The Kindred

Dusk approaches and envelops me in a cloak of stars
Sighing, I fade away, receding into the clear waters of my mind
Quiet serenity my sole companion and confidant
I begin to exorcise my sorrow and weakness and self loathing
And embrace that which has eluded me for so long
A quiet acceptance and unfathomable awe
At how very much your soul resonates with mine  
Captivated by your every word and expression
Your voice more soothing than a chorus of angels
With eyes full of purpose and passion lying in wait
You have always been with me, and I with you
Kindred at the cores of our beings, forever entwined
In a fated dance of love and awakening and rebirth
Destined to carry us through our lifetimes and beyond

©  Lady Jennith Lynn

**The Kindred has been transformed into a Song on Archeia’s debut album which is now in progress!

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