UNION: Journeying Within

PREFACE: Please note that as I have evolved, so has my spiritual practice. The process, for me, has been greatly simplified since I first shared this message five years ago. The more you connect with Spirit, the more it becomes you; no longer something you DO, but what you ARE. The Language included in the message below is focused upon Archangels and Twin Flames but it is truly for anyone who wishes to connect with Spirit. The Prayer can easily be altered or re-created to call upon whatever Angel, Deity, or Spiritual Being you are drawn to. I use the word ‘Angel’ below; this word can be replaced with ‘Goddess’ or ‘Faery’ – what’s most important is that it resonate with you. I always recommend doing some solid research before attempting to connect and using your words with care. Spirit can absolutely feel what is in your heart, but when it comes to using words, it is wise to be precise about intent. I hope you find the following helpful…

I have taken note of a theme amongst many ‘Twin Flames’ so to speak, and that is one of despair, doubt, confusion, second-guessing, giving up, and so on. This is not a new theme to me; I experienced this sort of ‘epic self-doubt’ myself a few times along the way when things were not going as I expected or thought they ‘should.’ I have also witnessed many other ‘Twins’ go through it as well. As with everything that happens along the journey to UNION with SELF, there is a purpose for this, and these sort of things tend to happen in ‘waves’ as different soul groups are ‘activated’ and start ‘waking up’ simultaneously all across the world.

So here we are, hit by another ‘wave’ of self-doubt and many are saying they are confused, they think the person they thought was their ‘Twin’ is not, that they are ‘giving up,’ etc. along with asking for private advice and readings. While this can be chaotic, it is ultimately a Divinely PERFECT place to be, because it allows for expansion outside of what has previously been ‘known’ and release of attachment to what no longer serves.

Let us look at this from a few different angles.

Firstly…there is nothing at all wrong with asking for advice and readings to gain clarity, nor is there anything wrong with offering help. However, there are a few things which are important to keep in mind when it comes to seeking guidance and readings from others. It’s coming through and from THEM…not YOU…and their experience may resonate closely with your experience, or it could be something entirely different. So while others can and very often do help tremendously, there comes a time when you must learn how to go within and seek your own internal guidance, because ultimately, in every situation, it is your own intuition which is going to steer you correctly, every time. When you learn to trust your own internal guidance, you will develop the skill of Discernment, where you will then know for certain what resonates with you, and what does not.

Guidance from others is always going to be clouded by their own ego and personal experience, and one very important observation I have made is that many people who define themselves as ‘psychics’ or ‘spiritual’ are very much still caught up in the 3D world and ways of thinking, and so while they may mean well and are indeed receiving guidance via their own spiritual gifts, they are also translating what they receive through their own limited perceptions and ego filters.

This makes is so very easy for them to give you advice that is not true to your personal path, or to make promises that are simply impossible to make, which easily cause problems later on down the road when things do not turn out as expected. For example, I once connected with a lady who had been holding onto a lot of anger and despair toward her ‘Twin’ because several psychics had told her that they were meant to be together and led her to believe that it would be within a certain amount of time. They spoke nothing of the inner work that comes along with the ‘Twin Flame Experience’ nor that separation is ‘normal’ on the journey – and nothing at all about the journey’s purpose being UNION with SELF. She was provided with general ‘romantic fluff’ promising they would be together rather than true Divine Guidance; so she sat and waited as she believed she was meant to do, and when physical reunion did not happen as ‘promised,’ she was overcome with anguish and confusion. She remained stuck in this 3D state of mind and energy until I helped her to shift her perspective, which enabled her to release her anger toward him, herself, and the entire situation. Then; she leveled up.

There are also times when Spirit will use a psychic to ‘challenge’ you; to cause you to question or doubt in order to force you to go deeper into yourself to find and KNOW the answer that is true and valid for YOU, and your unique journey to UNION. As within, so without; if you are reflecting a good deal of chaos out to the Universe, that is what you are going to receive back in kind. Psychics are not immune to such energy influencing what comes through them.

Sometimes psychics are just wrong, too…and some of them are more concerned with telling you what you ‘should do’ based upon their experience rather than encouraging you to go within…and yet sometimes, as I have experienced myself personally, they simply do not get anything no matter how much they try. Some will be honest about this, others will not; it all depends on their personal level of integrity and intent behind what they are doing.

