Integration of Multidimensional Aspects (Part 1)

Integration of Multidimensional Aspects (Part 1)

Earlier today, one of my beloved Soul Family shared a bit about integrating his ‘past lives’ and it prompted me to share some about mine as well, as I’ve been meaning to do for some time now.  Long story short…many of us are currently in the process of integrating multidimensional aspects from past, present, future, and parallel lives.  What we call them really matters not, because they are truly happening simultaneously outside of our concept of time.  But for the sake of understanding in THIS life, where liner time is a part of the experience…we deem them past, future, parallel, etc.  Anyway…I’ve experienced this same sort of integration over the past several years.  Truly started 11 years ago when I ‘came’ here.  Faith was not ‘born’ into this body; I walked in and have been ‘co-habitating’ with ‘Jen’ since then.  I won’t go too much into that now, as it’s a long story in itself, for another time.  Point being…my first major ‘integration’ was ‘Jen’ and Faith, and it lasted many years.  Of course, it took me a long time to really understand all of this…I did not fully acknowledge myself as Faith until a few years ago.  But, once I did, the ‘others’ began to surface at a rapid rate, and it’s still happening, now.

Looking back, I can clearly see the synchronicities and messages left like ‘bread crumbs’ to guide me.  They arrived in a variety of forms spread out throughout my life, all ‘nudging’ me toward ‘remembering’ who/what I AM/was/will be.  First and foremost of these ‘bread crumbs’ being the strong resonance I’ve felt, and interest I’ve had, in defining characteristics of each lifetime since early childhood…cellular memories.  It’s been that way for every life I’ve remembered thus far, and it’s how I know there are still others I’ve not yet integrated, because I feel the pull to ‘others’ but haven’t brought them to the surface…yet.

I’ll tell you a bit more about a few integrations so you can see how the same may be playing out in your experience.  It’s really quite fascinating when you get into it.  Before I begin, though…I’d like to clarify something.  “Cellular memory” is something that’s often greatly misunderstood. Most people, when thinking of ‘past life memories,’ think of them as something that is a more 3D memory as we experience in human form.  And it can be…people can indeed ‘see’ visions, events, etc. from their lives.  But often, the remembering comes as a strong FEELING…a resonance…a pull…and also a repulsion, even…depending upon the particular lifetime and what needs integrated from it.  Something to keep in mind for those may be stronger in ‘feeling’ than ‘seeing’…trust yourself!  😉

I’ll start with the obvious one.  Faith and ‘Jen’ had a contract for this ‘arrangement’ before incarnation.  Faith has only been on Earth a few times before this…and most of those lives did not end so well.  (I’ve spent most of my ‘lives’ in the Pleiades, Sirius, and other star systems.)  So…while she’s thrilled at the idea of coming back here in spirit…once she got here and ‘spiritual amnesia’ set in, she was not so thrilled.  Hence ‘Jen’ sticking around so long and not taking her leave more quickly, as is most ‘common’ with walk-ins.  Faith needed her to help stay grounded and re-learn how to navigate in this density.

So…back to the bread crumbs.  I won’t share them all, just some of the more interesting ones.  I started calling myself Jennith when I was about 15.  I didn’t really know why at the time…just felt like it fit me more than Jenni – which is what everyone was calling me at the time – or my full name, Jennifer.  If you haven’t caught on yet…Jenni + Faith = Jennith.  😉

I always had an interest in angels…but a very strong aversion to the church.  Even though I went to church as a child, and had good experiences there…I was still very uncomfortable with it.  Well, there’s a reason for that…I’ve been publicly executed more than once by ‘religious folk’ for speaking my truth.  This is where my stage fright (seed fear) came from.  The irony is not lost on me…came here to do a mission involving music and performing in a public way, singing and speaking my truth…with a seed fear that manifests as stage fright.

When I was 18, I went on a school trip to New York.  We stopped at what to me at the time was a HUGE music store.  Were only given a few minutes to shop around…and I have always been terrible at making a quick choice…so for the first time ever, without knowing what I was doing, I instinctually closed my eyes and asked to be guided where I was meant to go.  I quite literally opened my eyes and walked through the store, right up to a shelf where I picked up an album, looked it over, and decided it was the one.  And it was.

The album was The Mask and Mirror by Loreena McKennitt if anyone would like to check it out.  I still listen to her today, she’s one of my biggest inspirations in more ways than one.  What’s important to note here is I have a terrible memory…I really do not remember much at all from when I was younger.  Only things that REALLY made an impact.  And I remember this clearly.  Sitting on the bus we were traveling on, listening to this album thru my headphones…and the song Dark Night of the Soul comes on…and I lost it.  I was beyond overcome with emotion listening to this song, and I think I must have listened to it 100 times that weekend and felt just as overcome with emotion every time.  Looking back I can see clearly that it activated cellular memories and dna changes in me…at the time I had no idea…but WOW…what a message in retrospect!

