Q & A: The Art of Surrendering

Q: Kristen – Arizona USA >> Who has had the experience of fully coming into your spiritual gifts after fully surrendering yourself and your TF experience to Source? Did you have the gifts before surrendering or did they mostly manifest after letting go?

A: Archeia Lady Faith >> I am so happy you asked this, Dear One!  I have been meaning to focus on the subject of Surrender for some time, and your question is a perfect opportunity to do so as it illustrates the importance of Surrender when it comes to Twin Flame Union. So, let me begin.  Anyone who has been around the Spiritual block so to speak knows just how much Surrender is stressed when it comes to Twin Flame union and so-called ‘New Age’ communities.  However, despite it being such a well-known concept, Surrender is also one that is greatly misunderstood.

So, what is Surrender, then, you ask?  I will explain.  Surrender is a state of BEing attained by doing…nothing.  That is correct.  By DOing nothing.

What I mean by that is you are no longer trying to control the outcome.  No longer stressing yourself over the details.  How, when, where.  What your twin flame is doing (or not doing) right in your eyes.  You are no longer pushing, or pulling.  You are no longer hurting yourself by holding onto expectations like a child playing a game of hot potato.  You are no longer blaming your twin flame (or anyone else) for working their own ‘stuff’ out in their time and way, or for playing the role of Cosmic Mirror and illuminating your Shadow.  You are no longer trying to ‘cut cords’ with your twin so you can ‘move on’ from them.  You are no longer TRYING or DOING anything to ‘deal with’ your connection.  You are no longer burying, ignoring, or avoiding your feelings.  You are no longer forcing, no longer manipulating.  No longer waiting…no longer running.  You are finally, blessedly, STANDING STILL.

You are simply BEing.  Allowing.  LOVING.  You are SEEING, with clarity, and ACCEPTING your past, present, and future for what it truly is.  You are UNDERSTANDING the purpose of your connection without ego-filters and allowing it to BE what it is.  You are FULLY AWARE of your own ego themes and are no longer resisting or forcing the natural, Divine process of self-transformation.  You are HEALING your core wounds by acknowledging them as they come up in the moment and allowing yourself to feel your pent-up emotions as they release without attaching negative thought forms to them or falling back into old ego themes.  You are GROWING in leaps and bounds…by simply STANDING STILL in your own Presence, and BEING.

Do you see the difference, Dear Ones?  Surrender means having complete Faith in what you have come to FEEL and KNOW is true for yourself, about yourself, and your Twin Flame connection.  How many times must we gently remind and redirect you, before you learn to TRUST in yourself and your innate knowingness?  Once you trust in yourself…once you have absolute confidence and Faith in what you know to be true, for you…there is no longer a need for the push and pull that came before, every time Doubt crept in and reared its ugly head.

Taking it a step further…Surrender means having complete Faith in God / The Universe that everything is happening according to your SOUL’S best interest and Divine plan despite what it may appear to be on the surface, and that your every need and more will be taken care of if you give up control over the external and place your focus on inner transformation.  All along, the goal has been SELF transformation; and yet, so many get caught up on the romanticized man-made Dogma of Twin Flames and they lose sight of the TRUE purpose of the connection.  Even when they KNOW the true purpose, the Ego still becomes enamored, which is of course for the purpose of clearing out related ego themes from this and past lifetimes.

So, you see, Dear Ones.  Surrender is not something that you DO.  It’s not a mental exercise, or a magic ‘spell, a ‘cord cutting ceremony’ or just ‘forgetting’ and ‘moving on.’  It is a state of BEing, and there is nothing that you can DO that will ‘make’ it happen before you are really and truly ready to BE Surrender.  And everyone reaches that state of readiness in their own time, and in their own way.

There are ways to help yourself along, to be sure.  Monitoring your thoughts and gently redirecting yourself back to your heart space every time your ego is triggered and you start to waver into ego themes is a good way to start.  Not ignoring or suppressing these themes, but  recognizing, understanding, and releasing them, naturally.  For some, this takes years.  For others, it can happen in a matter of months.  And yet, for others – it can be instantaneous.  It all depends on how ready and willing one is to simply LET GO of that which no longer serves.  The more resistant you become by focusing upon others or becoming attached to there being a ‘process’ of releasing themes or attaining Surrender, the more you create the self-imposed illusion of ‘suffering’ for yourself.

I know this is confusing to some; as Archangel Michael has said many times over…Believe and Trust…Believe and Trust.  Once you have removed ALL doubt and resistance from your being, Surrender simply happens…naturally.

Now…back to your original question.  Everyone has innate Spiritual Gifts.  Some people are more ‘tapped in’ to these gifts throughout their life; others have not a clue what they are capable of.  One thing is for sure, though.  When one merges with their twin – be it long distance or physically, it matters not – a profound Spiritual transformation is catalyzed, and one of the ways in which both twins are affected is the emergence of pre-existing, latent Spiritual Gifts and the intensifying of gifts that they have known of, previously.

As time goes on, these Gifts increase.  Become stronger, clearer.  This is perfectly normal.  However; once one truly Surrenders, and places their focus fully upon stepping into their own Power and Purpose, a great Shift occurs, releasing blockages that had been preventing them from becoming all that they have been, all along.  It is this state of Surrender and resulting Shift of Focus which allows our Spiritual Gifts to fully manifest as intended.

Can you see now why Surrender is so very important?  Without it, we never truly step fully into our Power and Purpose.  We spend so much time and energy focused upon doubt, worry, hurt, blame, control…that we have little to nothing left to give to OURSELVES, let alone anyone else.  But, when we Surrender, a whole new world opens up before us.  We are no longer standing in our own way.  We open up to Spirit, like a flower reaching for the sun after a harsh Winter.   And the more we step into our Power, the more we See, Feel, Hear, and Know truth through our own Spiritual Gifts…which brings us to deeper levels of Faith…deeper levels of Surrender…and deeper levels of Ourselves; all of which, bring us ever closer to our Beloved.

Go within, Dear Ones.  The Surrender that you seek, has been seeking you…but you must go within, to find it.


With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn


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  1. It is no coincidence I came across your page and blog. This is exactly where I am. How you stayed surrendering of my twin flame has brought a greater sense of urgency to act, accept and surrender. Ego keeps coming up this week as well. As I stated, this is no coincidence. Thank you kindly for putting it out there. Namaste.

  2. This is fantastic, one of the best articles I’ve read that describes this enchanted, enlightened feeling of just “being” – I don’t recall the last time I felt this whole within myself. I really appreciate your gifts and talents. Thank you, Susan

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