One must also consider that in online forums, where all are welcome to join and give their input, you never know what sort of experience the person commenting has with UNION or how much of what they are saying is coming from what their ego ‘thinks’ as opposed to what Spirit KNOWS.  They could have been on the ‘path’ for 10 years – or for a month – you just simply do not know, unless you ask or do your own research into who you are learning from.

What is the point behind all of this, you ask? It is simple…it is up to each and every one of us to learn how to use our own discernment when receiving guidance from others as well as through our own personal channels. Spirit reveals truth to us in layers, as we are ready to receive it; what we know today will evolve tomorrow, and evolve some more the next day, and so on…but only if we allow ourselves to expand in this way. Spirit reveals truth to us most accurately through our own personal, direct connection; our Spiritual Gifts and Intuition. Why? Because what is truth to one, at any given point in ‘time,’ may not be truth to another, depending upon their experience and point of expansion. This is why it is so very important to learn how to go within – and then do so, regularly, until it becomes as much a part of your life as breathing.

Such times of ‘crisis’ and ‘self-doubt’ that many ‘Twin Flames’ and others on the Ascension path experience during these ‘waves’ I mentioned previously are intended to push you further inward; to teach you how to communicate with your Angels and Guides, Higher Self, other Divine Aspects, ‘Twin,’ and more outside of the constraints of the 3D world. It teaches you how to trust yourself and the messages that you receive through your own inherent spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing), and claircognizance (clear knowing). Oftentimes, we are not even aware that we *have* these gifts, and we miss out on the ways in which our Angels and guides try to communicate with us because of that incomplete self-awareness.

So now we’ve got to the point…the question I often get is, “How do I go within? How to I communicate with my Guides and Angels?” It’s actually very simple, it’s just that we have ‘forgotten’ how to utilize our natural Spiritual gifts and it takes a bit of conscious effort and attention to reverse that ‘forgetting.’ One of the most important steps is remembering to ASK for their help. That is sometimes the most challenging part because it is easy to fall back into ‘forgetting’ and not ask for assistance when we need it the most. It can take some time to build that trust with your Spirit Team of KNOWING they are there to help 24/7, and the easiest way to build that trust, and trust in yourself and your abilities and intuition, is by developing a daily spiritual practice for yourself that allows you to take an active role in your spiritual growth while simultaneously surrendering control of the ‘hows’ and ‘whos’ and ‘whens’ to the Universe.

But still…how do I do that, you ask?  I am going to explain how and then go into more detail about my own personal daily spiritual practice below; any and all who resonate with my practice are free to use it for themselves if they wish. If it does not resonate, there are many other spiritual practices out there that you can adopt, or you can create one of your own. I created one of my own by drawing from several sources that resonated with me and adding in my own bits and pieces to creating a ‘ritual’ and prayer for myself.

So, what you want to do first is sit in prayer and communicate with your angels. You can speak the words or think them, they feel your true intent thru the heart chakra. They will ‘hear’ you and respond regardless but a spoken prayer that is specific in intent does make a difference. I always start out with my daily prayer, and then once I am finished with that, I spend some time asking for guidance and help with specific issues that I need clarity on or assistance with.

You will find it helpful to ask your Angels and Guides to stay with you 24/7, protecting and guiding you clearly at all times. Ask them to deliver messages to you in ways that you will easily understand. Ask them to deliver each message to you as many times as it takes for you to receive it, and then take action on it. (The ‘action’ step is important…!) By ‘fine tuning’ your prayers in this way, you allow for the lines of communication with your Angels and Guides to be open at all times, and you give them permission to work with you in every moment in ways that are best for YOU. Keeping in mind – what is best for you is not necessarily what’s best for others.

When you are done with your prayer, sit in quiet meditation for 5 – 10 minutes, or longer if you feel drawn to. You may or may not receive anything then; just be aware of what you feel, any sensations internally or externally, any sounds you hear, tones in your ears, etc., any colors you see moving behind your eyelids, or sparkles of light you may see. If a thought pops into your head take note of that too. These are all ways that we detect the presence of Spirit. When this happens, messages are often being delivered to us telepathically that we then ‘translate’ as we go about our day and fully receive later.

Once you are finished meditating, release whatever it is to the Universe and trust that you receive the answers and blessings you asked for. Then just go about your day, being aware of the world around you for your answers and blessings to manifest in form.

