Q & A: How can there be more than one ‘twin flame’?

Dear Faith:  I’ve seen you speak more than once about twin flame multidimensionality, and how the connection is not limited to one ‘person’ or body.  How can this be if twin flames are one soul split in two?

This is a great question, Beloved!  One that many have asked over the years.  Please allow me to explain.

In order to understand ‘how’ this can be, you must first understand that most current, popular beliefs about twin flames are not coming from a 5D or greater perspective regardless of the way in which they are presented, or whom is presenting them.  Most of these beliefs – twin flame religion, dogma, or myths, as I often refer to them – come from a limited, 3D perspective.  This is not to say that such a perspective is ‘wrong;’ more accurately, such a perspective is incomplete – a fragment of a Divine Truth which is much more expansive than the ‘human’ ego can comprehend.

You see, the soul is not ‘solid’ – it is energy, and as such, it is fluid and without bounds.  There is no such Divine restriction that it may *only* be split into two – but from a dualistic perspective – the perspective we all agreed to ‘descend’ into for a time – it makes ‘sense’ for this to be so.  Think about it…everything on Earth is dualistic.  Male or Female.  Light or Dark.  Right or Wrong.  Left or Right.  Up or Down.  Good or Bad.  Life or Death.  I could go on, but I don’t believe I need to – you see what I mean already – and just as these things I’ve mentioned are not as ‘black and white’ as the human mind perceives them to be, so it is when it comes to the twin flame.

However – naturally – as humanity has ‘awakened’ from its collective slumber – its collective descent into duality – the way we have ‘seen’ and understood twin flames as we have each awakened has been dependent upon our perspective at the time.  Hence most of humanity perceiving twins as ‘one of two’ – as the very name – the very label – implies.  But – as we expand – as our perceptions expand – we begin to see that there is much more to the experience ‘outside’ of the box of limitations we’ve placed ourselves in.  And when we are willing – when we are ready to surrender fully the ‘who, what, where, when, and how’ of our experience – Spirit swoops in and shows us just how much ‘more’ there really is.

For a time, I too was ‘stuck’ in this dualistic perception of twins that I speak of.  I believed the ‘myth’ that twin flames are one soul in two bodies.  I mean – it is hard *not* to believe this, especially when we are inundated with ‘information’ and ‘stories’ which tell us it is so while we are desperately trying to make ‘sense’ of a profound experience.  It was not until I came to a point of deep surrender several years into my journey, releasing the beliefs that did not serve – releasing the limitations of others that I had made my own – that I was able to truly see, feel, hear, and KNOW how limiting the ‘one soul, two bodies’ myth really is.

As I explained in a previous message HERE, there are a multitude of miraculous ways in which we can experience the twin flame – BUT – at the same time, while we are here and now, playing the ‘role’ of human beings during our Earthwalk – our beliefs can and do become our limitations.  And if we are attached to a certain belief – such as the one we are discussing here today, of twin flames being ‘one soul in two bodies’ – then that becomes our reality – UNTIL we choose to release or replace that belief, which allows Spirit to show us something ‘more’ and ‘different.’

There are many out there who resist this – who will ‘argue’ fiercely that I (and others) are ‘wrong’ about this.  But you see – even this ‘argument’ is coming from a place of duality – for those who say it is ‘wrong’ or ‘impossible’ for the twin flame to appear more than once are ‘stuck’ in their own beliefs, unable or unwilling to see and move ‘beyond’ them.  This is an observation that is relevant to Spirituality as a whole.  For example – I AM Archangel Faith – I am she, and she is me – she ‘walked’ into my body many years ago, merging with me, setting me on the path of ‘Twin Flame UNION.’  For a time, I believed I was the ‘only’ Faith – I was unaware that it was possible for ‘another’ Faith to exist in this lifetime – just as I was unaware that it was possible for ‘another twin’ to manifest into my life.

