Dog Medicine: Shared Rebirth

November 12, 2017; the day life as I knew it broke into a million pieces. The day the ‘furry love of my life’ as I call her – my ‘doggy soul-mate’ and Life Totem, Rayne – passed away. My husband

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Q & A: How can there be more than one ‘twin flame’?

Dear Faith:  I’ve seen you speak more than once about twin flame multidimensionality, and how the connection is not limited to one ‘person’ or body.  How can this be if twin flames are one soul split in two? This is

Q & A: What happens when twin ‘opts out?’

Dear Faith:  Can you explain to me what happens when you have a twin flame connection with someone, and they ‘opt out’ of physical relationship or mission work together? Yes, Beloved!  This is a wonderful question, with multiple aspects.  From

The Dogma of Twin Flames

I have to be honest; much of what (many) have been saying and sharing about ‘Twin Flames’ is exactly the dogma that I am here to help dissolve so people can see and experience the multidimensionality ‘hiding’ within their limited

Collective 10-Card Reading 1/2016

The interpretations below may or may not resonate with you; please take what resonates and leave what does not.  I have included the meanings of each card so you may use your own discernment when it comes to feeling out

UNION: Integration of Past-Life Themes

I’m sure that many of you have noticed my ‘absence’ these past few months. I have been around, but relatively quiet and to myself. The reason for this is I have been struggling greatly with depression and illness that my

Love and Duality: The Great Illusion

**The following piece was written recently by Mel Brand and it resonated so strongly with me that I was guided to share it here on my site: I always find it very exciting when I wake up at two or

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Consciousness of Twin Flames: The Shift

Over the past several weeks, a message came to me that slowly took its time translating from my heart center to my mind and fingertips.  Much as I tried to put what I was feeling into words before then, it

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Twin Flames: Lifting of the Veil

A little something I am compelled to share. I know I have been quite absent of late. There is reason for this. Over the past few months, I have been undergoing a transformation more intense than any I’ve experienced to

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Separation is a Lie

Separation is a lie. You ARE UNION. Say it. I AM UNION…UNION I AM! Separation is a reflection of your inner state of separation; you believe you are un-whole in some way, conscious or not, and this manifests outside of