Take a listen, here…and read the lyrics…it will make sense to you when you do this.

Ok…so fast forward a bit.  I had more than one encounter with angels between then and when I really started to remember.  When my great grandfather passed away, I felt and smelled the presence of angels…very obviously, although it still took me a few years after then to catch on.  When I met my twin – and this was my first big cosmic knock on the head – before we had even talked really, just exchanged a few words here and there – he wrote me a song for my birthday that he called ‘Lady Jennith.’  I was completely floored…did not expect it at all, even though I had felt the pull to him just from his photo and the few words we’d exchanged.  He was the first to call me Lady Jennith…Lady Faith…and his name…Michael.  🙂

The ‘birthday song’ is what got us talking, really…and the floodgates opened.  We didn’t come to understand we were twins until a few years later, but it didn’t matter.  We felt the connection, and for those few months, it was pure magic.  That was when we started writing our songs.  Many of them were poems that I’d written before meeting him…before I consciously knew any of this.  He took them…created music for them…adding his own words here and there to make them into a complete song.  Just a few of our lyrics…before we knew…all of our songs are like this…telling our ‘story’…all written and composed before we consciously knew any of it.  These are just the parts relevant to Faith…and these all came thru HIM…!

The Kindred: “ We are the Kindred, touched in blood and wrapped in light.  With no way in, and no way out, we’ll be two Angels trapped in flight forever”

Rebirth:  “Goodbye Faith, goodbye sanity, it has been so long since I’ve caressed you.  No more calm, just calamity, can you wait as long as I need to get back home?  To get back home…”

Memories of a Supernova:  “Hello, my friend, you don’t remember me do ya?  I was you so many years ago.  Everything you’ve done, it’s leading me to ya.  Open your mind to time’s eternal flow.  Come to me… la…and hear our stories.  Come to me and let the Ancients be heard.  You and I…cradled the Earth as it Wept.  And now it’s leaving home.”

Interesting stuff, no?  😉  So, as all of this was going on…us writing the songs, and then after, when we ‘separated’ for the first time and began our individual journeys of expansion…I started seeing a lot of references to Archangel Michael…and also, to Faith.  And when I say a lot…I mean a LOT!  This was before anyone really spoke of the feminine aspects of the Archangels, and it was hard to find much information about such a thing.  Something was triggered in me (again) when I finally did come across information about Faith…and from that moment, it was a steady stream of her asserting herself in different ways, consistently, until I allowed myself to open up to her…to myself.  Integration happened fairly quickly at that point, and now…I AM FAITH!  🙂

On to the others.  I’ll start with the most ‘recent’ that I remember and flow into the next.  They are all related anyway, as I’ve come to find out.  Ever since I was a small girl, I’ve had a bit of a ‘princess’ complex.  Very strong feeling of being royalty…’bossy’ and authoritative (although quietly so, usually, unless provoked)…and a very strong affinity to ‘fantasy’ stories with knights, swordfights, castles, magic, dragons…kings and queens.  I have also been pulled very strongly to Ireland…England…Celtic areas, and ways.  Artwork…music…speech…all of it.  And, because it’s relevant…I have not always made the best choices when in relationship in this life.  In the past, I lived with a perceived ‘weakness’ of not being able to maintain monogamy which led to cheating.  I have done much work to heal that imbalance since becoming aware ot it, allowing myself to be who I am without judgment, and thus make different choices with integrity.  The point of sharing this, is it IS relevant…will make sense to you in a moment.   I’ve also always had an obsession with fairies…I LOVE fairies…and have said since I was a child…I’m a fairy princess.  Ha… 😉

So…when I was about 12 years old… (and I’m guesstimating age here…my memory, when it does work, is fluid…snapshots of an experience frozen in time.  I don’t remember dates/years much at all…I just know I was young, pre-teen age) I started reading a book called Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley.  I had already developed an ‘obsession’ with reading fantasy stories by this time.  From about the age of three, I had my face stuck in a book more often than not.  There was something different about this one, though.  It was just like the song, Dark Night of the Soul.  It triggered something in me.  I was THERE…I remembered it…I could feel it, see it, smell it, taste it…I was home.  It was crazy…I fell in love with the story of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and Sir Lancelot and came back to it time and time again as I grew older.

