Your love is a flame inside my heart
Slow to kindle but quick to burn
Warming me from the inside out and
Infusing my countenance with a heavenly glow
As if the sun itself had reached into my soul
And gifted me with its fiery magnificence.

Your love is the rain upon my cheek
Falling in a seductive, gentle kiss
Soothing the aches of my mortal form and
Washing away the hurt of a thousand lifetimes
As if the sea itself had pulled me into its depths
And carried me back to shore, invigorated.

Your love is the ground beneath my feet
Revitalizing me with its nourishing soil
Taking root within as my own roots expand
Drawing upon the fertile power of the land
As if the Earth itself had consumed my essence
And returned me to its surface, reborn.

Your love is the wind against my back
Lifting me up whenever I falter
Wrapping around me and lending me strength
Caressing me softly as it urges me forward
As if the tempest itself had vanquished all illusion
And set me unwaveringly upon my path.

Your love is the aether that surrounds me
Mirroring and revealing me to myself
Enchanting me with wild, cataclysmic abandon and
Awakening me to the truth of my immortal purpose
As if Spirit itself had at last entered into me
And instilled it’s divine presence within forevermore.

©  Lady Jennith Lynn