UNION: Integration of Past-Life Themes

I’m sure that many of you have noticed my ‘absence’ these past few months. I have been around, but relatively quiet and to myself. The reason for this is I have been struggling greatly with depression and illness that my own Spiritual Ego had tried to convince me I’d ‘left behind’ for many years.  Truly, I’d not left any of it behind, but rather I’d stuffed it down, ‘dealing’ with it by not saying anything about it so as to not ‘infect’ others with my ‘negative vibe’ and ‘suffering’ in silence instead.

I reached a point several weeks ago where I really began to see just how much this had been negatively affecting me. I was ‘good’ on the surface, but not at all beneath it. Plagued by chronic pain and fatigue…unable to function ‘normally’ even on my best days. Depression worsened for me as I felt I really had no one to talk to about this. Those in my ‘real life’ don’t understand the ‘spiritual side’ of what’s happening with me and for the most part, ‘spiritual folks’ often respond to such things in ways that – while well meaning – are not actually helpful and lead to further shame and depression when one is already struggling.

This is why, as some of you saw, I have been asking for help recently.  I found myself in a situation (yet again…as I will explain more in a bit) where I was ousted from my home and had to go ‘somewhere’ on very little money.  I have received help from some, which I am most grateful for.  It’s been just enough to keep a roof over our heads, and keep our dogs with us.  But…I have also noticed that many have ‘pulled away’ from me,  ignoring my cries for help in more ways than one. When I began posting on my personal Facebook page about the depression and illness I’d been battling – only a few people would even acknowledge, as opposed to the many that typically respond when I share ‘feel-good spiritually related’ content. Most would pass right on by. Now…while I understand this from an energetic perspective…the energy I have been in the past several weeks has not exactly been pleasant or attracting of high-vibration folks…I also was shown just how much the (often unaware)  ‘Spiritual Ego’ can have a ‘negative’ effect, even from those who have the best of intentions.

Understand – I place no blame here – but rather, I share this to raise AWARENESS of the way we interact with one another when we are struggling.  There is MUCH potential for growth and expansion from the perspective and wisdom I’ve gained thru this experience, and that is why I have been strongly guided to share my experience this way, so others may see, understand, and shift their perspectives as well.

Humanity in general – both ‘spiritual’ and ‘non-spiritual’ folks – has a tendency to judge others based upon the belief that everything in life is a direct result of choices made, and if someone continues to ‘struggle’ in life then it’s because they’ve made ‘poor choices’ and need to ‘choose differently.’ There is also much ‘New Age’ judgment to the effect of ‘think positively’ and what not – be the creator you are, if you don’t like the reality you’re experiencing, then create a new one. And while I agree with this to a point – this is an aspect of truth – there is also a lot of simplification and generalization that happens as a result of this ‘belief system’ that doesn’t take into account other influences at play in determining a person’s experience of life.

What I have observed is an interesting ‘phenomenon’ of sensitive, empathic, healers who are afraid to reach out and ask for help when they are struggling, and who are also subconsciously wired to *avoid* those who are in crisis.  This happens for a number of reasons, but when you look at the underlying energy driving this behavior it is based in a subconscious belief of lack in abundance of all forms.  Lack of energy.  Lack of shielding. Lack of money.  Lack of compassion – judgment – seeing the surface rather than going deep, or judging the self harshly, feeling shame, guilt, or undeserving of asking for help.  “There are so many others who have it so much worse than me, how can I ask for help?  I should be able to do it by myself.  I should have ‘mastered’ this by now.”  Or…”They should have mastered this by now…”

Along with this comes feelings of anxiety and distress for some who feel they are unable to help, but genuinely want to.  Not realizing that they can help – there are many ways to support one another that are not about cash money – there are MANY forms of abundance – but our focus on the perceived lack of *one* form blocks us and sets us up to continue playing out subconscious patterns where we continue to block ourselves from receiving, and giving, in *all* ways.

