Local Events & Psychic Parties

I am available for face-to-face Readings and Events in North Central Ohio!

Private Reading or Healing in Your Home or Mine: $50 for a 1/2 Hour, $90 for an Hour

Psychic Reading Parties: $30 for a 15 minute reading. Host a group of 8+ & get yours free!

Local Events: I would love to come to your event and read for your guests!

**What makes a good psychic party or event? Anything where your guests would appreciate a touch of the metaphysical! Local music shows and festivals, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, retirement parties, girls night out – or just for fun! Let’s make it happen.**

Email me to discuss booking any of the above.


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Legalese: I have to say this stuff.  I take my calling very seriously; it is a way of life, and what I share and offer is based upon authentic spirituality and personal experience.  Therefore, I do not declare this site to be for entertainment purposes.  However, I do declare that the provided services are not recognized scientifically and therefore no results can be guaranteed.  Said services are not fit for all purposes.  In no way am I to be held liable for what manifests in your life by acts of GOD, FATE, DESTINY, and FREE WILL.  My services are tools to be used for enhancing and positively influencing your life.   Never should they take the place of the advice and care of a licensed doctor, therapist, counselor, lawyer, or other professional in situations where such professional advise and care would be a wise and reasonable course of action.  All services are confidential, and available only to those over the age of 18 unless consent has been granted by parent or legal guardian.  Once a service is booked, no refund shall be issued.  Clients agree that they have read, understand, and will abide by the disclaimer above and are choosing to participate in and receive said services of their own volition and free will.