But over time, I was shown – through a variety of experiences – that there is indeed more than one Faith out there – just as I was shown there is indeed more than one twin flame.  Yes – you heard me right – there is more than one ‘me’ out there, in multiple forms!!  When I stepped beyond my ego’s dualistic perception of the soul – and of incarnation – I saw that I had been blind to the Divine Truth that the Soul can and does manifest into MANY bodies, all at once, and that it can also move ‘in’ and ‘out’ of bodies with much greater ease than we know.  (Please remember – personality is NOT the soul any more than the body is – personality is EGO!!)  Not only are we experiencing multiple lifetimes all at once – past, present, future, parallel dimensions and universes – but we are also experiencing multiple lifetimes here, and now – so it is not at all unusual or ‘impossible’ for us to meet ‘ourselves’ in another…and another…and another.  The only thing keeping us from allowing this to be is ourselves!!

I understand that this is not always an ‘easy’ thing to see or allow, especially if one has become attached to their beliefs or experiences in such a deep way that they find it scary to release ‘what is/was’ and step into the unknown yet again.  But that is exactly what Spirit is asking each of us to do – to move into a space of comfort with the unknown – a space of Faith which allows us to align with the greatest possible outcome regardless of what our mind ‘thinks’ it should be.  Even those who consider themselves to be ‘spiritually advanced’ (whatever that means anyway) can struggle to release dualistic limitation and allow multidimensional expansiveness to simply BE in this way.  Their beliefs become a sort of ‘comfort zone’ that they do not wish to move out of – but whether they wish it or not, if that is their ‘intended’ path, then Spirit will keep nudging them until they walk it.

This occurs regardless of how ‘certain’ one is of their limitations in the moment.  They may not be able to fully SEE their own limitations – this is VERY common – and they may go into a state of resistance, as if they have shoved their fingers in their ears while singing, “LA LA LA!” to drown out the message Spirit is trying to deliver.  But their resistance does not make the message any less true from a Divine standpoint.

I will again use myself – Faith – as an example.  I have recently observed a woman who was previously ‘unknown’ to me insisting that she is the ‘one and only’ Archangel Faith, and that all others who claim to be or channel Faith are ‘frauds’ because she did not give ‘permission’ for her essence to come through anyone else.  I contemplated her perspective and felt into it for a moment before quickly moving on from what I had discerned was an egoic, dualistic point of view that was not true from the space of expansiveness I have embraced.  Not that I can’t understand the perspective at all – I too had to ask myself at one point how there could be more than one ‘me’ here at this time – but I was open and allowing of Spirit to SHOW me how it could be rather than going into a state of resistance and saying, “NOPE! This can’t be, I OWN my soul and all aspects of it!!”

Take all of this and apply it to the twin flame.  For truly, the twin flame is ANOTHER YOU – you, as in your soul essence, flowing through another body as a reflection of you – but this essence is NOT restricted to a single body!  Again, there is no limit to ‘how’ this can happen – just as there is no limit to ‘what, where, when, and WHO’ – which means the MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do as twins on this journey is to detach from the WHO when the WHO is no longer in alignment – so that Spirit may continue aligning us with our TRUEST vibrational match as we expand.

Before I end this, I once again wish to clarify that this by no means invalidates those who are indeed here to share the ‘twin flame experience’ with one person, one body – because there most definitely ARE those who are here to have that experience – but – BUT! – there are NOT as many of those folks here as you may think!!  Yes – the whole ‘one soul split in two, and reunited again on Earth’ concept makes for an appealing, romantic story – but think about it – where do the roots of that story lie?  Where did this perception originate?  ‘Old’ religions…earthly marriage…which tells us that it is ‘good’ to ‘own’ and be ‘owned’ by another…an outdated, dualistic belief.

MANY people are here to have the ‘twin flame experience’ with MORE THAN ONE – which is something I have done (and am doing!) personally as well as witnessed many times over while working with twins all over the world.  The ‘key’ is ALLOWANCE – allowing your own experience to unfold uniquely, for you – while allowing others the same freedom.  Freedom of the SOUL to GROW and BE in whatever way best serves in the moment, without the need for labeling and constant mental analyzing.  Which means…being willing to let go of what we ‘thought we knew’…so what is waiting ‘beyond’ what we ‘thought’ can manifest into our experience as if to say…”Hey…look here…peel back this veil you’ve been clinging to…now do you see?  There is SO MUCH MORE than you ever imagined!”

I am here to inspire and serve those who are ready to peel back the veil and step into their multidimensional power!  If what I share here resonates with you – if you have found yourself shifting ‘away’ or ‘out’ of twin flame dogma – or if you are ‘new’ to the twin flame path and have come to recognize that currently accepted dogmatic limitations are NOT for you – please feel welcome to reach out to me personally via the points of contact mentioned below.