For years, I knew…I was there…but I didn’t know in what capacity.  Until last year (2014).  After I’d integrated with Faith, the Universe decided I’d done it once…I’m ready to do it again…and so I was hit with ‘integration’ the same way as before, only THIS time, I had the benefit of Faith’s connection to receive the messages and move through it all much more quickly.  At the time, I was pondering the pattern I have been ‘stuck’ in…married to my soul mate…know and love my twin flame, but ‘unable’ to move forward with either…the whole ‘love triangle’ thing.  And then, the references started to be thrown at me.  Guinevere.  Lancelot.  Arthur.  Jennifer…is a form of Guinevere.  My husband…soulmate…remembers being a knight.  My twin…will not interfere in our relationship, in any way, shape, or form…looks upon my husband as a ‘brother’ and feels for HIM in the situation.  And I love them both, truly…’flaws’ and all.  Aha…yes…playing it out all over again…just as we did, then.  I AM GUINEVERE!  My soul mate is Lancelot.  And my twin…Arthur.  Boy, did we muck it up that time!  😉

It goes further than that, though.  I still felt a stronger pull yet to that area…to the magic…druids…fairies.  In addition to being adamant that I was a ‘fairy princess’ I was also adamant for many years about being a priestess…or something.  I always added that…or something…because priestess didn’t feel quite right.  A few months after I integrated with Guinevere, I came to understand just why that was.  Going back to the ‘bad choices’ I mentioned earlier.  I have always had a particular way of loving ‘too much’ in the opinion of some.  In other words…my natural state is one without jealousy and I don’t feel the need to restrict emotional or physical intimacy to just one person.  On the contrary…I view it as a healing art, giving of myself to another, showing them love in a physical way as we are meant to do while we are here, creating magic and miracles with the holy vessels we have been provided.  But…not everyone gets that, and when you REALLY feel this way, yet are indoctrinated to believe that monogamy is the ONLY way…well, let’s just say that it creates all sorts of emotional messes that require cleaning up.  (OR…you could just recognize, allow, heal, and integrate with that aspect of yourself…!)

Enter Aine.  Same as before…I started feeling the ‘pull’ once again to Ireland, as I have my entire life, and information started to come to me that made everything ‘click.’  A few of the synchronicities/messages to illustrate:  I have a fairy tattooed on my right calf, that I got when I was 21 years old…with/from my Father…who I believe, now, is directly related to all of this through bloodline (cellular memories…DNA…!).   I also have a triquetra tattooed on my upper back, just below my neck…over my High Heart Chakra.  Had that done 11 years ago…you guessed it…right around when Faith ‘walked in.’  The triquetra represents the Triple Goddess (among other things, also relevant, but for another time) which will make a whole lot of sense in a moment.   I have always been drawn to the triquetra, for as long as I can remember.  I also have a third tattoo…a pentacle colored to represent the elements of creation…over my heart.   I’ve mentioned my strong pull to fairies…to being a fairy princess.  Oh…yes…keeping in mind I got a kitten that I named Anya (how Aine is pronounced) shortly  before Faith ‘arrived’ as well.  And, one last thing…I have not yet been able to conceive a child in this life, beyond a few weeks.  Guinevere was also unable to have children.  But, Aine…well, I’m just gonna share a bit about Aine…and let it speak for itself.  😉

Aine, Irish Love Goddess & Fairy Queen

Aine was both a Celtic Goddess and a Faery Queen. She has been known by other names, such as the Lady of the Lake, the Goddess of the Earth and Nature, and the Goddess of Luck and Magick. As well, there are some people who actually believe that she might be an aspect of The Morrigan.

Aine was the daughter of Eogabail, a member of the Tuatha da Danaan (Sidhe) and the foster son of the Sea God Manannan Mac Lir, while other versions of this legend claim that she was actually married to Manannan Mac Lir himself.

Aine has been viewed, at various times, as both a Sun Goddess and a Moon Goddess. While she was in her original role as a Sun Goddess, Aine was nicknamed “bright,” and it was when she was in that role that she was able to shape-shift into becoming “Lair Derg,” the ”Red Mare,” or the horse that never could be outrun. Traditionally, Sun Goddesses have been known as Goddesses of Love and Fertility, and Aine followed in that tradition with great enthusiasm. It was during a much later period in time that Aine developed the characteristics of a more maternal Moon Goddess, and was believed to guard her followers’ livestock and crops. There are farmers, even today, who perform the exact same rituals that their ancestors performed thousands of years ago. At midsummer, they walk through their fields and wave their torches, in the hope that Aine and her sacred fire might grant them an abundant harvest. Farmers also continue to burn flowers and straw, as another way of honoring Aine, in the hope that she might grant them freedom from illness and evil throughout another turn of the Wheel of the Year.