Something else I observed over the past few months is that EVERYONE is going through a major shift in their lives.  Major purging and releasing and ‘leveling up’ to deeper levels of awareness.  Like stair steps…everyone is on their own step – their own level – and no matter what step they are on, they are being driven forward to move up the staircase a step, and in some cases, multiple steps.  As this happens, a good number of people are struggling, all of them in their own ways as determined by their individual soul path, lessons, and experiences as a whole.  This is the result of Union happening on a multidimensional level.  We are all coming into Union with SELF, and everyone has different influences at play in the creation of their experience, some of which they are unaware of and therefore unable to consciously control.

Oftentimes, these influences are seeded in the experiences of past/parallel lives.  In other words…that person you’ve been seeing struggle may not be a screw-up or stuck in ‘victim consciousness’ – they very well may be playing out unconscious patterns, themes, and scripts from past/parallel lives that are NOT IN THEIR CONSCIOUS CONTROL. So no amount of ‘positive thinking’ or telling that person to ‘do this,’ ‘do that,’ or ‘make different choices’ is going to change things – they will continue repeating the same ‘negative’ experience over and over until the past life traumas which created it are brought to light and cleared out, giving them an opportunity to begin again with an energetically clean slate. Doesn’t matter how much other ‘inner work’ a person does – as long as past-life seed fear influences them energetically and unconsciously, they will continue to play these patterns, themes, and scripts out until they are released.

That’s exactly what has been happening with me my entire life. Every time I would get to a point of feeling ‘safe’ or ‘comfortable’ in life, something would happen to take it away. Something that would cause me to have to uproot myself from ‘home’ and desperately seek sanctuary elsewhere. This has happened in a number of ways – often the loss of a job or income that resulted in the loss of my home. It also manifested as illness – fibromyalgia – which has effectively ‘prevented’ me from fully stepping in to my power due to it’s debilitating effects.

From the outside looking in, many have judged me as simply a screw up…not able to get and keep my life together…unable to hold a steady job, always struggling with money, being evicted from my home on numerous occasions. They have thought and said…if I would just get/keep a real job…if I would just do this or do that…if I would stop being ‘lazy’ and ‘irresponsible’…on and on and on. Now I knew this was not true – *I* know what I have done and not done, what I have overcome – but all others see are the screw ups. That I ‘fail at life.’ Which I can assure you, does NOT help when someone is already struggling with depression and self-worth issues. “Why should we help you when you aren’t helping yourself?  We helped before, and you’re still making bad choices…” many think…the irony of it being they don’t realize that they need not SAY it out loud for me to FEEL it.  And truly, the ‘reality’ of it is those making such judgments really and truly have NO IDEA what’s gone on with me, all they know is what they SEE on the surface, and that doesn’t provide a clear and true picture of what’s really going on, at all.

So let me paint that picture for you.  Several months ago, I connected with a gentleman named Andrew who reached out to me for a private session.  As we got talking, we both felt strongly that there was a deeper purpose for us coming together and that we would work together again, soon.  Over the months that followed, we reconnected a few times – Andrew feeling drawn to help me and me feeling drawn to welcome his support, but not knowing quite what that meant – at the time.  The reason for this became clearer more recently as he responded to my pleas for help, and began to ‘see’ via his connection to the Akashic Records that there was more going on with me than meets the eye.  Both of us continued to be ‘nudged’ to talk and dig into my own unconscious patterns, themes, and scripts from past/parallel lives by delving into my personal Records.

And so we did, the night before last.  What we discovered was not really a ‘surprise’ to me – it confirmed much that I had already known on a cellular level, that had ‘leaked out’ here and there – but it was presented to me in a way that allowed me to REALLY SEE how the traumas I have experienced in other lifetimes have continued to play out in THIS lifetime.  You see…I have been ‘around’ for a very long time.  And in many of my lifetimes, here, I was persecuted, tortured, and killed in horrible ways for shining my light, which I have done in one way or another in each life.  In particular, I have been drug from my home more than once due to someone I trusted ‘turning’ on me, imprisoned, and then killed by burning at the stake.  That was just one way I died – burning at the stake – that happened more than once, but it was not the only way, and none of them were pleasant.  I was also violently separated from my loved ones – had them ripped from me and had to watch them be tortured and killed as well.

