Lady Jennith

Lady Jennith is an internationally known Interfaith Minister, Intuitive Counselor, Angelic Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, and Cosmic Illusion Buster. In 2004, Jennith experienced a walk-in merging with her higher self aspect, the (Archangel) Archeia Lady Faith, that changed her life forever, plunging her into a profound, rapid, and continual spiritual awakening. In the years that followed, she experienced similar integrations with other aspects – most notably Celtic Goddess Gwenhwyfar and Irish Goddess Aine. Continuing to awaken to deeper levels of self, Jennith has found herself drawn to using the Gifts, Knowledge, and Wisdom of all these Aspects to assist others who are ready to step out of dogmatic belief systems and into their true, multidimensional power.

Utilizing her connections with these ‘higher’ aspects – along with the Spirits of Great Horned Owl and Black Dog as guides – Jennith serves as a vessel of Spirit to deliver whatever message is in alignment with a soul’s highest good at the time. She is claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, and clairaudient and has a knack for helping the Seeker unravel their own confusing, challenging, or unseen threads and patterns so they may release fear, honor their soul’s unique journey, and move forward with Clarity and Grace.

She is also a natural energy healer – practicing Reiki as well as other specialized healing methods – and continues to expand upon her work as a ‘Soul Doula’ – one who helps others to navigate rebirth and death points in life, both literal and symbolic. In her personal life, she is lover of animals, nature, music, photography, and the written word.

From Jennith: I have been heeding Spirit’s call to offer my healing gifts years now, connecting and growing with many wonderful people all around the world. I would love to connect with YOU, too – what can I help you to understand about your journey?

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