Q & A: What happens when twin ‘opts out?’

Dear Faith:  Can you explain to me what happens when you have a twin flame connection with someone, and they ‘opt out’ of physical relationship or mission work together?

Yes, Beloved!  This is a wonderful question, with multiple aspects.  From a Divine perspective, ‘what happens’ depends entirely upon you – whether you choose to be a Limited Being, or an Unlimited (Multidimensional) Being.   The ‘who, what, where, when, and how’ manifest as you allow them to – in direct reflection of your inner state of allowance, or resistance, respectively.

What I mean by that is, if you are ‘fixated’ on a certain outcome – even in the tiniest of ways – then you limit the ways in which your experience may unfold.  But – as you surrender – you begin to experience the connection in ways that surprise you.  Miraculous ways.  Now keep in mind – surrender is a process, it is rare for one to fully surrender ‘all at once’ – although not impossible, as nothing is impossible for a Divine Creative Being – so it is perfectly ‘normal’ to find that you recognize and release your limitations in ‘layers’ so to speak – progressively allowing more – and greater – miracles to manifest into your life.

So, going back to the ‘twin flame’ – and how this sort of surrender-based-fluidity is related to the connection, and situation where twin ‘opts out’ of physical relationship or mission work.

You see, my loves…there is nothing to ‘fear’ when this happens…there is no ‘loss’ for you to overcome…it is simply your own perceptions and energy which must be mastered.  Recognize that what you see, feel, and KNOW through the other is truly a reflection of YOU – your energy, your essence – and that this energy and essence can, does, and WILL manifest through ‘another’ once you are surrendered enough to allow it to be so.

The ‘what, where, when, and how’ of it – and even the ‘who’ – ESPECIALLY the ‘who’ – will happen in Divine Timing.  You can not plan this in a 3D sense any more than you ‘planned’ to connect with twin the first time – but rest assured, you DID plan for this in the sense that your Higher Self has been in charge all along.  So when it happens – when the connection manifests through another – the ‘process’ starts all over again.  Catalyzation – great love – self healing – integration – synchronicities – visions – meeting in the etheric (whether consciously known or not) – all of it, and more so than ever before.

Because you see…as you grow, as you evolve, as you expand and integrate more of SELF – you become an entirely new YOU.  And so, being a new YOU – you align yourself with another YOU from another place and time.  This can, does, and WILL happen in any number of miraculous ways – we shift timelines – we have walk-in experiences – it is not important to know ‘all’ the ways it can happen – it is important to know that it DOES happen, as Spirit has shown me through personal experience and working with many others ‘twins’ over the years.  It is your ‘job’ to allow for it to happen – and to recognize it when it does without resistance.  Do not look at the physical for recognition – for ‘they’ may look the same – but they may also be totally different in appearance, age, etc.  There will, however, be similarities; big and small synchronicities which will tell you, “Oh, there you are…”  Again… *grin*

At this point is you have come around to another ‘beginning’ on your spiral of UNION with SELF – and you begin again the process of becoming more aligned with your true self.  And the more aligned you are with your true self – the more that alignment is reflected in the mirror of ‘twin’ who stands before you – until you reach a such point of self-authenticity that the person standing before you – regardless of ‘who’ that person is – will be aligned with you in all ways, what many refer to as the ‘true twin flame.’

Many out there at this time teach ‘reunion’ rather than UNION – from a space of Limited Duality – not realizing – or more accurately for some, not allowing – for the connection to manifest in multidimensional ways.  If you find yourself aligned with these teachings – that is perfectly fine and wonderful, as your experience is YOURS and there are absolutely those out there who are intended to experience ‘twin’ with one ‘person’ alone.  But – if you find that you feel there is ‘more’ to the experience of UNION than the ‘story’ says – or if you find the truth of others to be too ‘dogmatic’ for you – know that there is a reason you feel this way – it’s because there most certainly *is* more to it – it goes deeper than most can imagine, which is the point.  Miracles are beyond human understanding – and it is by having Faith in ourselves – by Believing and Trusting that we will create UNION for ourselves, no matter what – that we allow it to come to us – and simply BE.  I wrote the below piece some time ago, and it seems fitting to share, now:

~ Resonance ~

I feel you; vibrating
In the space between words
Our shared resonance
A seductively soothing tone
Alchemy flowing between us
Igniting a sacred fire
Eternal Dance of the Soul
Spiraling Out, Returning Home
One sweet moment at a time
Not by doing, but by being
As we are, as we were
And once again shall be…

Much love to you, Beloveds; honor your unique path to UNION, and your path will honor you.

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn


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3 Comments on “Q & A: What happens when twin ‘opts out?’

  1. Hey does this mean that a twin flame can be anyone ? And there are many twin flames on our path depending on our truth at the time ?

    What I’m understanding from it is okay to speak our truth and walk our path without our twin because the universe will bring a new twin that matches our new self

  2. Ive been reading your articles and its truly opened my eye and its helped me out a lot on my own path. But I do have a question. I’ve come across my twin flame and its gotten to the point that not only are we connecting on a uncommon amount of stuff. I’m hitting deja vu moments more and more around her to the point that I’m “remembering” things before they actually happen. The problem that’s happening now is that she is stuck in a duality perspective and believes she has met her only twin flame and is blocking everything going on with anybody else. Ive taken a step back and just trying to be there for her spiritually and all that, but I’m at a crossroads. I see her trying to force this relationship with this other person and its continuously messing with her on all accounts. Should I stay in the back and help her work through her stuff or should I do something else?

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This just happened to me. I’ve gone with it, not questioning because of how amazing it felt. Literally, it’s like we are going through those supposed stages, but in high speed. We went into ‘separation’ in a week. lol. I’m thinking what the heck, my Twin just did this to me and now this is happening again?? Couldn’t help but feel like deja vu as we went from constant contact to radio silence. There is still that ‘knowing’ though you know? I’ve actually had the ‘timeline’ jumps since I met this one in 2011, little glimpses. This helps me so much!

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