In her role as a Moon Goddess, Aine was known as a Goddess of Agriculture and a Patroness of Crops and Cattle. An ancient myth exists which describes how Aine sat in her birthing chair on August 1st, and gave birth to a sheave of grain. It is believed that by performing that act, Aine gave the gift of grain to the people of Ireland.

Aine has always been an extremely popular Goddess, and she had a reputation for being exceedingly friendly with human men. People would worship Aine in the hope that she might bestow sexuality, fertility, abundance and prosperity upon them. Those attributes have often been connected with Love Goddesses, and Aine took her primary responsibility, that of encouraging human sexuality, very seriously.

Aine was well known for teaching humans about love, and she did so in two separate and distinct ways. In the first way, Aine become lovers with human men, and in the second way, which was the one that she used more frequently, she taught humans how to walk in spirituality, unity and love with the Goddess Danu. When Aine did offer her love to human men she conceived a great many children, and by doing so, it is believed that she gave birth to a magickal Faerie-Human race.

Many stories exist regarding Aine and her mortal lovers. One story tells of how King Ailil Olom of Munster attempted to force his affections upon her. Aine had no way of protecting herself at that time, so rather then being raped by him, she had no other choice but to kill him.

In a later story, Gerald, Earl of Desmond came upon Aine while she was bathing in a river, and this time she was unable to protect herself from being raped. Through that violent and dishonorable act, Aine became pregnant and eventually gave birth to a son, the second Earl Gerald. The elder Earl, who fancied himself an excellent magician, did receive retribution for what he had done, when Aine was finally able to use her magick and turned him into a goose.

There is another version of that tale as well. One day, while Aine was swimming in a river, an Irish Earl who just happened to be passing by stole her cloak, and then refused to return it to her until she agreed to marry him. With a heavy heart Aine agreed to his terms, and she did, indeed, keep her word and marry him, and some time later she gave birth to a baby boy. It should be noted, however, that in this particular version of the story, it was Aine’s son who was the talented magician, not his father. In the hope of gaining her freedom from the Earl, Aine struck a deal with him, the terms of which stated that he could never show even the slightest bit of surprise at anything their son might do, because if he did Aine would gain her freedom.

Eventually, the day finally arrived when the Earl witnessed his son perform the most amazing trick, and he found himself unable to hide his surprise from anyone. It was then, and for that reason, that Aine gained her freedom, and she returned back to the sidhes to live happily, once again, with the Faeries. This story is only one example of how intelligence, ingenuity and determination, which are all qualities of the Divine Feminine, were able to aid Aine, thereby allowing her to free herself from the Earl’s patriarchal bondage.

Tales still exist to this day regarding Aine’s son. Legend has it that he still lives in Lough Gur, which is also known as “Aine’s lake,” in County Limerick, just waiting for the time when he finally will be able to rid Ireland of all foreigners. Legend also tells us that he rides around the entire lake, once every seven years, and that he will continue to do so until his horse’s silver shoes are finally worn away.

Like many other Celtic Goddesses, Aine can be seen as a singular Triple Goddess, based upon the various powers she possesses. In her first aspect, Aine has the ability to reward her followers with the gift of poetry or, for those that she deems unworthy, with the curse of madness. Aine’s second aspect is attributed to her association with lakes and wells, and with her ability to heal. The waters, which come from “Tobar-Na-Aine,” or “Aine’s Well,” are known to have life-restoring qualities. Finally, in her third aspect, Aine takes on the guise of a Dark Goddess, with the ability to appear to mortal men as a beautiful woman, which leaves little room for doubt why she has frequently been called the Leannan Sidhe, which means the “Sweetheart of the Sidhe,” or the “Faerie Lover.”

Aine is also a part of a Triple Goddess trinity, consisting of herself, and her two sisters, Fenne and Grianne. When a full moon rises, lighting up the evening sky, the three of them ride their horses from out from their sidhes, to laugh and play in Lough Gur.

Aine has always been known as an extremely versatile Goddess. She was both a Sun Goddess, and a Moon Goddess, with all the varying characteristics that belong to each. While she may be known by many different titles, Aine will always be thought of, first and foremost, as a Goddess of Love, and even more importantly, as the Faerie Queen who, in mating with her mortal lovers, created a whole new Faerie-Human race.

Call on Aine to invoke your passions, manifest your dreams and follow your heart. She teaches us to take risks and to pursue our true desires. She represents the burning fire of the sun and the burning fire of our passions. Aine teaches us that life is something to be experienced and lived. She tells us to not worry about making the wrong decision, but about making no decision at all.