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn


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14 Comments on “Q & A: How can there be more than one ‘twin flame’?

  1. I agree, there are so many different ways one can have a twin flame connection as well as a spiritual one(like yours with Faith). Yes, I certainly agree that dogma can become very limiting. Maybe not all of us are meant to unite with one person as two parts of a whole. Some, like you said, are meant to feel the TF experience with more than one person. It makes sense. Personally, I wonder if my experience with my husband before we separated, was some kind of “twin flame” experience, until my Twin Flame came into my life in 2004. After the hard times and fights with my TF, and me not knowing anything about the TF journey anyway(at least not the “label’ as you say…some will call soul mates two halves of one soul, after all lol). But after I left my TF I cleaved to my husband and felt so close to him. I felt we had our own world together and I fought for that. However, I repeat, “fought” for that. There was more fear in me of losing this man, or someone else breaking us up…than actual love. At least that’s what I believe was the case. I think if I had more love than fear with my husband…for one thing we wouldn’t have separated…for another thing, I would have never been afraid. Anyway this is just my experience. I didn’t, at the time, want my real TF to be my TF. I had all kinds of anger at him and in a way wanted to SHOW him that my husbandn was THE ONE. Lol. Recently I asked myself if my husband WAS my TF and if I was running. I think I just answered my own question. Lol well thanks for posting this, Faith!!!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I am in such a challenging space right now, having met A twin flame about a year ago and falling deeply and magnetically in love with this soul Who is in a marriage right now and struggling very hard about his decisions

    I’m going through a lot of internal and asked ternal challenges in my life, many were initiated because of the relationship. But in the last couple months that twin flame has pushed me away while he works on his current relationship and trying to figure out what he needs to do. I am left struggling so hard with no communication, except rejection, to understand how to feel, how to cope, and how to keep moving forward with so many challenges.

    I believe the twin flame journey is real. I believe that he and I are twin flames. I believe that he is struggling to come to terms with what he feels he should do, and I believe there are no guarantees that he and I will be together.

    To know that there would be another twin flame who could even come close to the level of soul love that I have found in this person is of a great comfort.

    • WOW. Sherry, i had just first heard about twin flames today and was doing a lot of reading about it, because it really resonated with me. In having doubt of there only being one, came across this page and further to your comment. Your situation is so incredibly similar to my own current situation. He’s not married yet, engaged, but constantly questioning himself. I’m curious as to what other similarities our situations have. He’s 34, I’m 25. Does he have a deep fear of ending up alone if he makes the wrong decision (sometimes not even admitting it to himself?) So instead chose the “safer” option. Or is there another reason he chose to marry her that also mirrors your own fears? I hope to hear back from you if you’re interested!

      • just to add real quick, the other similarity that really hit me was “I’m going through a lot of internal and external challenges in my life, many were initiated because of the relationship. But in the last couple months that twin flame has pushed me away while he works on his current relationship and trying to figure out what he needs to do.” same for the first part and i know what you’re going through that even though he is married, he had found himself still questioning if he made the right decision, still keeping you around, and vice versa. i think a lot of people see that in a bad light in these circumstances between 2 twin flames. I know what its like to want to be with someone whos in a relationship and sneak around, even innocently, but it doesnt feel like im doing anything wrong. id love to hear back.

        • Hey Amy, I was in this space months ago. He also was engaged and I had/have a partner. We actually met 4 months before his wedding (oddly enough both of our partners are Aquarian Suns Martian Moons people who were born on a Friday lol). He actually did marry her and I haven’t seen him since he married her. We actually didn’t sneak around as I actually felt a huge need to be honorable towards both partners. I actually wasn’t going through a lot of changes, a few years prior to meeting him I was going through a ton of changes that were prompted by my meeting a man quite similar to the person I call my twin. That relationship crashed and burned quickly, and changed me. I became more about my faith and healing my own issues and months later I met my current partner. Shortly after meeting we went to church together and the sermon was called “divine appointments” lol. In fact I literally met the man I call my twin only because my bf got placed in an area 11 hours away, I was visiting him after I unexpectedly lost my job and went to a gym in the area and saw him.

