by following a certain set of rules or ascribing to egoic ‘dating criteria,’ it is a divine connection that happens when and how it is meant to whether the circumstances are ‘ideal’ for us to jump into physical relationship with that person or not. It is also not about advocating ‘cheating’…not at all, and yet that’s the conclusion many jump to…which demonstrates whether they are coming from a place of the Egoic Mind or a place of the Spiritual Heart.

The Twin connection teaches us integrity, amongst other things…it peels away many, MANY layers of ego…as such, Twins come from all walks of life and situations and all Twin connections are valid regardless of the external situation they may find themselves in. It is only by tearing down the walls our egos have constructed to define and confine love that we free ourselves to experience and BE love, truly.

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn


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5 Comments on “3D False Perceptions of Twin Flames and Earthly Relationship

  1. I have read several articles on TF and I find yours gives the most clarity to the TF relationship. Its been a long hard road and I am thankful to have found this information on TF because you certainly do feel like you have gone insane while going through this. A very painful journey indeed. I am finally at the point of surrender and I am thankful for him because I believe he saved my life. I pray that one day God will bring us back together but for now we must continue our life journey separately.. It is truly heartbreaking… Thanks again

    • Thank you SO MUCH for this Beautifully Articulated and Enlightening artical , on a much misunderstood and often very confusing experience / of The Twin Flame Union-

      I believe it is fair to say that Only those who have truly experienced a True Twin Flame experience / union will fully understand every single word you have so beautifuly explained in this artical –
      God Bless your beautiful soul, for you have brought much needed and timely clarity , encouragement and love to all those who are walking this Devine ordained path to Oneness –
      May all Twin Flames draw courage , peace , love and compassion through your guidance –
      Resting assured as we All work on ourselves and stand in our Souls Eternal Truth –
      We need not worry about a thing – All is Well –
      The Very same unseen Forces that has been the Catalyst for you meeting your Twin Flame –
      Are Still in Control and is Guiding your path to the True Devine Love and Oneness that Exist within yourself as also within your Twin Flame –
      Much Love and Apreciation

  2. This is the most accurate description of the twin flame journey. I am 15 years older than my twin flame, and it has caused a lot of conflict in our surrounding circumstances. Many of our friends and family feel that it’s wrong for us to be together and it has caused us to break up several times in the past 2 years. The universe keeps bringing us back together, and each time we “reunite” ( we are never really separated, during our time apart the universe sends us signs all the time that we are thinking about each other), our relationship grows stronger. We know, despite everyone’s “3D opinion” that we are meant to be together, and that somehow things will all work out.

  3. Thank you for the validation I’ve been seeking. It’s been an amazing journey, mixed with a little grief. So many times people are caught up in the workings of a 3D world are many people suffer because of it. I know what I feel deep down in my soul, there’s no denying it. But being married and having your twin soul in your life can be very overwhelming because of the pull between the soul connection and earthly commitments. Again, thank you for easing my pain with this post. Namaste.