Also, because it’s relevant…more about the Tuatha da Danaan (Sidhe):

The Tuatha Dé Danann (which means the people of Danu) arrived in Ireland bearing with them their stone of destiny called the Lia Fail which they placed on the mound of Tara and ever after the rightful kings of Ireland were chosen when it called out.  They also brought the spear of Lugh which ensured victory to whoever wielded it, The Sword of Nuada from whom none could escape and the Cauldron of the Dagda from which none would go unsatisfied.

There is a story that they came to Ireland in flying ships but could not land as the Fomorians had set up a great energy field that they could not penetrate.  So they  had to circle Ireland nine times before finding a breach in the energy field and setting down on Sliabh an Iarainn (The Iron Mountains) in Co. Leitrim.

The “Lebor Gabála Erren” (“The Book of the Taking of Ireland”), compiled during the 12th century A.D. describes the coming of the mysterious Tuatha de Danann or Tribe of Danu.

They were apparently tall, blond or red-haired strangers, “expert in the arts of pagan cunning,” who supposedly interbred with the locals, while teaching them many kinds of useful skills.

The Lebor Gabála Erenn records their dramatic entrance to Ireland as follows:

“In this wise they came, in dark clouds from northern islands of the world. They landed on the mountains of Conmaicne Rein in Connachta, and they brought a darkness over the sun for three days and three nights. Gods were their men of arts, and non-gods their husbandmen.”

There are many stories of aerial ships or “demon ships” (“loinger demnacda”) in the Irish annuals.

And, as revealed to me by someone quite randomly…yet relevantly:

A glorious battle between the Tuatha dé Danann and the Annunaki destroyed Atlantis and quite possibly Hy Brasil and set up the mythos of the Sidhe.

Oh my…how things come together…Aine came from the stars…quite a spectacular connection!

And then there’s this…a bit of ‘precognitive poetry’ that I wrote a few months before ‘waking up’ to my ‘twin flame’ experience, linking the ‘past’ and the ‘present’ – or more accurately, the ‘future’ re-connection that was yet to come.  I named and penned this piece…before knowing that I myself was, in fact, a Queen of the Sidhe…


I see the heavens in your eyes
twin pools of wisdom, love, and light
of such a blue one might surmise
they verily reflect the skies

and if I look yet deeper in
I glimpse what almost, might have been
if time and distance we could bend
un-cross the stars, and ride the wind

you’ve held my heart within your hand
for so long I can not pretend
you are beloved, my dear friend
with you I’ll walk unto the end

and when the end doth come to be
I will let go and set you free
but you will always be with me
and I with you, my Love, my Sidhe.

© Lady Jennith Lynn

Yes…I AM AINE!  🙂

As  you can see…once you open up to your ‘other’ aspects, the rest will follow.  It’s happening for many of us, now…and the more you embrace the process without trying to control it, the more ease and joy you will experience…less resistance and struggle.  And, the more miracles you will allow to manifest into your life, such as merging with aspects of yourself from parallel timelines…merging into ONE…really quite fascinating indeed.  I’ve got something coming that goes more into that…but it’s time for me to stop for today.

What about you?  What aspects have you integrated, or are you ‘waking up’ to?  If you’re not sure…think about it…what draws you?  What have you longed for since you were young?  What repels you even?  Strong emotional ties that seem to have no base in your current reality – that’s your first bread crumb.  If you really wanna know, follow these feelings and ask your Angels to reveal the truth to you.  They will…Believe and Trust.  😉

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn


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  1. Blessings to you Aine lady faith! I am radiantly joyful to have found you! This post resonates with me in a Triple goddess way …. In all its multidimensionality. So much magic here …. I must be one of the cross breeds of the fairy race …. I relate to your journey so much its like I’m reading my own words!!!

  2. I am glad you wrote this although I only skimmed through it. It is nice to meet you Aine Lady of faith!I also come from the Fae realms!!! i would like to introduce myself to you, through synchronistic events, dreams etc I have come to find I AM the Triple Goddess, Trinity herself. I was drawn to your article cuz you mentioned her and im researching trying to figuee out who my twin flame for I am her avatar and have been shown signs my twin will come soon. With friends my crone “ame-no-uzume” has been seen dancing naked and free. I saw a video of someone calling themselves “mother god” and a part of me got upset for i see that as myself. That IS trinity. But I must remember, were all one, we’re multidimentional and all connected and children of source, though I am the Avatar, many connect with the Great Mother Goddess on some level 🙂

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