Messages come in many ways…song lyrics you hear playing or in your head…an article that draws your attention on your Facebook newsfeed…number sequences…something someone says ‘randomly’ that is not so random to you. Spirit communicates with us all the time, we just have ‘forgotten’ that we can communicate, too, if we shift our perspective. We also often have misconceptions about what it means to be ‘psychic’ not realizing that we possess the very same gifts we revere in others because what we *think* we know about the ways spiritual gifts aka psychic abilities manifest is not truly accurate. There are MANY ways that the ‘clairs’ manifest, it’s up to us to discover OUR personal ways of manifesting them so we can more easily communicate and co-create with Spirit.

Below is my personal Daily Prayer. I begin my Spiritual Practice by singing an angel invocation, which calls my Angels to me and it is simply wonderful. If you have not felt the energy of angels before, you will definitely feel them after doing this invocation. It’s simple and easy, sung seven times in a row to call in your Angels; if you are not able to sing it out loud, it is effective to ‘sing’ it in your head as well. The following YouTube video describes the invocation and walks you through it step-by-step.

Once the Invocation is completed, it’s time for the Prayer.  Again, you can either read this silently to yourself or say it out loud.

 Daily Prayer

I invoke the Divine Presence of Spirit. I call upon my Healing and Guardian Angels and all the Divine Beings of Light who are connected to me and who work with and through me. I thank you for protecting me while awake and asleep and I give thanks for your support and for heeding my call. Today I ask you all to divinely assist me, protect me, guide and inspire me to manifest only that which is in accordance with the highest will of my soul and my sacred divine blueprint. 

I call upon Archangel Michael. Beloved Archangel Michael, I ask that you manifest your protective Blue light within and around me as an impenetrable shield. I ask that you help me release and cleanse all darkness, all negativity, all that is blocking my true and clear vibration, for the highest good of all. I ask that you use your sword of blue flame to cut through any etheric cords that are not love and light, releasing me from any form of negative energy, people, places or situations in all dimensions of time and space. I ask that you live and travel with me and my loved ones at all times; protecting us, our homes, our pets, our vehicles, and our valuables so that no harm may pass by your loving alertness. 

I call upon St Germain. Beloved St Germain, I ask that you manifest your Violet, Silver and Gold flames within and around me. I ask that these flames dissolve all conscious and unconscious negativity inside of and around me. I ask that this Violet, Gold and Silver flame manifest around me and that it protect me on all levels and through all dimensions against all negativity projected toward me, consciously or unconsciously, from any incarnate or discarnate being. 

I call upon Archangel Raphael. Beloved Archangel Raphael, I ask that you manifest your Green healing energy within and around me. I ask that you help me to heal physically, emotionally, and etherically in all dimensions of time and space. I ask that you help me to release all illness and dis-ease of the mind, body, and spirit and I ask that you protect me from negative thoughts and feelings that manifest into illness and dis-ease. I ask that you help me to attain my natural, vibrantly healthy form on all levels of my being by guiding my thoughts and actions, motivating and inspiring me to make healthy choices and heal myself. I ask you to help me heal all relationships with myself and others. 

I call upon Archangel Metatron.  Beloved Archangel Metatron, I ask that you help me to become a Master Creator by sparking my imagination and fueling my powers of manifestation, motivating and inspiring me to accomplish my priorities and create positive change in all areas of my life.  I ask you to help me to tap into the skills and resources I have developed in lifetimes past, present, and future and to transmute anything I touch, have touched, or will touch to gold, creating abundance for myself in all ways.  Help me keep my thoughts free of clutter so I am ready and able to receive the truths that will allow me to become the best I can be, and help me to connect with my own truth and my Higher Self, always. 

I call upon Archangel Sandalphon.  Beloved Archangel Sandalphon, I ask that you help me to alter my thought processes and patterns so my every desire and request manifests into my life with ease.  I ask you to help me uncover and release any beliefs, agreements, vows, or blockages that are not serving me and are preventing the results I truly deserve from manifesting, bringing me into alignment with what I wish to experience quickly and with ease.  

I call upon Archangel Chamuel.  Beloved Archangel Chamuel, I ask that you help me to communicate and interact successfully with my family and friends and to heal losses and divisions in my relationships.  I ask you to help me to reunite with my twin flame at this time and to fulfill our divine mission.  I ask you to teach me to see the beauty and the Christ in myself and others and to develop and liberate within myself , my own creative abilities and talents.  Please dissolve all feelings of selfishness, self-dislike, self-condemnation and low self-esteem, so that I can gain a healthy love of self, and help me to clear any confusion which may be blocking the flow of prosperity into my life.