During many of these lives, I was wealthy, or at least ‘comfortable’ in my living situation – I lived in relative comfort up until the point when I was forced from my home and imprisoned or killed.  And…more than once, I ‘supported’ myself by being a ‘woman of ill refute’ if you get my drift.  I gave myself to others so I could survive, literally and figuratively.  Gave my body away – gave my self love away – gave my power away.

All of these traumas have manifested over and over in this lifetime, thru all of my experiences and the many mirrors of SELF I have known along the way.

Since I was 6 years old, I have had the experience of having the feeling of ‘home’ – comfort and security, a solid foundation from which to build upon – ripped from me in one way or another.  When I was younger, it took the form of emotional and verbal abuse at home, which resulted in a constant feeling of anxiety that was heightened by leaving or when it was time to go home.  When my mother married and we went to live with my stepfather, my entire world was turned upside down.  I went from a loving, supportive home at my grandparents’ to a strange place where I was subjected to abuse that I had never experienced before (in this lifetime.)  The only time I felt ‘safe’ from that point forward, until I moved out at age 21, was when I was away from home or my stepfather was gone; but…there was also anxiety then, too, because I was always wondering what his mood would be like upon my/his return.  Depression was a constant then, too…I felt helpless to escape my ‘prison’ and was persecuted daily for being myself; for being ‘too sensitive.’

When I became an adult and moved away, the game changed.  My past traumas began to manifest in a different way.  The pattern set in at age 21.  By then, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and trichitillomania.  I was a mess, but a functioning mess.  People would have had no idea that I was so unwell unless they really knew me.  I met a man that December, about a month and a half before my 21’st birthday.  I had been alone for the six months prior – my boyfriend of 4 years and I had broken up in the spring – and it was my first time going out on my own, ever.

This man became my first husband.  Looking back, I see now just how terribly I treated myself.  How little I valued myself.  He was not good to me.  He was not *bad* to me in an obvious abusive sense, but the way he treated me when we first met was not good.  He treated me like an object, and I allowed him to.  I set no boundaries.  I didn’t believe I deserved any better.  I thought…he doesn’t yell at me or hit me…that’s good enough.  So I gave myself to him…to survive.  I could not bear living at ‘home’ with my stepfather anymore.  I had to get away, and this was my way to do it.  Within a month, I had moved in with him, and a year later we were married.  It was comfortable.  At the time, I genuinely believed we were in love – and we were, as much as we could be at that level of awareness – but looking back now I can clearly see how all of these past traumas have played out in my life, influencing my choices and experience on an unconscious level as I went along ‘blissfully unaware’ that ancient hurts were the force driving my creations.

That year, just after we were married – just after I had ‘achieved’ a home where I felt safe and secure – we were evicted from our apartment.  We had cats, and weren’t supposed to, and the landlord found out.  That began the cycle of losing my home – my place of balance and sanctuary – over and over again.  With my stepfather no longer playing the role of ‘persecutor’ the Universe wrote a new script to match the trauma themes…and off we went.

We found a home and moved in just in time to avoid being on the streets.  We had to pull strings with the realtor to make it happen but it did, and we had a new home.  OUR home, the first and only home I have ever owned.  I loved my home – I loved working on it, painting and decorating, making it my own.  I was happy there for a while.  Life was ‘normal’ for once.  But depression and anxiety continued to worsen, and had been joined by a new friend – fibromyalgia.  I was plagued by pain and fatigue that I couldn’t shake, ever.  Had lost a few jobs since I met my husband because of it – and I’ve lost many more since then – illness always keeping me from attaining security for myself, keeping me having just enough to get by, but no more.

