Soul Mates and Twin Flames Explained

I first channeled the original version of this Document a few years ago, about two years after I had met my Twin, not long after I discovered (remembered, really) the nature of our seemingly bizarre connection. At the time, I had no idea of my Angelic origins, or that I had been channeling Archeia Lady Faith all along, truly. Much has changed since them. I have experienced an amazingly beautiful (and challenging!) transformation which has provided me with in-depth insight on the Twin Flame experience and connection and my purpose for incarnating here at this time.  Archeia Lady Faith, my Angelic aspect and Higher Self, has requested that I edit the original document and ‘go deeper’ than I was able to at the time I first wrote it, and I have indulged her. So let us begin.

I have connected with many Twin Flames over the years and shared in their experiences, both their joys and their sorrows. I have talked to many twins…counseled many twins…long before I realized that I was channeling information and how my twin and I, while not together in the physical, were nonetheless very much United in Spirit, and were already working together as one to fulfill our purpose. Truly, we had been so all along; we just were not self aware enough to know it yet.

Along the way, I have met many people who find the topic of soul mates and twin flames confusing. There are alot of different ideas floating around out there, by a lot of different people, some of them who have met their twins and experienced it firsthand for themselves, and others who have not. In my opinion, it is wise to consider the perspective of the one you are receiving counsel from, as the information they are presenting to you is always going to be filtered through their ego’s personal experience. There are also cultural differences to take into consideration, as well as terms which get used interchangeably depending upon which source is used.

The point I am making is that the labels are important, and yet at the same time, they do not matter.

They are important because, in the beginning, when a person is first learning about soul mates and twin flames, it can be quite confusing, and the labels help our human minds and egos to process advanced Spiritual concepts by presenting the information to us in a way we can easily understand. Once a person delves deeper into their own personal ‘rabbit hole’ they discover that the labels no longer matter; it’s all energy, and when you learn how to FEEL the difference, the WORD is no longer necessary, and you know what a person means whether they are using a completely different label than you have become accustomed to using.

So, keeping that in mind…the terms used below are what I and many others that I know use to ‘define’ our experiences, but others may very well use different terms. That will help to prevent confusion going forward.

Moving on.  Soul mates are souls from your Soul Family or Source Group of Origin with whom you have shared previous lifetimes/karma/soul contracts to further your soul’s development. They are the people who teach you the most important lessons in life. Significant others, parents, grandparents, children, close friends, and sometimes even “enemies.” We all have many soul mates, and there are also different types of soul mates, such as Karmic soul mates and Twin Souls, which I will go into a bit more later.

Twin Flames are the other half of your soul for lack of a better description. Souls with the exact same energy frequency as you, split into masculine and feminine counterparts and descended into the lower dimensions to experience, themselves, through others, ie. through relationship with others. Each piece being half of a whole, and yet complete in and of itself at the same time. This is something that many people find confusing because they look at the idea of ‘half’ from a 3D standpoint, not stepping outside of that to view it from the multidimensional perspective of Spirit where one can be both half, and whole – here, and there – at the same time. Your Twin Flame is essentially YOU in another body. Everyone whom we meet is a mirror to us in some way, but Twins mirror us back to ourselves in EVERY way. This is what is known as the Cosmic Mirror effect. You only have ONE twin flame.

A Twin relationship may seem co-dependent at times because the energy between the two Twins is extremely intense and unlike anything they have experienced before. It can seem similar to a soul mate connection at first but it is quite a bit different if you have been involved with both a soul mate and your Twin and are sensitive enough to discern the energetic difference. Because the energy that Twins share is so intense, people often do not know how to handle it when they first meet, or even over many months or years, and so they may try to deny its existence or ‘run’ physically in some way. Regardless of whether they appear to ‘run’ or not, it is an irresistible pull; you are in each others minds and hearts, always, and you want to be with that person no matter how chaotic it is when you are together, or how impossible physical reunion may seem.

The reason this happens is they are mirroring everything back to you that you that you love about yourself – and also everything you need to work on within yourself, which often ends up being aspects that you dislike and so have suppressed or denied – up until the point when you meet your Twin and everything begins to go haywire.  Your Twin Flame will show you EVERYTHING about yourself whether you like it or not. Essentially, when they do (or don’t do) something your ego is triggered, and you experience a ‘bad’ emotion, such as anger, jealousy, doubt, fear, etc.;  they are not making you feel terrible – you are just seeing the parts of yourself that you do not like and have suppressed or denied, mirrored energetically back to you via your Twin.  It is your own unconscious ego themes and core wounds coming to the surface that are making you feel terrible, not them.  They are merely playing the role of Cosmic Mirror by showing you, yourself, truly; the parts of yourself that you love, and those that you dislike or have denied, otherwise known as your Shadow.

