Falling…flying…spiraling out of control in a timeless journey of the soul
Shedding the weight of the world and the cares of mortal life
Spirits reaching and lifting to break free of its melancholy prison
Rising above to soar beyond the aether, transcending space and time
Memories of eons past converging in a rush with but one single purpose
The igniting of an ancient flame of truth fueled by passion and intensity
Creativity and inspiration, compassion and strength, healing and unity
Eternal love wrapping itself around us like a cloak of stars that
Shields us from all that is evil and impure of heart and purpose
Infusing us with a primal energy reminiscent of warm summer nights
Strengthening our resolve and showing us the path to our true selves
Reviving that within which once was lost and recreating it anew
In the image of God and Goddess, Earth and Sky, Sun and Moon.
Love incarnate, the very definition of heaven on earth, happily ever after
Falling…flying…eyes and hearts wide open…it is time for our souls to ascend.
©  Lady Jennith Lynn