Q & A: On ‘False Twins’

For some time now, Faith has been after me to channel a more complete message about the topic of ‘False Twins.’  So here goes.

Q: Many have referenced ‘False Twins’ >> What about ‘False Twins?’  Could he/she be my ‘False Twin?”  He was my “False Twin’ all along!

A: Archeia Lady Faith >> ‘False twins’ are really soul mates who resonate with us more strongly than others, which can happen for a number of reasons. The term ‘false twin’ has spread like wildfire among ‘twin internet groups’ as the new ‘label’ for anyone with whom a person shares (or once shared) a strong yet ‘dysfunctional’ bond.

If you step back and observe truly, you will notice how humans in general tend to grab onto something and run with it without putting much genuine reflection into it.  Someone will come up with a label to explain something, and when others see/hear it, they jump to apply it to a situation in their life that they think is relevant.  (Notice I say THINK here, rather than FEEL.)  Quite literally, as soon as the term ‘false twin’ popped up, it was EVERYWHERE…everyone’s ego latched onto it because it somehow made them feel less ‘wrong’ about being mistaken (or thinking they might be mistaken as often happens as a ‘normal’ part of the process with true twins) about who their twin was/is.

Many of these people (not all, but many…I know some who are well versed in the Twin Path use it too) are ones who have not truly met their twin at all, they just fell in love with the idea and put the label of ‘twin’ on whoever they were with or had feelings for at the time. And then when things didn’t work out according to some sort of ‘fairy tale’ they had built up in their head, on their terms or in their time, they decided that person was now a ‘false twin’ and which allows them to ‘move on’ to find their ‘real twin.’ Do you see where I am going with this?

This is all coming from ego. As I have said before, the labels are important and yet not important at all. ‘False twin’ could be anyone you think is your twin and are wrong about…anyone you encounter in that situation is going to be a soul mate…so ‘False twin’ is always a soul mate. One that resonates strongly in one way or another and pushes your buttons (positively or negatively) nearly as much as Twin…but a soul mate nonetheless. Ego just went ahead and made a fancy name for it…Ego loves to complicate things.  😉

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn


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