The last six months of my 25th year marked my first breaking point.  The beginning of my first ‘dark night of the soul.’  I realized that I was not happy at all with my husband – it was not that he was a bad man, but we just were not compatible, and I could not imagine going the rest of my life that way.  I felt trapped; I was debilitated by my illnesses but no one could SEE any of them, so they all thought I was doing OK.  I fell into a deep depression, emerging just enough to keep people from catching on how bad it really was.  It was at some point during this time that Faith walked into my body.  You can read more about that HERE.  I was unaware of her presence at the time – I was at a deep point of depression and spent a lot of time sleeping – leaving my body as I now know.  Nonetheless, her presence shifted everything for me dramatically in a short amount of time; as I understand, now, catalyzing the next phase of my awakening by calling into my/our experience (as she and I are one and the same, different aspects of SELF) soul family that had shared many of these traumatic lifetimes with me, suffering along with me…some as betrayers, others as loved ones who watched me die…and who I watched die.

In other words, I had ‘leveled up’ and the game just got a whole lot more challenging.  It began when I met a young woman I’ll identify as A.  I don’t think she’d mind me using her name – we are good friends today, walking this journey together, both of us aware, now – but I’ve not asked her yet, so A she will be.  She came into my life a few months before my 26th birthday.  A friend of a friend.  I connected with her right away even though we had little in common.  She had a small daughter and was in a bad situation where she needed help, and without hesitation I offered them our spare bedroom.  They came to live with me and my now-ex-husband, and it didn’t take long for me to confide in her that I was unhappy and wanted to leave my marriage, but didn’t know how to do it.

A few days after my 26th birthday, A asked me to give her a ride to visit her ‘brothers’ – a family that she had grown close to and stayed with more than once when she needed somewhere to go.  She was a younger than me – she’d had her daughter at a young age and had been at the ‘whim’ of her own abusive home situation the whole time, and had needed refuge many times already in her young life.  I agreed to take her there, not knowing that my life was about to be completely upturned, again.  When we got there, two of her three ‘brothers’ were there; the third – the oldest, the one who she went to school with and was friends with first, how she had met the whole family – was at work.  He was 20 at the time; she was 21.  And he ‘just so happened’ to be the first to reflect my ‘twin flame’ energy back to me.  Those of you who ‘know’ me will know who he is, but here I will simply call him S.

I recognized him as soon as he walked in.  We were just about to leave when he got home.  I took one look at him – not at all my type, and dirty and disheveled from work, with a scowl on his face from being in a bad mood – and my entire everything went haywire.  I felt the pull, the attraction, the recognition, all of it.  Without a word being exchanged between us.  Now I had NO IDEA that any of this was significant at the time on a conscious level.  No idea what was to come – but as I look back, I clearly recall the feeling.  It was overwhelming and terrifying all at once.

We ended up connecting physically – there was no stopping it – and I found myself wrapped up in a mess that I had no idea how to get myself out of.  It was not in my ‘programmed nature’ to cheat (right/wrong/black/white of Ego) but I found myself unable to stay away from him.  Guilt and shame ate at me the entire time, and anxiety was through the roof.  I was so happy with him, just BE-ing with him, close to him made me feel safe – even though, again, looking back I can see just how emotionally unavailable he was to me at the time – and I couldn’t imagine ever giving him up.  I began trying to put together a plan to save up money to move out – I really had no idea what I was going to do, but I knew I had to do something – I couldn’t bear the anxiety and guilt I was feeling along with the intensity of the connection.

Enter the ‘script’ of betrayal.  A – for reasons that she at the time expressed were in my best interest – told my husband that I was cheating on him with S.  This sent my life into immediate upheaval and triggered the ‘script’ of persecution.  I tried to go back with my husband – tried to work it out – but I realized quickly that I couldn’t stay with him.  Staying with him was not in alignment with who I really was, and I needed to follow my heart.  (The ‘script’ of giving my power away working differently, here, urging me to not compromise myself by staying where I was not truly happy.)  Of course, at the time I didn’t understand it in these terms.  All I knew was that I felt an urgency to leave that I could not disregard.  And so I did – I walked away from my home – my sanctuary, my place of balance, I gave it all up – and immersed myself in the chaos of my ‘twin flame’s’ world.  We lived together with his family for about nine extremely chaotic months (I experienced quite a bit of soul shock from this transition) before moving into our own home and getting married a year later.  I was happy there, for a while.  Until the scripts continued to play out…again…and again…and again.

