Kathy B.

I connected with Jennith Lady Faith for the 1st time recently during a very difficult crisis/dilemma situation in my life that plunged me back into a 3D world of chaos & doubt clash with my 5D heart-based place of harmony & trust. Jennith was 1 of several gifted people recommended to me to reach out to for assistance at this time… & when we made contact, I immediately felt an instant connection with her, good vibes, felt right, & that it was meant to “be” the way to go…

She was so understanding, genuine, kind, caring & sensitive to the seriousness & urgency of my dilemma, & was very responsive, even messaging me as a matter of upfront top priority urgency, as soon as she started the 10 Card Email Reading, to give me an indication on which way the very “Black-or-White”, “Yes-or-No” answer to the situation I was confronted with was pointing. Including an upfront “overall”, “cut-to-the-chase” summary right at the top of the several page Reading document, which was so very much appreciated with relief.

Additional Cards also were drawn for confirmation & pointed forward to very important related issues in the aftermath that emanated & flowed on from the serious core situation with really profound, hopeful messages. This freed & released me to move forward, after feeling very stuck in the rawness & shock of the setback situation that had brought everything to a head… & enabled me to get back on track with my forward movement along my continuing growth path journey…

She tuned in very quickly, & her answers were clear, unequivocal, & confirmed what I’d been feeling myself during previous months, but with the chaotic seriousness of the situation I was dealing with, I was knocked sideways & lost trust in my own intuition that became undermined… & now as a few days have passed, I’m seeing & confirming how “spot-on” she has been… Jennith was a delight to interact with, giving of herself, & providing an insight into the type of special person she is. I can only recommend Jennith very highly, & look forward to future readings in less pressing circumstances. Thank you Jennith!  🙂

Kathy B.Melbourne, Australia
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