Guidance & Healing Sessions

I offer Soul Guidance by calling upon my Divine Aspects to help others Shift Perspective, Release Blocks, and Move Forward with Clarity and Grace. Intuitive Counseling is currently available by FB chat – written or audio – Skype audio – Phone – and Email. Healing sessions are also available. Please continue reading to discover the best option to meet your needs.

To get an idea of what you can expect from your time with Lady Jennith,

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*All services are by appointment only and subject to a waiting list; allow 1 – 6 weeks for completion and delivery on average. Intuitive Counseling Sessions are scheduled Monday thru Thursday, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Time. If you require a time outside of this, please message me to discuss. Same-day and Weekend Emergency Sessions (Friday – Sunday) may be available for an additional $25 fee.

Payment must be made in advance, and is non-refundable.


Intuitive Counseling Sessions: 30-min, 60-min, and ‘Deep Dive’ Options

Email Readings: 1-Card, 3-Card, and 10-card Readings

Local and Remote House Cleansing + Blessing

Remote Reiki Healing for People: Mini and Full Sessions

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*See below for details about each service and to book your time with me.

Questions?  Email me!

.Intuitive Counseling, 60 Minutes – $90.00

We’ll connect one-on-one and I will answer your questions by providing intuitive guidance and wisdom from my ‘Spiritual Toolbox.’  I will also use my pendulum and pull cards as guided to gain further clarity.  Each Session is a unique blend of intuitive guidance, coaching, and cards.  Energy integration and activation often happens naturally during a session along with accelerated clearing out of energetic blockages. Sessions are done via FB Chat audio call or typed, Skype audio, Phone, or if you are close to Huron County, Ohio, in your home or mine.

Intuitive Counseling, 30 Minutes – $50.00

Similar to the 60 Minute Session but half the time and fewer cards. *Please note that if you end up requiring more than 30 minutes, you must book additional time to continue.

‘Deep Dive’ Intuitive Counseling  – $125.00

During this special, in-depth session, I’ll pull multiple spreads from two or more decks and use all the cards together to provide no-nonsense, clear guidance on what best serves – or no longer serves – you on your journey.  The ‘Deep Dive’ Intuitive Counseling Session is done via FB Audio Call, Skype Audio, Phone, or In-Person and typically lasts 1 1/2 – 2 hours.

10-Card Email Reading – $70.00
I pull a Celtic Cross Spread focusing on one topic or a few specific, related questions. I will use my pendulum for further clarity as guided. You’ll receive a detailed report with my insight and the symbolism of each card emailed to you when completed. The report gives you the opportunity to gain further insight of your own at the time of your reading and in the future.
3-Card Email Reading – $40.00
I pull three cards representing the Recent Past, Present, and Near Future in regards to your situation. I will use my pendulum for further clarity as guided. You’ll receive a detailed report with my insight and the symbolism of each card emailed to you when completed. The report allows you to gain further insight of your own now and in the future.
1-Card Email Reading – $15.00
Single question only. I will use my pendulum for further clarity as guided. You’ll receive a detailed report with my insight and the symbolism of your card emailed to you when completed. The report allows you to gain further insight of your own now and in the future.
Full Healing Session (Remote Only) – $50.00
I serve as a channel of Spirit to facilitate the release of energetic blockages and imbalances which manifest as illness, pain, dysfunctional patterns and false belief systems. I utilize the Reiki Method of Natural Healing to align and balance your energy – going through each chakra individually – removing limiting beliefs, blocks, and intrusive attachments or entities as they present themselves. When it comes to energy healing, Spirit works its magic according to belief and willingness to surrender what no longer serves – willingness to release unhealthy blockages, patterns, and attachments that have become ‘comfort zones’ – in order to heal and rise.  If this is the sort of healing you desire; I am honored to meet your needs.  Healing sessions are done by appointment and are completed at a distance.  Please note that each healing is unique; some issues are resolved with a single session while others will require multiple sessions.
Mini Healing Session (Remote Only) – $30.00
During a Mini Healing Session, I do not work with each individual chakra; I go into a trance state and allow healing energy to be channeled through me into you, flowing freely where it is most needed. Healing sessions are done by appointment and completed at a distance. Each healing is unique; some issues are resolved with a single session while others will require multiple sessions.
**If you or a loved one – pets included – are nearing the end of life, please email me for free Reiki healing. I am here to support you and ease the transition for everyone.**

House Cleansing & Blessing  – $50.00 first hour, $20 every additional 1/2 hour

You could benefit from a Cleansing & Blessing when:

*You have just purchased or moved into a new house or apartment

*There has recently been a death or other traumatic event in your home or workplace

*You detect an unwanted presence, spirit, or entity in your home or workplace

*You regularly feel uneasy in your home and desire to clear out all negative energy

Booking Guidelines:

1) Click on the BUY NOW link beneath the desired service.  Complete payment on PayPal’s website; be sure to verify you have selected the correct Service before submitting payment. Payment must be made in advance and is non-refundable.

2) Send an EMAIL to that includes your name, email address, and service selected.  I will reply to confirm and discuss what happens next.

Please allow 1 – 3 business days for confirmation of your Email; all Services are subject to a waiting list and will be scheduled or completed according to my availability.


**If you live in Ohio, click HERE to see how we can connect locally!**

*If you live OUTSIDE of the US, please be aware that I am unable to do your reading by phone; if you would like a reading with me, and you live outside of the US, you will need to select a Skype Audio, FB Chat, or Email reading.*  

My Readings and Private Sessions are designed to help you step into your Divine power and gain clarity on personal themes which have been blocking you from moving forward with ease on your Journey of Life.  I also specialize in helping people to understand the true, multidimensional dynamics at play when it comes to UNION of the SOUL – otherwise known as the ‘Twin Flame Experience.’  My goal is to provide a sense of direction and help bring heavy, dense ‘stuff’ from all lifetimes to the surface so you can recognize, heal, and release or transmute whatever Spirit is calling you to pay attention to at the time.

I will not tell you specifically how and when events will occur as Free Will and Divine Timing are always at play.   If you are considering a reading with me about the ‘Twin Flame,’ please know that I am here to help you navigate your journey in accordance with what best serves your soul’s expansion at the time.  I am not here to perpetuate 3D limited perceptions, I am here to assist others with releasing ‘old’ paradigm illusions so they may come into Union with SELF.  

I also will not invade the privacy of others, so please do not ask me to read another person without their consent or otherwise interfere in their life.  My Readings and Sessions are about YOU; what can I help you see about your journey today?

I’m willing to accept trades for Readings and Sessions as well if you provide a service or goods you think I may be interested in, too.  Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask!


Legalese: I have to say this stuff.  I take my calling very seriously; it is a way of life, and what I share and offer is based upon authentic spirituality and personal experience.  Therefore, I do not declare this site to be for entertainment purposes.  However, I do declare that the provided services are not recognized scientifically and therefore no results can be guaranteed.  Said services are not fit for all purposes.  In no way am I to be held liable for what manifests in your life by acts of GOD, FATE, DESTINY, and FREE WILL.  My services are tools to be used for enhancing and positively influencing your life.   Never should they take the place of the advice and care of a licensed doctor, therapist, counselor, lawyer, or other professional in situations where such professional advise and care would be a wise and reasonable course of action.  All services are confidential, and available only to those over the age of 18 unless consent has been granted by parent or legal guardian.  Once a service is booked, no refund shall be issued.  I also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone – so play nice, please! Clients agree that they have read, understand, and will abide by the disclaimer above and are choosing to participate in and receive said services of their own volition and free will.