Ease of Reunion for Twin Flames

When Twins first come together they often find that the intensity of their connection becomes too much for one or both to handle, which results in a separation period designed to serve as an ‘energetic buffer zone’ while both twins focus on their own inner work.  The reason this happens is because Twins are precise energetic mirrors who trigger each others egoic beliefs and wounds into rising to the surface for healing and transmutation, and the more internal work they have to do, the more strongly they trigger one another and repel one another energetically.  As Twins complete their inner work, their energy shifts and they begin to magnetize to one another until they reach a state of harmonization that supports physical reunion.

In the past, it was difficult for Twin Flames to reunite with ease because the ‘Older Twins’ came in with a lot of karmic work to be completed before reunion as well as a tremendous amount of energy work to do transmuting the lower vibrating energies of Earth into a higher LOVE vibration so the planet and humanity could ascend together.

Now that we have ascended into a higher dimension, things have changed when it comes to reunion of Twins and ascension in general.  ‘New Twins’ no longer have to struggle as in the past, they are able to move through their stages of growth with much more grace and ease because the ‘Old Twins’ paved the way for them by raising the planet into an energetic vibration which supports accelerated clearing out and healing of ego themes. Meaning ‘New Twins’ are able to work through their stuff more quickly and reunite with much more ease than ever before.  Those who have done their inner work before meeting may not require a separation period at all, they simply meet and move into full reunion right away.

It is important to remember that there is a Divine purpose for Twins to be reunited in the physical and that reunion is not just a foolish romantic notion to be dismissed when outside circumstances do not appear to support it happening according to our ‘logical’ human brains. When twins are together in the physical their combined energy is extremely powerful and they change the world just by BEing together and radiating their love energy outward, effecting everyone and everything around them at great distances. The work that the ‘Old Twins’ have done in ‘united separation’ to transmute and raise the Earth’s collective energies is NOTHING compared to what twins are capable of when reunited physically.

Twins are meant to be together, physically; if they are both incarnated during the same lifetime and meet then they are meant to join in the physical in Divine timing in order to heal the world and raise the collective vibration even higher as we continue to ascend into the 5th dimension and beyond. When it comes to twins who are married…the key is to live in integrity, not to try to break up your twin’s marriage but to let go of control and have faith and trust in the process, whether it takes years or a few months to reunite. One or both twins being married does not mean they are not meant to be together and should ‘give up’ on reunion; it means they are with a soul mate or twin soul which is necessary for their growth at the time.  You will find more about twins who are married to other people by clicking HERE.

With Great Love,

I AM Archeia Lady Faith

through Jennith Lynn


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Love and Twin Flames