The True Twin Flame is Within

Divine Truth, when filtered through the ‘human’ experience, is fragmented and ever-evolving. Even for Angelics; in human form, our perception of truth is dependent upon our level of expansion in every moment, and the ‘version’ of truth that serves us in one moment will no longer serve in the next as we continue to expand. This is why it is so imperative to not allow oneself to get ‘stuck’ on any one particular ‘story’ or ‘version’ of truth, because ultimately, that ‘story’ was birthed into being by someone else, as a result of their personal experience, and is not representative of Divine truth as a whole. The only thing served by a ‘stationary’ truth is EGO; the only one desiring of a ‘stationary’ truth is EGO. All paths are valid and lead to ONEness. Spirit calls us all to remember this. And if this challenges you, Spirit calls you to ask yourself – why?

As long as one seeks externally in another…seeking the Twin Flame externally in someone else…that will be their experience of Union. Releasing the label and the dogma brings about true surrender…true Union, which we are, already, but are unable to SEE truly until we are ready to do so. One can talk with others and think about it all they want, can THINK they understand ‘fully’…but the truth is, when a deeper level of awareness hits you, you FEEL it, and once again you find yourself faced with the moment when you realize everything you thought you knew…is not quite what you thought you knew. Twin Flame is a FRAGMENT of the experience as a whole. Not the entire experience, or the ‘reward’ of it, but a point on the map intended to get you from point J to point K so to speak…not intended to keep you at point J indefinitely.

Understand that none of this is makes point J ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ it is simply illuminating various ‘truths’ as fragments of a whole. When you step outside of your own experience and view it, together with the experiences of many others over time, from an outside observer perspective, it becomes clear how these fragments come together like a great Cosmic puzzle to create a greater picture. It’s the same with Religion…all are fragments of the ONE truth…and the “Twin Flame Religion’ is just another branch of the very same ‘truth’ tree. Meant to guide, not define…unless you choose to be defined by it.

The Twin Flame is within…it is YOU…your energy…no other holds it or *is* it, exclusively; rather it is reflected thru others in order to show us what we need to see as we move along our journey and path to ONEness. These are things I knew, all along, but did not truly *understand* until recently when many things were shown to me from a ‘new’ perspective (new to the ‘human’ me). Understanding from Ego is not the same as understanding from Spirit. And ‘Spiritual Ego’ is still Ego. Again, this does not mean that ego understanding is ‘wrong’…it is just incomplete. Complete understanding…or ‘more complete’ anyway, as I know what I have been shown is, still, a fragment of truth, with more yet to be revealed…has freed me. No more pull…no more push…no more external anything. No more need to analyze, chat, mentally digest…I FEEL it all, and it is what it is. Free to love, and be loved in return. BE LOVE…BELOVED…the truth was there all along.

I have more coming about this soon, but for now…be blessed, my loves.

**More, as promised…!

Twin Flames: Lifting of the Veil   &   Consciousness of Twin Flames: The Shift

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn

© 6/14/2015

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3 Comments on “The True Twin Flame is Within

  1. Thank you. Sometimes I hunger for something that makes sense in a world I struggle to comprehend. Your writing did that for me this evening and I am grateful.

  2. Jennith, everytime you are guided and channel a new guidance about the soul/spirit/ego/twinflames/surrender/union, it incidentally coincides with an experience in my life that I cannot put in words as you do. While reading this message, I begin to see parts of the puzzles that I am living be connected with each word that I read. No wonder I am so fond of you dearest Jennith. My most heartly gratitude and Love to you. <3

  3. I could not have said it any better. I do feel the twin flame is reflected, seen and experienced with and through another. A connection so intangible and real, it is surreal. But, I do believe the twin flame is within. First and foremost, the ultimate spiritual experience is within oneself, the true twin flame, which allows me to see my twin flame in another or others (as I am now beginning to “see”). Thank you for sharing your perspective~