I’ll spare you the details on all the ways it happened, but over and over we’ve lost our home for a variety of reasons.  For the past 11 years, we have been ‘running’ constantly, never in one place for long.  Just when we would get settled in – usually long enough to begin to get comfortable and begin creating a foundation to build from – something would happen that would result in us losing our home.  Loss of employment or home due to chronic illness…injury…surgery…places closing…downsizing…family members dying…all sorts of reasons, some that could be perceived as our ‘fault’ and others that had nothing to do with us at all.  Both of us, on and off, would experience interference in one way or another to where we never had consistent income coming in.

About two and a half years after we moved into our first home, we were forced to move for the first time.  S had been working for his family company, and it fell apart from within, which left him without a paycheck more frequently than our bills could keep up with.  We moved in with my grandmother – the one person who always made me feel safe, loved, and protected through my younger years – as it was the only place we had to go at the time.  It didn’t take long for things there to become strained, though.  There had always been a sort of ‘animosity’ toward S from my family, that was exacerbated by us living with my grandmother and being in their presence frequently.  I now know this ‘animosity’ was related to all of the past trauma, as we were all there together and have been playing out those themes over and over in numerous lives.  This ‘animosity’ triggered the ‘script’ of betrayal on many occasions; some being my family betraying us (more than once we we’re ‘kicked out’ and lied on because of this), me getting caught up in fear and betraying S, and feeling as if he was betraying me more than once whether he really was or not.

This was also the point when the ‘script’ of giving my power away via intimacy kicked back in.  S mirrored this back to me in many ways.  Emotional unavailability.  Stunted physical intimacy.  I felt unloved.  Ashamed of myself.  Undeserving.  I attracted others to me who reinforced that – who paid attention to me, who made me feel good, but who always crossed boundaries and wanted ‘more’ from me.  I allowed myself to be manipulated by these people because I felt it was the only way I would ever be loved.  I betrayed myself – I betrayed my love.  Again, sparing the details, this happened more than once over the past 11 years.  Depression and anxiety deepened, made worse by self-judgment and loathing.

The first time it happened, I connected with a man who turned out to be a sociopathic psychic vampire.  He hooked me into his web, and within days had me convinced he was the love of my life and that I had reason to be afraid of S.  He’d convinced me to come away with him, and that it was a good idea to have S removed from my grandmother’s home by someone else while I was gone so he wasn’t able to ‘hurt me.’  The fear was so strong – I truly believed S was going to hurt me, and so I contacted my family, who were more than happy to keep him ‘contained’ in our room while I arranged for friends to come and take him away.  The significance of this incident in retrospect is mind blowing – you can clearly see the theme of us (because he was with me more than once) being betrayed by ones we trusted, persecuted, and ‘drug’ out of our homes.

I ended up bringing the man – who was indeed a soul mate despite his perceived ‘wickedness’ – back to my grandmothers home.  This was before my gifts had awakened – I was always sensitive but I was unaware and my gifts were out of control – and so I wasn’t sure how to process the great feeling of unease that I felt in his presence despite what he was saying and doing on the surface that made me ‘feel good and happy.’  I knew it was all a mask, instinctively – I just didn’t know that I knew it, yet.

It was this man who set me on my path – who introduced me to the term ‘indigo children’ – he claimed to be one – which led to me looking it up later and beginning to recognize and remember myself, one breadcrumb after another.  I also ‘met’ Faith for the first time because of him.  While he was with me, he kept me distracted always, and he deterred me from contacting S every time I felt drawn to do so.  He also would not let me sleep – kept me sleep deprived, until he had to sleep himself for work the next day and I fell into fitful sleep next to him.  Suddenly I was outside of my body, looking down on us, and another me – she didn’t look like me, but she did – I just knew she was me – was ‘floating’ next to me, her mouth moving like she was shouting but I couldn’t hear what she was saying in words, it was more like a great pressure in my head that was telling me to GET AWAY from him as fast as I could.  That is the one and only time I have ever ‘seen’ Faith – but I needed to see, then, in order to break free from his energy.  I kept the experience to myself through the next morning, dropped him off at work with a promise to pick him up, and immediately called S.  I was desperate to make amends…I had no idea what had happened to me, I had quite literally been ‘controlled’ by this man and no one really believed me.  It was a horrible, terrifying experience that took me years to understand.