  3. Thank you for posting this, as I am new to Twin Flames and Multidimensionality. I too , until this morning, asked my self how could there be and is it possible to have more than one twin flame? But now I am a firm believer in the multi twin flames. Who i thought was my one and only twin flame hurt me so badly but still resonated with me for quite sometime. I knew that people dont always end up with their TF, and it was until recently that I found myself in another , completely aligned and feeling full of soul and spirit. There is an electricity between the 2 of us, and when apart we both feel each others happiness, sorrow, etc, as true empaths do . When together its as if we are one person. It is truly magical and though not always sexual, but when we do have sex there is a “melting” feeling we have. Now Im not sure he recognizes what this is and I dont know if he even knows what a TF is, but he is open minded to it

  4. Thank you I AM Lady Faith for clarifying a very confusing subject. I have experienced a twin flame relationship which lasted for five years and then ended abruptly about six years ago. The culmination of this relationship allowed my to see the world differently. It also led to an alchemical union and spiritual initiation. Far more was also gained and experienced through this collaboration and both of us spiritually matured through this energetic coupling. This was a relationship within the parameters of healing which is in essence both of our vocations. Together we were able to experience Christos-Sophia healing energies but this actually may have been catalyzed by significant pain and suffering on both of our parts. Ultimately, the fidelity to our soul mates and karmic relationships remained intact. Whether that is important or not I do not know. I do know that I could not have married my twin flame. There are elements still within her that I believe need to be transformed. Both of us are working on humility and I think that our soulmates and karmic relationships are helping us to accomplish this task.

    Last week, the day before I traveled to an Anthroposophical conference, I had a significant dream that indicated that I would again meet my twin. Actually, this was a vision of my higher self which appears to me as Sophia. In some ways She resembles my twin flame, but in a far more rarefied state. This time there were elements within her that resembled my karmic wife. In a way the image of my higher self is transforming itself. But perhaps far more interesting was that when I was at this conference, I met another extraordinary woman. Through an intuitive recognition we found ourselves gravitating towards one another. Her speech was very familiar and in many ways she was stating things in regards to my work and spiritual mission that I have heard others tell me in the past. What was then revealed to me was that it was my higher self speaking through her that was actually telling me these things. It is quite an extraordinary experience to have an intimate four hour conversation with a twin flame who is literally channeling your higher self, or perhaps more accurately our higher self as we seemed to be from the same flame.

    Anyway, although she seemed to be suggesting to me that I should come back to my original flame relationship, I still feel within my heart that this would be a mistake. Furthermore, my new friend was now resonating to me as a kindred flame. If I am to continue along my spiritual journey and ordained path in this life I can see that there will be many others who will contribute to my enrichment and transformation –and I to theirs. This is not an exclusive but an inclusive process because in the end as you have so beautifully illustrated, were are all becoming one in Unity-I AM Consciousness. Those of us who are riding the crest of this transformational wave are beginning to realize this.

    Again that you for your insight.

    Paul P.

  5. If u think about it, it would make sense that there would b “triplet flames” or “quadruplet flames” because women can have triplet and quadruplet babies and even more than that, just like they can have twins and singletons. So it makes sense to me that people can have multiple “mirror souls”

  6. This really helped me. I’m an empath and I have trouble reading what I feel but I have a strong connection to two people who funny enough have a strong connection to each other, like brothers. There is this pull I feel when I’m with either of them and one I’ve established is a twin flame. I thought I could only have one. But I kept playing with the thought in my mind because the pull I feel with the two of them is so strong and they are identical. My greater struggle is that I love them and they love me but I don’t know where to go from here. But thank you, this really helped. Having more than one twin flame is both a blessing and a curse because it gets chaotic and constantly leaves you wondering.

  7. This is what I’m going through as well . Totally freaked me out and they both ran .. but I’m close with both as we are all trying to figure this out.. it’s not the first time they have been through this situation.. it’s weird I feel crazy some days.

  8. I am frustrated with the information that has fully sunk in. the people i know to be my two twin flames are… in terms, twins themselves. not in this life, but in their first. and i was born of two very conflicting people with conflicting magical energies, that still reside with my soul today.
    so its… frustrating and shocking to learn this, but hopefully we will all grow together, as this is a very important life right now.

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