Piper F.

I am a veteran of readings, ranging from having my tarot cards read, to numerology, to having certain well-known astrologers do my chart and make predictions.  Just to give you an idea of how accurate and personal these readings were, right now I’m supposed to be married with twin girls (I’m recently divorced and have one adopted daughter!)

So I know the drill when meeting with an empath or card reader; no special jewelry, offer no information of my own, stay detached.  When I was feeling particularly lost after my recent divorce, I looked up the It’s Your Journey website to see who was scheduled to give readings.  I had my choice of three card readers/intuitives, two I was familiar with, one I had never heard of named Jennith Lynn.  Torn, I chose to go with my instincts and chose to see Jennith that very afternoon although I had no idea what “angel cards” were.

From the minute I met her, Jennith felt like a friend, a soulmate.  Rarely have I had such a connection with a reader.  She took her time, let me explain where I was in my life and ask any questions I had.  She laid out the largest spread of beautiful cards I’ve ever seen.  Then she took me step by step through my reading while I took notes.

Jennith immediately sensed I was lost and searching, and plainly saw my divorce and loneliness in the cards.  But instead of telling me to “be a medical transcriptionist” as one tarot card reader had done, she opened my horizons to the show me the world of Angels and Spirit Guides, assuring me that abundance was in my future.  Meeting with Jennith was more like speaking with the world’s best career/life coach rather than a typical card reading.  We explored both my personal and career lives, and, based on the Angel cards, she gave me excellent advice as to how to contact my Angel and Spirit Guides as to how to achieve the abundant life laid out before me.

She warned that huge changes were coming, good changes, and she was right!  I already feel more self-confident and less lonely and lost.  I have learned how to contact my Spirit Guides to find my Authentic Self (lost under layers of years of people-pleasing and a verbally abusive ex-husband) and I am now researching pursuing a career as an animal communicator – a path I never would have considered had I not met Jennith (who picked up on my love of animals immediately).  I finally feel as if I have found my true vocation after three decades of searching, and I am so excited and happy!

If you feel that you need advice, a life coach, a nudge in the right direction, or simply want to know more about yourself and the people in your life, book a reading with Jennith.  Her intuitive and interpersonal skills exceed those of the most experienced “psychic” and the most learned psychologist.  I met her last week and already I feel hope and that my life is finally changing for the better.  Hands down the best, most informative, most entertaining, most personal reading I have ever had – HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Piper F.Ohio - USA