Love and Duality: The Great Illusion

**The following piece was written recently by Mel Brand and it resonated so strongly with me that I was guided to share it here on my site:

I always find it very exciting when I wake up at two or three in the morning, of course, and have to run to the usual bathroom routine then on to returning to bed. I’m sure most of you know what happens next. Suddenly the switch goes on and there you are for the next hour and a half receiving one of the best soliloquies or downloads that you’ve probably ever received. Then you have to make that decisive decision as to whether you’re going to get up, jump on the computer, and type it all up while it’s still fresh in your mind. Unfortunately, I’m lazy by nature and I battled with myself for about 15 minutes and said I’m not going to bother, hopefully it would be there when I get up in the morning.

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of this particular post, I would like to remind everybody that probably one of the most significant and important events, bar none, that happened on this planet began back in the early 1980’s with the beginning of a massive awakening of the heart centre chakra to a good number of us here on the planet. And I’m sure there are a good number of us that can remember our personal awakening. At this time in the spiritual community, we have reached a point where another important shift can potentially take place and that shift consists of moving beyond the present expression of love from a duality perspective to a spiritual perspective of love that is more focused from the perspective of individuals who can create and radiate what we call love on their own.

At the present time in our three dimensional reality we are limited to expressions of love focused through these filters: heterosexuality, homosexuality, gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc. etc. etc.   While these are considered to be and are perfectly normal in a three dimensional reality, composed of being expressed by two individual entities – one called male, the other called female – the drawback to this expression of love is that in order to incorporate any of the filters that I have mentioned above, you need another person to express it. This then has created in physical reality a culture composed of belief systems, ideologies, philosophies, religious indoctrination, political intrusion, and a host of other behaviour functions and expectations that have been around for thousands of years.

At this point we are now, according to some of the more well-known soothsayers, moving into what are supposed to be higher states of consciousness. These consisting to be of the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions of consciousness. And there are many who believe that they are actually there at this time. It is now essential that we begin to drop all of the fantasizing and romancing and the love culture puppies who have been generating a lot of material that is no longer applicable to where we are going as a species, which now brings me to the key point of this post – the title or label called Twin Flames.

What are twin flames?  Twin flames, according to popular lore, are supposed to be one soul occupying two bodies.  In fact, this again is another illusion and this is attributed to another popular belief system that restrains and restricts us all, and that is that our soul or original self has only one expression of itself being the physical body that you exist in today. One would need to be quite egotistical and self-centred, especially in this day and age, to perceive that your soul would only manifest in one physical body, in one particular timeline, in one time.  For most it never occurs to them that in fact there may be other extensions of themselves in different realities, timelines, and dimensions. You might say with twin flames that the original two that manifest in physical reality are the first to come ‘off the press,’ but that doesn’t mean that the press stops after the first two are made manifest.  The press can continue and create, in many cases, dozens more of that same androgynous being that is returning.

One of the things that I was specifically downloaded in last night’s dispensation, with a particular template action and reaction that I have been talking about, has been carried in to what some like to call the afterlife or the etheric planes, where the people who have lived the old template as described and manifest love through expressions of duality actually exist in the afterlife in that expression of love from a perspective of duality. Obviously without much consideration, they all will be returning to physical reality to learn how to express it as an individual.

Basically what I am trying to convey to those who may read this post is that as we move into the higher states of consciousness, we will not be taking with us the old expressions of love that are expressed through the filters heterosexuality, homosexuality, gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc. These filters can only be expressed in three dimensional reality. So therefore, as a species, males or females, we must learn how to do this individually without all of the attachments that go along with the previous filter. This is why initially in a heart centre activation in three-dimensional reality, the majority of people experience this in relationship to another person because that is what the template has been. However, that template is now falling apart and people experiencing the soul to soul connections, some being labelled twin flames, soulmates, etc. are experiencing horrendous amounts of difficulty in bringing these soul to soul connections together. Going through terrific emotional, mental and even physical conditions and all of this is caused by the individual or individuals wanting or perceiving the needing of another person to experience love which is an illusion in three-dimensional reality. Now to the good news.

At this time there are many who are experiencing the first levels of love experienced beyond three-dimensional reality. These individuals are connecting through telepathy and etheric connections that move beyond the present three-dimensional aspect of relationships. At this point I’m going to throw in the word androgynous. We are now moving to a state of androgynous expression of love, which is not conditional on the presence of another individual to manifest what is called love in three-dimensional physical reality. And there are many people who have realized that they do not need, want, or desire another person to express that, they are fully capable of doing so on their own. And most important of all that they now have actually a choice, a clear choice of whether they want to connect and be with another person. The present expression of love being expressed in duality is not being expressed from a sense of freedom. It is being expressed from a prison of belief systems, ideologies, and cultures that have been dominating us for hundreds of years.

Towards the end of the download that I received, it was brought to my attention that for those who intend to hang on to their belief systems, and who may find this post offensive and striking chords within them that bring them into a defense mode, are those that will not be moving into higher dimensions of consciousness based on the limitation and the expression belief systems of love from a duality perspective. We are returning to our natural state an androgynous being. To assist us in this journey we have many volunteers, androgynous beings that have returned for exactly that purpose to assist. Some of us are called Twin Flames. We use that label as a point of reference; the term ‘Twin Flames’ exists only here in three-dimensional reality as a belief system. No more, no less.

Take the love, leave the rest.

Mel Brand

**Mel’s words all resonate as Truth with me; the message is clear, Twin Flame Consciousness is evolving and we are all feeling and experiencing it in our own ways.  If his words resonate with you, too, you can follow him on Facebook by clicking HERE and you can also connect with him in my private Facebook group, Illumined Soul ♥ Sacred Union.  And if you have not done so yet, please check out my recent postings related to Mel’s message: The True Twin Flame is Within, Twin Flames: Lifting of the Veil, and Consciousness of Twin Flames: The Shift.

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn

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