The cycle didn’t end there.  As I said before, I won’t go into all the ways it has played out – just enough for you to SEE for yourself, so you may begin to see for YOURSELF how your own scripts may have been on replay.  As I began to awaken, I connected with other people who mirrored the ‘script’ of giving my power away to lesser degrees than the man who had traumatized me.  When I connected with one strongly in my 30th year – I came to ‘recognize’ him as my ‘twin flame’ at the time.  It all aligned perfectly – if you read some of my older messages you will see where I go into that in more detail – but I was SURE he was my ‘one and only twin’ and it was confirmed by others as well.  I got caught up in the ‘dogma’…the ‘rule book’…and before I knew it, he was ‘running’ and I was ‘chasing.’  Giving away my power, again, in a different way.  Until the day when he left – betrayal ‘script’ again – and married another woman.

This redirected me – as I see, now – then, I was deeply hurt – back to myself.  THIS was when my gifts really began to emerge and I began to go deep within.  I had done some inner work over the past few years as I continued to grow in awareness, but I had been so externally focused on M and ‘physical reunion’ with him that I couldn’t see anything else other than that.  I was essentially blinded by my own Spiritual Ego from seeing what was right before my eyes; that the true twin flame is within, and I had first connected with one holding and reflecting that frequency years before when I met S.  He had been there all along – but I couldn’t see or feel him according to the ‘tf rule book’ anymore because our shared past life themes had caused so much interference as they played out over and over.

**Please know, however…that my ‘story’ of UNION did not and has not ‘ended’ with S…it continues to unfold, the essence of ME being reflected  back through those who are in truest alignment.  Each time I integrate more of my soul, and Surrender further…Spirit brings another ‘aspect’ to me…and each time, that ‘aspect’ is in greater alignment with me on a soul level than those who have come before.

However…returning to ‘then’…all I could see when I looked at S was my own ‘victim-hood’ – he became the ‘enemy’ of sorts, the ‘villain’ of my story, and I was determined that I ‘had’ to break away.  After all, that’s what all the ‘dogma’ says, right?  If you’re with a ‘soul mate’ you MUST leave them, you MUST learn how to ‘be alone’ and ‘do it all on your own – that’s how you become whole!”  But…what if that’s NOT what everyone is meant to do?  What if…WHAT IF…we’re each meant to do what WE are meant to do?  We ALL have past/parallel life themes that we are playing out, both ‘good’ and ‘bad.’  What if…UNION really is about merging with ALL aspects of SELF.  Of seeing your themes, patterns, and scripts clearly so you may release the ‘hurt’ and merge with ALL of your lives – all of your aspects – all of your mirrors – becoming your TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF in the process?

Yes.  This is the message.  This is the point of it all.  I have struggled – and seen so many others struggle – to figure out what they are doing ‘wrong’ when it comes to ‘reunion.’  When it comes to ‘ascension’…when it comes to LIFE in general.  And the truth is they – me – YOU – are doing NOTHING wrong.  Struggle is not an indicator of weakness or failure to ‘get it.’  Look beyond the surface to see what lies beneath, for everyone.  Free yourself from the ‘dogma’ that tells you how it ‘must’ be.  Allow yourself to SEE, truly, for the first time.  We say it all the time, but I don’t think many people REALLY understand how connected we all are multidimensionally.  How connected we are to aspects of SELF in the past, present, future, on other worlds and in other dimensions.  There is nothing for you to DO to come into UNION, my loves, other than continue to become more aware and intimate with YOURSELF.  The more you know yourself – all aspects of yourself – the more you will come to understand that the ‘process’ of ‘ascension’ or ‘reunion’ or whatever label you want to put on it has been happening all along regardless of whether you were aware of it or not!