I call upon Archangel Jophiel. Beloved Archangel Jophiel, I ask that you inspire me to use my innate creative power in my relationships, career, and all that I do. I ask that you whisper in my ear over and over again, exactly what I AM supposed to do until I receive it loud and clear, and then take action on it. I ask you to open my mind and heart fully so I am able to channel my natural Divine expression of love with ease in all of my creative endeavors and in every area of my life. 

I call upon Archangel Uriel. Beloved Archangel Uriel, I ask you to help me to be brave and fully embrace the talents and gifts that God gave to me. Help me to realize that I have nothing to fear in pursuing my passions because it was God who placed these passions in my heart in the first place. Guide me to the straight path that flourishes and overflows all of my creative endeavors and passionate desires. 

I ask my Higher Self, my Soul, and my Fully Mastered Self of the Light to step fully into my being and to guide my words, my thoughts and my actions, and I ask that that Spirit assist me to be receptive, open and willing to receive all communication coming my way from Spirit, my Guardian Angels, and my Twin Flame. 

I ask that I be receptive to respond to all messages from Spirit, my Guardian Angels, and my Twin Flame that require me to be of service to others in whichever way their soul requires it. If there is anything I need to learn today, show me. If there is something I am in denial about, reveal this to me. If my actions and words are unjustified and hurtful toward myself and others, alert me to this. If I treat myself and others unlovingly and unkindly, make me aware of this.

 I ask that all of this manifest under grace in perfect, miraculous and harmonious ways and in accordance with the highest will of all souls concerned. I give thanks to Spirit, to my Healing and Guardian Angels, and all the magnificent Beings of Light who consent to walk with me today, and I give thanks for all the blessings I shall receive and for all my prayers being answered. 

So be it. It is done. 

That’s that…as I said, you are welcome to use this practice if it resonates with you, to alter the prayer to suit your needs, or to find / create your own completely different spiritual practice. It matters not what method you use, what matters is that you do the work necessary to go within and learn to communicate with yourself and your ‘team’ of Spirit beings which are ready and waiting for you to do *your* part so they can step in and assist you. It’s called lightWORK for a reason; the work does not have to be ‘hard’ but there is work involved if we wish to raise (lighten) our energy and come into UNION .

I also recommend using the Pyramid of Power. This is your own personal sanctuary which you create for yourself where you can go to invite in your twin’s higher self (or anyone you wish to communicate with) and seek answers and resolutions in a way that bypasses the 3D world and the human ego. You can also go there to heal yourself and others (with permission) and to create that which you wish to manifest into form in the physical world.

The following channeling of my Masculine Aspect, Archangel Michael, through Ronna Herman, explains how to create and use your very own Pyramid of Power:

Michael begins by comparing the ascent to the fifth dimension to the ascent in an elevator from the Cosmic Shopping Mall. 

At the third-dimensional level, everything is there, but it’s all in chaos, and a lot of it is defective or broken. 

At the fourth-dimensional level, you can find what you want, but there is effort involved. Some of the doors are locked and you have to get them open. Some of the items are ”seconds.” Still, if you hunt around, you can find the items you dream of and take them back home with you. 

At the fifth-dimensional level, Michael says, ”everything of beauty that you could ever imagine is here,” instantly available just by thinking about it. But once you have gotten this far, you seem to be more interested in qualities — virtues and attributes. ”Now that you know you may have anything your heart desires, creating and claiming things takes on a new meaning.” 

Michael’s Discourse

We will now help you build your Pyramid of Power, where you will go in your quiet time and sleep time to receive healing, nurturance — to create that which you desire, and to also seek a Divine Solution for any situation or challenge that you may face. 

In whatever way you perceive, envision a Pyramid of Light. Through your intent, state that this pyramid is manifested in the fifth dimension. There is a capstone on your pyramid and it contains a spiraling Rainbow Ray of Light, which contains all the colors, virtues, and attributes of our Father/Mother God. 

As you move into the interior of your pyramid, look around: the walls and floor radiate an inner Light, and there are twelve crystal chairs in a circle. (You may wish to add more from time to time.) There is a Crystal Table in the center, and when you lie on it, it conforms perfectly to your body. There is a magnificent clear quartz crystal hanging over the center of the table. The crystal is faceted at both ends and the upper portion penetrates the capstone of the pyramid. 

