The Dogma of Twin Flames

The Dogma of Twin Flames

I have to be honest; much of what (many) have been saying and sharing about ‘Twin Flames’ is exactly the dogma that I am here to help dissolve so people can see and experience the multidimensionality ‘hiding’ within their limited belief system. Now this is not to discredit anyone’s personal experience – but rather, to allow for each soul’s experience to unfold as is meant for THEM – to come into UNION with SELF – according to their particular soul’s journey.

Some do indeed meet with that ‘one’ who carries their matching twin flame energy for ‘life.’ Many others do not. The ‘danger’ here is that the Ego does its best to cram everyone into the same ‘Twin Flame box.’ Consider how many times you have disallowed another to have their own experience by immediately trying to force them into your ‘box’ of rules and labels – all the while they are trying to explain that their experience has been different and yet JUST AS VALID as yours.  Be truthful with yourself – you have done it – I have done it myself, before Spirit revealed these truths to me.

I see this all the time – I have been ‘doing this’ for years. Spirit guided me ‘through’ the dogma so I could see what lies on the other side of it. Spirit also allowed me to observe many, MANY ‘twins’ and how anyone speaking on the experience from a perspective that differed from the accepted dogma was shut down and ostracized for a long time, until eventually, the ‘dogma’ is what remained – spreading like wildfire, especially amongst online groups.

Anyone whose experience fell ‘outside’ of the dogma was told they were ‘wrong’ – ‘evil’ – a ‘scatterer’ – or – a ‘charlatan.’  Back in the days of rampant, ‘kill in the name of God’ Christianity – we were called ‘heretics’ and ‘witches.’  We were silenced over and over by those who thought they ‘knew better’ – who thought they had the ‘spiritual rule book’ down – every time we spoke truth which challenged illusion.

Point being – there is MUCH MORE to the experience of UNION – ‘twin flame’ is but a single facet of a multidimensional experience – and the only ‘one’ served by trying to force everyone into the same box is Ego.

Before you ask…yes…I am with one who holds my flame energy. We have been together for 12 years. We have gone thru this experience together. Been in ‘separation’ while living under the same roof. Never able to stay away from one another for long. Instant recognition. Bubble love. Triggering. The ‘Twin Flame Dance.’ All of it.

It ‘began’ with him…but it didn’t ‘end’ with him…and it won’t end with him, still.  He was there with me as all of this was revealed by Spirit; as I ‘woke up’ to deeper levels of SELF when I felt the energy thru another…and then another…and another. As Spirit gently guided me to understand that this energy is not at all confined by ‘two’ bodies, here, on Earth; that it is multidimensional and capable of manifesting in limitless, miraculous ways, guiding us to see what we must see – learn what we must learn – heal what we must heal – integrate what we must integrate – in Diving Timing, according to our unique Soul Plan – but also as we ALLOW.

This energy is OUR energy – The True Twin Flame is WITHIN – and its manifestation in physical reality is dependent upon our Soul’s experience as a WHOLE – what we have done and experienced in all lives, as all aspects. Past/parallel/future lives – higher selves – other dimensional aspects – god/goddess aspects – ‘angelic’ aspects – ‘alien’ aspects – ‘nature spirit’ aspects – animal aspects – the human (ego) aspect – and more. UNION is about merging and integrating with ALL aspects of SELF – Integration of the SOUL – not just the ‘one’ aspect known as ‘Twin Flame.’

‘Twin Flame’ opens the doorway to multidimensional UNION. It is exactly that – a doorway – not a destination.  The very label itself denotes duality – TWIN flame. Disallowing anything other than the ‘twin’ experience to be valid. This is simply not true. It served at one point to move people along on their path to ONENESS – but it really has created a dogmatic mess of religious limitation due to Ego interference – not at all dissimilar to the sort of limitations that came about due to Ego interference in the Bible.

All of these other labels, too – false twin, near twin, catalyst, matrix twin, spiritual twin, and so on – these labels did not exist until recently; they are all constructs of ego that have come about due to rampant chatting, analyzation and questioning from a dualistic perspective; attempts to compartmentalize and force the multidimensional experience of UNION into a dualistic ‘box’ that Ego can understand.

This is my truth and my reality.  Union is an Inside Job.  This is what I have lived and been shown by Spirit, and I am not alone. Belief shapes form. Those who are ‘stuck’ in the dogma will continue to create that reality for themselves. If they believe they are ‘waiting,’ ‘running,’ or ‘chasing’ – then so they are. Those who are able and willing to shift ‘out’ of the dogma will allow for their own unique experience of UNION to begin unfolding. There are many who are at that point of readiness, now. They have been reaching out to me more and more over the past few months. Remember…I am not saying your experience is invalid…I am saying that the rigid dogma does not serve. Allow your experience to be as it is…while allowing others to experience something different. This is multidimensionality. This is UNION.

Oh…and it really does not matter if one is ‘with’ their ‘Twin Flame’ or not, either, in order to understand. I have witnessed a lot of this, too. “If they aren’t in relationship with their twin, they don’t know what they’re talking about.” That is also dualistic Ego interference. One does not have to be in physical relationship with ‘Twin’ to understand the energetic dynamics of UNION at play. If this ‘bothers’ you – or if you take issue with those who make money from their ‘spiritual’ work (another illusion I am here to dissolve) – know it is indeed triggering and projection of the Spiritual Ego to attempt to discredit a person by applying your own restrictions to their experience.

I observed quite a bit of this sort of thing when Matt Kahn came out with his video about soul mates and twin flames. He was brilliant – his perspective was spot on from a multidimensional understanding. But I saw a lot of people get triggered by it, some mildly grumbling that he didn’t know what he was talking about because he’s, “Not in a twin flame relationship,” some attempting to discredit him because he makes money from what he does, and some going all out, making huge rants and videos challenging him, because what he was sharing was different from *their* experience. Their (Spiritual) Ego was unable to step outside of itself to allow for multidimensionality to…well, BE. Exist, period.

It is true that one can not really understand the ‘Twin Flame Experience’ unless they have ‘been there’ themselves. But, again – this does NOT mean that a person can not understand UNION from a multidimensional standpoint – or even another ‘dualistic’ standpoint – and that it is ‘ok’ to dismiss them based upon your own beliefs.  ‘Twin Flame’ and UNION are not quite one and the same.  ‘Twin Flame’ is dualistic (3D).  UNION is multidimensional (5D+).

These are a few of the contradictions that I have observed many Spiritual folk avoid really looking at due to cognitive dissonance. (If they are right…how can I also be right? One of us must be wrong…it must be them…I KNOW what I’m talking about!!!)  But once they DO look, honestly, what they uncover about themselves is freeing beyond belief.  (Pun intended…)  Do you see what we mean, loves? Do you FEEL what we mean? Are you a limited being…or an unlimited one? We are the only ones keeping ourselves ‘stuck’ in a dualistic experience. I assure you – when you allow for multidimensionality to have it’s way and stop trying to control everything – when you release what no longer serves and have FAITH – miracles begin to manifest in ways the human mind can not imagine nor create on its own. This is true Surrender. Releasing limiting beliefs and expectations and allowing UNION to unfold in miraculous ways. xx


With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn

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