We exist in a state of continual flow, growth, and expansion.  Ever changing, ever creating based upon the energy of our soul’s collective experiences.  It’s not just about THIS life – if you want to create something different, you must delve into the aspects that are ‘bleeding over’ from OTHER lives and other aspects.  The ‘twin flame frenzy’ has resulted in a great number of people becoming focused on just that ONE aspect – and in a limited way, at that.  Many, just like I was at one point, have become blinded to anything outside of that.  They can’t see the forest for the trees.

But it’s time for that to change.  It’s time to see the forest – and to realize that you ARE the forest!  I am still unraveling all of my own threads.  More and more has come to me, and I can feel the ‘weight’ of it all continuing to lift as I recognize and let it go.  My time in the Akashic Records freed me in a way I couldn’t have imagined, and it provided me with a strong sense of direction as well.  As always, my experiences have guided me to a position where I am able to help others through the awareness and wisdom gained, and this is no exception.

I don’t have to play out these themes, anymore…

“If I allow myself to be safe and comfortable, I will be tortured and killed for it.  I must keep moving…always on the move so they do not catch me.”

“My only worth is in giving myself away to others, being what they want me to be.  I am not allowed to set boundaries; if I set boundaries, I will not survive.”

“It is not safe for me to be my authentic self.  If I shine my light too brightly, someone will notice, and I will be killed.”

“Trust no one, and don’t allow anyone to get too close.  When I trust, I end up betrayed or killed.”

“It’s better to be ‘alone’ and invisible than to be seen, and betrayed or killed.”

“Prosperity, comfort, and health bring pain.  Poverty and sickness keep me safe from those who would covet or hurt me.”

It’s heartbreaking when I look at it…feel into it…the energy of these unconscious beliefs is dark, heavy, and ancient, and has been with me for a very long time.  But it’s time, now, to let it go.  It doesn’t serve anyone, anymore.

I ask you to consider your own journey and what lies beneath the surface of what you have seen and ‘know’ thus far.  I have experienced enough points of ‘knowing’ along the way to know (pun intended) that truth is not static, but fluid; revealing itself to us as we grow and expand, encouraging us to open up to deeper levels of awareness as we go along, if and when we allow ourselves to go deeper.  I have been set firmly on a path to helping others uncover this for themselves so they can go deep within their own subconscious themes, patterns, and scripts – beginning with Akashic Records ‘training’ for myself as soon as possible…building my own ‘practice’ from the ‘ground’ up…Lady Jennith, Soul Doula…it’s coming, in (near) Divine Timing!

Ask…Believe…Receive…Give…Repeat.  We are ALL provided for!

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn

**For more on Integration of Multidimensional Aspects – READ THIS! Part Two is coming very soon…I have been delayed with it until now…but that was only Divine Timing at play. The message is nearly ready…THIS is Union, my loves…and I will share it ALL with you, so you may see and BE Union for yourselves. In truth…you already are! xoxo

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1 Comment on “UNION: Integration of Past-Life Themes

  1. Hi, I related to your post a lot, what we are told by the new age is that we have total control over our lives but I’m struggling to understand this as when I take inventory of my life, I seem to have very little control. I do not have control over my job situation or over other people and their actions, so I’m sorry but I’m just not understanding where all this supposed control is? What do we really have control over? Seems to me the only thing I can control is my reaction to it all and that’s not enough to magically transform my life to what I want. I think that we have control is a lie being propagated by the new age to further divide us and make us feel bad.

    Also social media like Facebook is just sickening to me to observe. I see some on FB that are completely ignored while others are pretty much being worshipped and exulted to the status of a god. It’s breeding narcissism like crazy, it’s causing us as humans to worship each other as false gods and ideals. It’s a true sickness and only further dividing us.

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