This is the basic structure of your pyramid. However, we suggest that you add your own personal touches as you visit your Sacred Temple, and make it your own. 

We will give you several examples of how you may most effectively use your pyramid. 

Healing Conflict with Another

Let us say that you have a situation of conflict with someone in your life. In a meditative state, go into your Sacred Pyramid; be seated in one of the crystal chairs, and envision the other person sitting across the room from you, with the Crystal Table in the center. Ask the Higher Self of the person to join you two, as you wish to have a dialog with this person. Please, place your ego in the passive mode, and speak from the heart with your Soul as the director. 

Objectively state your case. And then place the situation on the Crystal Table, asking for a Divine Solution with the highest outcome that serves you both. Envision the Violet Flame of transmutation blazing up from beneath the table, surrounding the situation as it balances and harmonizes the energies within the thought-form/situation. 

Now, see the Great Crystal hanging over the Crystal Table begin to glow, and streams of Golden Light flow forth (they will look something like your strikes of lightning that you see in the skies during a thunderstorm). First, these streams of Lightning will focus on the Crystal Table and the situation. Then they will spread out to each of you, as they eventually fill the room. You will have tapped into the energy of the Divine Source. And you, the other person, and the situation will be charged with the cosmic Life Force of Creation. 

Then, you must relinquish the outcome to the wisdom of Spirit. You must switch to autopilot, you might say, whereby you cannot know where you are going or what the exact outcome will be, but trusting that it will be of the highest order. 

Healing Ourselves

If you wish to focus on your physical vessel — an illness, or an imbalanced situation — place yourself on the Crystal Table. State your desire, which may be specific or just for a general tune-up. Ask your Higher Self or I AM Presence to be your cosmic facilitator and oversee the process as the Violet Flame blazes up and surrounds you, and then the beams of Lightning are activated. 

This will greatly enhance and speed up the process of releasing any residual impacted negative energies within the physical structure, and building your vessel of Light. You will find that you will not be allowed to place anyone else on your Crystal Table without their permission (or, in special cases, the permission of their Higher Self). 

Decision-Making and Manifestation

Spend time within your Pyramid of Power when you have a decision to make, and to solidify and energize your visions and aspirations. Here, you may use the Universal Laws of Manifestation in their most dynamic form as you become proficient as a Master of Co-Creation. 

Spend time clarifying your vision of the future in all areas: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. … Apply [your understanding of the laws of manifestation] within your Pyramid of power, and watch as the miracles unfold. 

If there is a group situation — say, within the family or the workplace — see everyone involved seated in the crystal chairs and place the situation in the center. Ask each person’s Higher Self to stand behind and oversee the process. 

Again, place the situation on the Crystal Table, envisioning and asking for the highest outcome for all. Ask for the Divine Solution. And then spend as much time as necessary focused on the energy of the situation. See the Violet Flame magically neutralize it, and the Lightning of Spirit transform it into its highest form. 

At times you may wish to be in your Pyramid of Power by yourself, and at other times you may expand it to any size you wish, as you bring in great numbers of people and situations, both large and small, that need to be transmuted into the highest form of expression. 

By accessing your fifth-dimensional Pyramid of Power, you are bypassing the negative, distorted energies of the third dimension, and the conflicting, ambiguous energies of the fourth dimension. It is time for you to regain the ability to function within the rarefied planes of Light where only perfection is possible. 

Beloved friends, you are becoming multidimensional Beings of Light as you integrate your Soul-Self and gradually become transpersonal. Many of you have integrated your Solar-Self and your Galactic-Self, and are well on your way to accessing your Source-Self. That is what Ascension is all about, Beloveds: reclaiming the many wondrous facets of Self that you left along the way in your descent into the dreamland called Earth. 

We know how truly magnificent you are, and we see your awesome potential. Step into our world, dear hearts; we are waiting to greet you. 

I AM Archangel Michael. 


Dear Ones; you have all the tools you need to see yourselves truly through your unique journeys. The power is yours; it is up to you to step out of your comfort zone and claim it. We love you so and are here to help in innumerable ways; it is as simple as asking, surrendering, and allowing yourself to receive our messages and the miracles you wish to see manifest; And so it is.

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn

© 7/12/14

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