When you experience challenges with your Twin, or times of separation, understand that this is really a blessing in disguise and the most loving thing they could be doing for you, right NOW, because they are offering you an opportunity to recognize the hurt parts of yourself that have been buried away for a very long time – your core wounds and unconscious ego themes – so you can heal these things, embrace or release them, and transmute your own ‘darkness’ into light. This is how we Ascend into the 5th Dimension.

Many times, people’s egos will tell them they don’t have any inner Shadow work to do, that it’s their Twin who needs to grow, and they are simply ‘waiting’ for their twin to be ready; be assured that if you and your Twin are not together in the physical, it means that both have inner Shadow work to do, and they are showing you exactly what you need to work on without fail. The Twin connection is a two way street; what one does affects the other and is mirrored back by the other energetically. To be idle without working on self is to send that energy and message to the Universe and your Twin, which affects them similarly, meaning you end up stuck in a repeating loop of waiting indefinitely. Don’t worry about what it LOOKS like they are doing, or not doing, either. It’s not about what’s happening on the surface, it’s about what’s going on within, on a cellular and soul level.

Twins are magnetized to one another due to their energy frequencies being an exact match, as they were once ‘one’ split into ‘two.’ This is what makes them ‘different’ from soul mates. Soul mates have an energy frequency that is not an exact match. Some come closer in vibration and FEEL more intense than others – Twin Souls, which come from the same Soul Group of Origin, for one; and Twin Rays, which come from the same energetic color ray, such as Blue Rays (I am a Blue Ray) or Indigo Rays (you’ve heard of Indigo children). Then there are Soul Mates who are from completely different Rays and Soul Groups of Origin, but who have traveled with you in one or more lifetimes and played a role in your life, and so you recognize them when you meet them again in this life. Soul mates often create contracts with us before incarnation to help us, and them, learn important lessons while we are here on Earth.

The main ‘difference’ between Twin Flames and other souls we have a connection with is your Twin is not someone you can just move on from; the connection is so powerful that it forces you to transform rather than ‘running away’ by moving on and retreating back to your comfort zone and old egoic themes. All Twins are affected this way whether they are open about it or they hide their true feelings and try to pretend that they are unaffected. It is a transformation that starts within and can take many years before it begins to manifest externally, which means it requires great Belief and Trust – Faith – on your part in order to navigate the in-between times with Grace and Humility. (This is something that my Beloved AA Michael has been telling me for YEARS! Believe and Trust, he said, over and over…Believe and Trust.)

I also want to make something very clear. Everyone has a Twin Flame; NOT all twins are incarnated together here on Earth at the same time! It has been historically rare for twins to incarnate together, in general. I know of one incarnation for sure that my Twin and I shared and we made a right good mess of things while we were here that time…but boy did we have a heck of an experience! However, most times, one Twin is incarnated while the other is in Spirit, or incarnated on another world or dimension. This is another reason why we have soul mates; our soul mates are not ‘inferior’ to our twins, they are simply different. Soul mate relationships are just as important and valuable as twin flame relationships, and should not be dismissed or overlooked. When it is not possible for our Twin to be in our lives, for whatever reason, the Universe provides us with a ‘stand-in’ soul mate who meets all of our needs in the best interest of our soul’s growth and life experience, at that time. More and more Twins have been incarnating together and ‘waking up’ than ever before, now, but it is still considered a rare occurrence.

This is why it is imperative to NOT ATTACH to the labels or ‘romanticized’ and incomplete concepts of Twins, or lock yourself into a holding pattern by ‘waiting’ for your Twin to materialize, or to grow, etc. It is also imperative to learn how to LET GO of your Twin when separation times are necessary, which is completely different from forgetting about them and going on with your life or just finding someone to replace them and assign the ‘label’ of Twin, which is simply an ego rationalization, because your Twin is your Twin, there is no other. Letting go means releasing your egoic expectations and control over them and reunion and treating them, and yourself, with great patience, compassion, and understanding as you navigate your journeys, both separately and together. It means loving your Twin unconditionally whether they are with you or not, whether you like what they are doing or not, whether you communicate with them externally or not. No control, only love.

A Twin Flame relationship is truly not a relationship, but a Spiritual Union. It can not be defined by any terms that we have known here on Earth; if you try to treat it as you have all past relationships, you will find very quickly that it can’t be done. Most relationships, past and current, have been based upon ego themes of control of one or both persons and co-dependence, where one can not exist without support of the other. Twins can and do join in romantic partnership, but the relationship can only thrive in that way if it is a true partnership where each Twin has done their inner Shadow work and is complete and whole in themselves without any dependency on the other.  It must also be considered that Divine Timing and Free Will of both Twins are the two primary components to Reunion, neither of which you have any control over, which is why the focus must be placed on YOU rather than on a physical relationship with your Twin.

The importance of Twin Union is for us to learn to BE LOVE…to simply be happy, whether together physically or not. We are never truly separated, separation is an illusion, which means whether you are physically with your Twin or not, you both have already reunited in Spirit and are radiating love into the world around you, affecting all with the force of your merged energies. And when you DO reunite physically, it’s like taking two candles and combining them…they each shine brightly on their own, but when put together, their light grows exponentially.

To get to that place where you can be with your Twin in a romantic way, you must confront your ego and do your inner Shadow work, purging and transmuting all internal issues, thoughts, and beliefs that do not serve your greater good, humanity’s greater good, and your soul’s growth. These are from past trauma, this life and past lifetimes (seed fear) and ideals you were raised to believe about yourself and others such as religious beliefs, societal beliefs, beliefs about “roles” in a relationship, beliefs about the nature of “good” and “bad”…the list goes on and on. You also have to give up ALL CONTROL over the relationship to the Universe. The Universe and your higher self/selves are what orchestrate Reunion with your Twin; if you try to force things to go your way in your time, you will find that it doesn’t work out so well, because Divine Timing always has the last word.

The key is to focus on YOU…working out ALL of YOUR issues, loving YOURSELF, loving OTHERS, being HAPPY in your life for yourself with or without them, and loving your TWIN unconditionally, even if there is no contact and it’s only through your connection.  (I hate to say “only” because the connection Twins share is very, VERY important and they feel whatever you send to them through it, be it love or criticism, anger, etc.)  Twins are extremely telepathic with one another…even if they are not consciously aware of it…they feel what the other feels and communicate on a regular basis through their shared Higher Self, in their dream states, and in other ‘unconventional’ ways that often go overlooked when the ego chooses to focus only on external, 3D forms of communication. This is why you will hear us say, over and over again…go within. If you are unsure, go within. If you need to communicate something to your Twin, or you simply miss them and want to send them love, go within. Everything you need is inside of you, already.

I am ever grateful to my Twin for showing me everything I’ve needed to see about myself so I could grow and evolve; I used to tell him this often, once upon a time. Since I’ve met him I have changed tremendously in many positive ways because of his presence in my life, even though we have not met in person yet and have gone our own separate ways the past few years to focus on our inner Shadow work. Our light has increased tremendously and spread out to affect many others long before our physical reunion and it continues to spread as we both continue to heal and transmute our own ‘darkness.’ I am excited to see how many people we can shine our light upon when we finally come together in the physical.

In closing, I can not stress enough that our Twins are our MOST BEAUTIFUL and IMPORTANT tool for spiritual transformation, and it is only by understanding the dynamics and purpose of Twin Flames, and how the energetic connection works, that you will become a Master of your path and Reunite with your Twin. You can be assured that if you are upset with your twin for any reason, it is the Cosmic Mirror at work showing you something within yourself that you need to work on. Awareness and honesty with and of SELF is imperative here. The more work you do on yourself and the more you release all perceived “need” for control, the less upset and chaos you experience, until finally, nothing remains but love.

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn

© 7/24/14

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3 comments on “Soul Mates and Twin Flames Explained
  1. Talia says:

    Here I am at 1:22 engulfed in reading and learning more, I just finished reading about twin flames and soul mates. The universe directs and guides us EXACTLY where we need to be and I’m sitting here blown away because this article couldn’t have come at ANY better time in my life. This article gave me that feeling and spoke direct volumes to me. It was exactly what I needed to encounter and now I feel so much more equipped in moving forward on my journey. I want to give my greatest thanks for this article, I can’t stop the tears from falling and it isn’t from sadness! It’s from happiness and love for the knowledge given. Because of the power that it ignited in myself. I feel so GOOD with all the added knowledge and I couldn’t be more grateful for these powerful words you bestowed upon us. Thank you so much.

    With much much love, Talia

  2. this is un believable but so believable with the knowing. Carl G Burkin is my twinn flame. even thou he is deceased i feel him closer and closer to me every passing minute. Before Carl became brain dead he said to me ” promise me that whether you die or I die first we will automatically reunite and walk eternity together despite what energy form we are in “.When i met Carl it was as though we were one soulhip to hip fully understanding of one another a connection beyond this world.I know he is waiting for me to pass so we both can move on too eternal peace and happiness.

  3. Diane says:

    I recently reunited with my twin flame after many years. We both realized we had much inner work to do, now after 40 years apart we are ready to reunite. So much of what you said is right on target. We are lucky enough to have been reincarnated at the same time, which is unusual but has it’s reasons. Twins are reunited to complete a mission together for the good of all mankind and the earth not just for their own inner development.